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Top 10 idols of the 20th century, full list of VTsIOM



  •  The twentieth century was one of the brightest and most terrible in the history of mankind. People lived and made history in it, about whose activities there are still heated debates (Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Lavrenty Beria, etc.). Moreover, some personalities are perceived better over the years.

  •  The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion decided to find out which personalities of the XNUMXth century Russians consider their idols. And that's who entered the top ten.


10. Mikhail Sholokhov and Irina Rodnina


  •  The tenth place in the Russian list of the most popular people of the 14th century is shared by the author of The Quiet Don, The Fate of a Man, Virgin Soil Upturned, They Fought for the Motherland, and the Soviet figure skater, ten-time world champion. Basically, women voted for Rodnina (4% against XNUMX% of male votes).


  •  Curiously, in 1973, Sholokhov signed a letter from a group of Soviet writers to the editors of the Pravda newspaper, opposing anti-Soviet activities and speeches by two other Russian idols of the 20th century – Sakharov (8th place in the list) and Solzhenitsyn (6th place).

9. Mikhail Bulgakov


  •  The candidacy of Mikhail Bulgakov is more popular with women than with men (12% versus 8%, respectively). Whether this is because the ladies read more, or because they are more inclined to mysticism, to which the great writer was so generous.

8. Andrei Sakharov and Andrei Mironov


  •  Andrei Sakharov, one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb, and later an ardent fighter for peace, and Andrei Mironov, who embodied many images on the screen – from the insidious but charming Kozodoev in The Diamond Arm to the shy Mr. Fest in The Man from Capuchin Boulevard, are completely are unlike each other.


  •  However, both persons received 12% of the votes.

7. Vladimir Lenin


  •  One can perceive the personality of one of the leaders of the October Revolution of 1917 in different ways. However, it is impossible to deny the achievements that the country made during his time in power. Here is a far from complete list:

  • the electrification of Russia began;
  • class inequality was abolished;
  • aerodynamics, electrical engineering, automotive industry and a number of other scientific areas vital for the country were developing;
  • a militia and a new army, the Red Army, were created;
  • most of the territories lost during the First World War and the Civil War returned to the state;
  • According to Lenin's recommendations, the USSR was created in 1922.

6. Alexander Solzhenitsyn


  •  The Nobel laureate and author of the book The Gulag Archipelago, which was a revelation for some, and “terry anti-Soviet” for others, used to be on the fifth line in the rating of Russian idols of the 20th century. Now the situation has changed, he lost 2% of the vote (14% remained). The inclusion of Solzhenitsyn in the school curriculum may help to increase his popularity, as will be seen in the next poll.

  •  In the meantime, in the writer's hometown – Rostov-on-Don – more than 70% of the townspeople spoke out against the appearance of his monument. It was planned to be installed on December 11, Solzhenitsyn's birthday. At the same time, people were not only outraged on Internet forums, but also took to the city streets with banners, demanding that a monument not be erected to a person who "denigrated the history of the country."

5. Joseph Stalin


  •  The wind of history is slowly sweeping debris from the grave of one of the greatest rulers of Russia, who "took the country with a plow, and left it with an atomic bomb." In 1999, Stalin was chosen as the idol of the twentieth century by 14% of respondents, while in 2018 – already 16%. Most fans of the General Secretary are among the older age group (25% versus 15% of young respondents).

  •  In 2008, Stalin led the "Name of Russia" project, which aimed to identify the most popular characters in the country's history. The top three also included Vladimir Lenin and the last Russian autocrat Nicholas II. However, then the voting was curtailed, and its results were canceled due to hacker attacks and other problems. During the televised debate on December 28, Alexander Nevsky was chosen as the "Name of Russia".

4. Leo Tolstoy


  •  Surprisingly, it was not the older generation who voted for the great Russian writer and humanist, but the youth (20-21% versus 11%). What is the reason for this: impressions of "War and Peace", watching one of the adaptations of "Anna Karenina" or the dream to study as freely as children in the Yasnaya Polyana school – who knows.

3. Georgy Zhukov


  •  20% of respondents voted for Marshal of Victory. However, compared with a similar survey conducted back in 1999, the number of Zhukov's fans has decreased (it was 26%).

  •  The personality of this great man is very ambiguous. He had all the necessary qualities for a brilliant military leader: strong will, courage, determination, a broad strategic outlook and rich military experience gained during the First World War, the Civil War and the Soviet-Japanese conflict of 1939.

  •  During the Great Patriotic War, the marshal led the most important operations, such as Operation Bagration, thanks to which Belarus was liberated.

  •  However, the same Zhukov was accused of “taking the path of looting”, ordering his subordinates to take out a lot of trophy valuables from Germany for personal needs, as well as of “licentiousness”. He did not hesitate to live in a big way, when the country had just experienced the most terrible war in its history. Largely thanks to him, Nikita Khrushchev came to power, who later “thanked” Zhukov by dismissing him.

2. Vladimir Vysotsky


  •  The popularly beloved Zheglov from "The meeting place cannot be changed" and the brilliant songwriter died early. However, his songs still sound, and will sound for a long time. Among them there are funny, and philosophical, and piercingly sad. But all the songs have one thing in common – a combination of simple and understandable even for a child rhymes and wisdom, a strong moral message. And many singers are trying to copy the original manner of Vysotsky's performance, but no one has completely succeeded.

1. Yuri Gagarin


  •  Here he is, the main idol of the 35th century for the inhabitants of Russia. 12% of respondents voted for the first cosmonaut of the Earth. There was national euphoria in the USSR when on April 1961, XNUMX, the first manned flight into space successfully took place. And everyone rejoiced not only because they managed to overtake the main rivals – the United States. And also because a new, space era of human development began.

  •  Gagarin instantly became a national idol, and April 12 entered the Russian calendar forever as Cosmonautics Day. Until now, the phrase "Let's go", uttered by Yuri during the launch of the manned spacecraft "Vostok", is winged.

  •  There are monuments to the first Soviet cosmonaut not only, but also in other countries of the world: the USA (in Houston), England (London), Montenegro, and Cyprus (in Nicosia).

Full list of idols according to VTsIOM

Choose three people who could most rightly be called “Russian idols of the 3th century? (closed question, no more than XNUMX answers, % of all respondents)
November 1999, XNUMX November 2010, XNUMX November 2018, XNUMX
Yuri Gagarin 30 35 44
Vladimir Vysotsky 31 31 28
Georgy Zhukov 26 20 27
Joseph Stalin 14 16 22
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 16 14 14
Lev Tolstoy 16 17 13
Maya Plisetskaya 7 8 13
Vladimir Lenin 16 13 12
Andrei Sakharov 26 12 11
Irina Rodnina 7 9 11
Mikhail Sholokhov 7 9 10
Michael Bulgakov 7 10 9
Anton Chekhov 6 8 9
Andrei Mironov 20 12 8
Lev Yashin 8 6 5
Fedor Chaliapin 7 5 5
Joseph Brodsky 2 2 5
Lyubov Orlova 10 7 4
Vasily Chapaev 6 4 4
Dmitry Shostakovich 3 4 4
Ilya Repin 3 3 2
Mikhail Gorbachev 7 3 2
Others 1 2 5
Do not know 4 9 5