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petrol trimmer

Rating of gas trimmers in 2023 (price / quality)

For well-groomed lawns near the house, mechanical and cordless lawn mowers are excellent. For lawn care more neglected, you can buy a gasoline or electric lawn mower. But...


The best toasters 2023 for the home

Sometimes for breakfast you want something simple and delicious, like a slice of perfectly toasted toast. But if you read reviews of toasters on the Internet, you will...

Mechanical lawn mower

The best mechanical lawn mowers of 2023

Modern electric, gas and battery lawnmowers have one common drawback – the price. It can reach up to 100. Therefore, many owners of summer cottages ...

Battery lawn mower

The best cordless lawn mowers of 2023

The cordless lawn mower is the sweet spot between electric models that depend on wires and petrol models that emit exhaust fumes. The best cordless lawn mowers are quiet, wide...

Petrol lawn mower

The best gas lawn mowers of 2023

A gas lawn mower is the choice of those who need to tidy up the site, and at the same time not get tangled in wires. Yes, such a device is not very environmentally friendly ...

Lawn mower network

Top 15 Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2023

Regardless of manufacturer and market, all of the best electric lawn mowers have three things in common: No harmful emissions, as is the case with a gasoline engine.

Flow heater

The best instantaneous electric water heaters of 2023

A flowing water heater is an inexpensive and convenient option for organizing hot water supply in an apartment, in a country house or in a private house. There is a wide variety of models, and for you to...


The best storage electric water heaters of 2023

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without hot water. In order not to wash with cold water during planned shutdowns in cities or to comfortably take a shower ...


The best electric ovens of 2023

Choosing an electric oven is a big deal for any housewife or food business owner. There are so many different models on the market that...

Phone Number

30 best smartphones of 2023 in terms of price and quality

2022 is the time when the smartphone market revived after the pandemic and pleased us with various interesting gaming and budget innovations. And for those who want to choose...


The best electric hobs 2022

Electric cooktops are the hottest these days. Gas stoves are gradually dying off, as the old fund, where gas was mainly used, is gradually being replaced by modern houses -...

Natural Compressed

The best gas hobs 2022

Thanks to precise heat control, a modern gas hob allows you to preserve all the flavors of your favorite dishes. With a wide choice of finishes including enamel, tempered glass...


Best induction hobs 2022

If you're looking for an electric hob that heats up super fast, responds quickly to temperature changes, and is cool to the touch, then I recommend...


Best Phone Stabilizers

Even the largest number of megapixels of the matrix will not save the frame if the image is blurry or the video is shaking (not every smartphone has optical stabilization). Stabilizers come to the rescue...

iphone 15

The most anticipated smartphones, new items in 2023

The new year is full of 2023 flagship and budget smartphones from leading brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus. If...

ssd m.2 NVMe

Best M.2 SSD drives 2022

If you want your PC or laptop to boot faster than now, I recommend buying an M.2 SSD that supports SATA or PCI Express x4 and...


Top 15 Best SSD Drives 2022

Speed, reliability and silence – thanks to these three qualities, solid-state drives, they are also SSD, beat hard drives (HDD) with one hand and firmly settled in ...


The best mechanical keyboards

Mechanical – the loudest keyboard, in comparison with the membrane. And at the same time, a mechanical keyboard is the best keyboard for gaming and work, if you spend...


The best wireless mice

This article presents the best wireless mice for every taste and purpose – from gaming to work. And for those who want to understand...

Game Mouse

The best computer mice

When compiling the rating of gaming mice in 2023, I chose a variety of devices – from fancy models with an impressive price to modest Chinese market workers....


The best keyboards of 2023

Few things can confuse a potential buyer of a new keyboard faster and more reliably than a variety of options – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of themn stores. To...


The best capsule coffee machines for home

The pod coffee machine is the easiest way to prepare invigorating coffee in the morning, at the touch of a button and with a minimum of waste. So that you can choose the optimal ratio ...

coffee cappuccino

Top 10 coffee machines for home with a cappuccinatore

If you're looking to buy a new coffee machine, whether it's a flagship model or a budget option, now is the time to do it. New Year's sales, discounts – and...

coffee machine

10 best coffee machines for home

A review on how to choose a coffee machine for the home in terms of price and quality is written for everyone who has decided that it's time for a new coffee machine. AND...


Rating of the best irons in 2023

The steam generator does a good job of smoothing fabrics, but no home appliance is as good at creating sharp arrows and smoothing out stubborn wrinkles as an iron. I represent...

bread maker

The best bread makers for the home of 2023

The best bread maker will help turn the process of making homemade bread from a long one into a quick and easy one. In addition, you will be able to control the composition of your bread and...


Rating of upright vacuum cleaners in 2023

A quality upright vacuum cleaner will handle the dust, dirt and debris that collects in every corner of your home. This appliance is compatible with several types of floor coverings,...


Rating of vacuum cleaners for the home in 2023

Almost no Russian household can do without a vacuum cleaner – it will collect dust, clean the carpet and upholstered furniture, and the washing model will also wash ...


Rating of the best photoepilators 2022 for home

The difference between photoepilation and laser hair removal is in the wavelength. Laser devices have the same wavelength. For photoepilators – different (usually 450-1200 nm). Except...

electric shaver

The best electric shavers for men

To choose the best electric shaver for a perfect close shave, I studied customer reviews on Yandex.Market and other online stores to find the most popular and...

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