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  •  Watching the best sci-fi films in the online cinema is the best way to take a break from the events of the real world for a while. Therefore, I have prepared for you a list of 20 films, focusing on the ratings of Kinopoisk and IMDb.

  •  It has everything from solid sci-fi to light brain-gum films, superhero stories and gritty post-apocalyptic films. But The Matrix did not make it into the science fiction rating – its rating is only 5.8 points from Russian viewers and 5.7 points from Western ones.

20. Godzilla vs. Kong


Genre: action, fantasy
Rating Film search: 6.2
Rating IMDb: 6.3

  •  When Toho Studios released Godzilla into the world in 1954, the furious kaiju spawned sequel after sequel, attacking cities first and then other mutant creatures. And now the time has come for the giant lizard to face the second most titled monster of cinema.

  •  Yes, these giants do not have much brains, but they make up for it with muscles. So the audience is in for an epic fight, if we ignore the idea that Godzilla has a shell-proof skin and atomic breathing, while his giant opponent is, in fact, a large gorilla. According to director Adam Wingard (Death Note, Rogue One), if you have time to think about such things during Godzilla vs. Kong, then he didn't do his job right.

19. Mortal Kombat


Genre: action, fantasy, sci-fi
Rating Film search: 6.2
Rating IMDb: 6.1

  •  A modern reimagining of the 1995 movie hit. The young fighter Cole Yang, born with a strange mark, goes on a long and dangerous journey, along with Sonya Blade, Liu Kang and other participants in the future Mortal Kombat.

  •  Unfortunately, their counterparts from the Underworld have decided not to play fair and are hunting earth fighters before the tournament to win by default.

18. Black Widow


Genre: fantasy, action, adventure
Rating Film search: 6.2
Rating IMDb: 6.7

  •  Marvel has waited too long to give Natasha Romanoff her own solo film, and now the time has come. Now the charming superheroine has to face the shadows of the past and fight for her freedom, because all the Black Widows are somehow controlled by Drakov.

  •  The Black Widow hardly claims the title of “best” science fiction of 2020, reviews about this picture are too different. It was criticized by some viewers for its instantly forgettable villain and many plot holes. But nevertheless, this film is included in the top 20 "fantastic" Kinopoisk.

17. Future War


Genre: fantasy, action
Rating Film search: 6.3
Rating IMDb: 6.6

  •  Whom only was not Chris Pratt, and the driver of the dinosaur, and the guardian of the Galaxy. And in this film, he played the role of Dan, a former military man, and now a simple school teacher. But when humanity is threatened with death, Dan will have to put aside the pointer, remember his heroic past, and show the aliens who is in charge in the food chain.

16. Infinity


Genre: fantasy, action
Rating Film search: 6.4
Rating IMDb: 5.4

  •  The hero of Mark Wahlberg lives on neuroleptics and considers himself a schizophrenic, because he remembers what has never happened to him, sees realistic dreams and knows what he has never learned. One day, a strange man comes to him, who claims that they have known each other since very, very old times.

15. Time


Genre: thriller, drama, fantasy
Rating Film search: 6.4
Rating IMDb: 5.8

  •  M. Night Shyamalan's tape got into the top of the best fiction. How did one of the most original directors of our time decide to surprise the audience? The story of a family vacation that turns into a nightmare, because time on the selected beach flows unnaturally fast.

14. Eternals


Genre: science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure
Rating Film search: 6.5
Rating IMDb: 5.7

  •  For thousands of years, powerful Eternals have protected the planet from monsters – Deviants. However, in the Universe there is a threat and more terrible. And each of the Eternals will have to choose a side.

13. Walk of Chaos


Genre: science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure
Rating Film search: 6.5
Rating IMDb: 5.7

  •  Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) lives on the planet New World, where men's thoughts and desires become real. Locals call this phenomenon noise. And then one day a girl from the second wave of colonists gets into the village of men where Tom lives.

  •  An unexpected guest disturbs the peace of the inhabitants, confuses their minds, and exacerbates social conflict. Only young Todd can help a girl survive in a harsh and noisy male world.

12. Oxygen


Genre: detective, fantasy, thriller
Rating Film search: 6.5
Rating IMDb: 6.5

  •  One of the most unusual participants in the selection of the best films (fantasy). The main setting of this film is a cryogenic chamber. It is in her that the main – and only – heroine (Mélanie Laurent) wakes up. She does not remember her own past, and the only assistant – AI MILO – cannot execute some commands without a password. And the oxygen level in the chamber is steadily decreasing...

