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The most beautiful women in the world 2022

Beauty will never go out of fashion. And even though its standards change, the team will always follow in the wake of these changes. Here are the top 30 most beautiful ...


The shortest marriages in history

Unfortunately, the love that quickly flared up just as quickly faded away. Rating of the shortest celebrity marriages.

10 tallest women in the world

10 tallest women in the world

Many girls of short stature sigh enviously, looking at the tall figures of top models. Men often imagine a tall, bright companion next to them. However, in reality, life...

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The most anticipated smartphones, new items in 2023

This year we are expecting a lot of flagship and budget smartphones in 2023 from top brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus.

Budget smartphones

The best budget smartphones of 2023

I have been working with different equipment for many years, I have seen very bad budget smartphones and outstanding specimens. In this ranking of budget smartphones in 2023...


20 richest people in the world 2022 – Forbes ranking

The pandemic, the aggravation of the international situation and the looming financial crisis have thinned the ranks of billionaires. According to the recently published list of the American magazine Forbes – 2022, the world has become...


World Economies Ranking 2022, world GDP table

In January 2023, the International Monetary Fund published a report on countries' GDP, its growth dynamics and forecast values for 2022...

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Top 20 best hotels in the world

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many tourist destinations have been closed to Russians, and with the start of a special operation in Ukraine in 2022, their number has decreased even more.


The largest object in the universe

It is not easy to accurately determine the largest body in the universe – there is no certainty that we have already explored everything that exists in it.