11. Memories


Genre: fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy
Rating Film search: 6.6
Rating IMDb: 5.9

  •  In the not-too-distant future, technology has emerged that allows you to relive valuable memories or remember something important. This is exactly what private detective Nick Bannister does. And one day he has to deal with personal memories when the woman he loves disappears without a trace.

10. Suicide Squad: Mission Crash


Genre: fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy
Rating Film search: 6.7
Rating IMDb: 7.2

  •  A motley company of "thugs", from the Shark King to the Peacemaker and Harley Quinn, once again must save the world. And so that they do not try to avoid such an honorable role, an explosive device is implanted in everyone's head.

9. I was made for you


Genre: fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy
Rating Film search: 6.9
Rating IMDb: 7.1

  •  Isn't it a dream to be the owner of a robot with a perfect body and face? At least that's what lonely 40-year-old Alma thought when she agreed to participate in an experiment involving the humanoid robot Tom. He is polite, helpful, ready to listen to her at least 24 hours a day, and will fulfill any desire. Or not?

8 Ghostbusters: Descendants


Genre: science fiction, comedy, action, fantasy
Rating Film search: 7
Rating IMDb: 7.2

  •  The daughter of one of the ghost hunters settled on her father's farm with two children – Trevor and Phoebe. The grandchildren never saw their grandfather, but suddenly they had to deal with his legacy. And it's not just the Ecto-1 car...

7. Finch


Genre: fantasy, drama
Rating Film search: 7,2
Rating IMDb: 6.9

  •  The picture in the post-apocalyptic genre also hit the top of science fiction. And the main character Finch, played by Tom Hanks, has a very difficult task – to create a robot and teach him how to care for a dog. After all, a superstorm is approaching the area, and Finch himself is very sick and will not live long.

6. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Science Fiction
Rating Film search: 7,3
Rating IMDb: 7.5

  •  A new Asian superhero is rushing to join the big Marvel team. A young man named Sean, as usual, lives an ordinary life, wears a magic medallion donated by his mother and does not suspect that people from the Ten Rings organization have already left for him.

  •  Fun Facts: Lead actor Simu Liu performed many of the film's stunts himself. And one of the main characters, Shang-Li, was "copied" from Bruce Lee.

5. Main character


Genre: fantasy, action, comedy, melodrama
Rating Film search: 7,4
Rating IMDb: 7.2

  •  The life of a bank employee is easy and pleasant. The morning starts with coffee, then smoothly turns into a robbery, then another and another, and there, you see, the day has passed. And a guy named Guy would have lived on easily and carefree if he hadn’t found out that he was just an NPC in a big game. And then everything turned around...

4. Don't look up


Genre: drama, fantasy, comedy
Rating Film search: 7,5
Rating IMDb: 7.2

  •  Astronomer Keith DiBiasky and PhD Randle Mindy calculated the trajectory of a 10-kilometer comet, and found that in six months it would fall exactly to Earth. With difficulty, they achieve an audience with the woman president of the United States, but she does not believe the scientists. Will the arguments of the mind be able to break through the ego and slow-wittedness?

  •  The audience rated this film as an apocalyptic tragicomedy and satire in one bottle.

3. Dune


Genre: fantasy, action, drama, adventure
Rating Film search: 7,7
Rating IMDb: 8.1

  •  This is the best film about space and other planets from director Dany Villeneuve. Paul of House Atreides travels to the desert planet Arrakis with his family. Huge worms crawl there, capable of swallowing a person like a grain of sand, and there is the most valuable substance in the universe – spice.

  •  However, as a result of the conflict between the Houses, Paul finds himself an exile, now his destiny is to survive on Dune and prove to the locals that he deserves to become the best of them.

2. Justice League Zack Snyder


Genre: science fiction, action, fantasy
Rating Film search: 7,9
Rating IMDb: 8.1

  •  “I'm a director, I see it that way” – this is the slogan Zack Snyder could use for one of the best science fiction films. In 2017, he left the director's chair due to a family tragedy, and Joss Whedon took his place in The League, arranging a massive "reboot" of the film's plot and reducing it to 120 minutes.

  •  Fans have been asking Snyder for a long time to film his version of the film, and now it is available in online cinemas. There is also a black-and-white Zack Snyder Justice League.

1 Spiderman: No Way Home


Genre: science fiction, action, adventure, fantasy
Rating Film search: 8,2
Rating IMDb: 8.7

  •  When Mysterio revealed to the world who the Friendly Spider Neighbor was, Peter Parker fell on hard times. And when he turned to Dr. Strange for help, it did not get any easier. After all, magical help turned into a meeting with new enemies, as well as completely unexpected allies.