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10 most beautiful seas in the world



  •  The seas are beautiful and mysterious. They enchant, attract, make us forget about the problems of today and give us their underwater wonders. A vacation on the most beautiful sea in the world is a worthy end to a busy working year.

Of course, the perception of the beauty of the sea largely depends on the beauty of the beach and the purity of the sea itself. It's ironic that on the cleanest sea in the world there are no beaches, because most of the year it is covered with drifting ice.

  •  And to make your beach holiday unforgettably wonderful, we have compiled the top 10 most beautiful seas. Visit them and decide for yourself which one you like best.

10 Caribbean Sea

lfwiiv0bOnce this sea was teeming with pirates, who for several centuries had a great economic, political and even social influence on the situation in the West Indies. And now this sea is teeming with quite peaceful vacationers who are attracted by picturesque tropical landscapes and a diverse underwater world.

  •  In warm waters that rarely drop below 25 degrees, you can encounter sea turtles, humpback whales, flying fish, butterflyfish, marlin, and even sharks.

9. Mediterranean Sea

e5xdgawcTranquility and a comfortable climate – that's what those who choose one of the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea get for their holidays. It rarely rains here in summer, and in winter it is not too cool and quite humid.

  •  If you are interested in underwater flora and fauna, then be sure to visit the “Our White Sea” (“Our” was called by the Romans, and the White by the Turks), because about 550 species of fish and over 800 species of plants live in its waters. By the way, 2% of the living creatures of the Mediterranean Sea got into it from the Red Sea, through the Suez Canal.

8. Coral Sea

ohsn0xegBetween Australia, New Guinea and Vanuatu stretches a beautiful sea, named for its coral richness. And the main treasure of the Coral Sea is the Great Barrier Reef – one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It includes 2 individual reefs and 900 islands.

  •  It is the largest coral reef in the world, made up of countless tiny polyps. It serves as a home to a huge amount of flora and fauna. By the way, coral reefs are disappearing 5% faster than tropical forests, and the Great Barrier Reef itself has lost over 1985% of its coral polyps since 50. So hurry to enjoy its splendor while you can.

7. Sea Bali

j3evfc2qOne of the most beautiful corners of our planet is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to the continental inter-island seas. The water temperature in its surface layers reaches 29 °C.

  •  An interesting feature of the Bali Sea is the dark-colored sand, which creates a beautiful contrast with the light water. And its bottom is lined with sediments with a large amount of volcanic tuff (rock from particles of volcanic sand and ash). This is due to the presence of large volcanoes on the islands that adjoin the sea from the south.

  •  The Bali Sea is home to many exotic creatures such as angelfish, scallops, hammerhead sharks and giant tortoises. However, fierce competition for survival and territory has led to the appearance of a large number of poisonous and toxic creatures in the waters of this sea.

6. White Sea

hsiaddwbThe smallest and at the same time the most beautiful sea is famous for its northern nature and cold climate. One of its old names says so – Studenoe. But this does not prevent physically healthy people from swimming in its waters. True, not for long, because in summer the water surface temperature rarely rises above 13 degrees.

  •  If you are determined to plunge into the White Sea, then know that in hot weather you can swim and sunbathe on the Yagrinsky beach in the city of Severodvinsk.

  •  And even if you didn’t manage to swim, then you can go fishing notably. In the White Sea there are such commercial fish species as navaga, Pacific herring, whitefish, catfish and cod.

  •  And the White Sea is also known for the fact that on its territory there is a popular cultural and pilgrimage center – the Solovetsky Islands.

5. Arabian Sea

ai2tat5iThe Carlsberg Ridge and the northwestern extension of the Central Indian Ridge divide the Arabian Sea into two large basins. Thanks to its unique structure and comfortable climate, this sea is teeming with fantastically diverse living creatures. Only fish and crustaceans, there are about a thousand species in it.

4. The Dead Sea

hq543ombDespite its not too beautiful name, the Dead Sea is a huge and pleasing oasis that adorns the desert highlands.

  •  Only here you can swim in the water on your back while reading a newspaper. Although you should not drink the local water, it has a very unpleasant, salty-bitter taste. The salinity of this reservoir reaches 33,7%.

  •  Over the past hundred years, the water level in the Dead Sea has fallen by a quarter, and according to scientists, in 800 years it will turn into an extremely salty Valley of Death.

3. Lincoln Sea

wfxzrcx3This sea, located on the outskirts of the Arctic Ocean, is even more severe in character than the White Sea. Even in summer, you can rarely see areas of clear water there, mostly the water surface is covered with glaciers.

  •  However, the Lincoln Sea is not without charm, thanks in large part to the numerous fjords into which glaciers descend. And its expanses serve as a home for walruses, narwhals, polar bears, seals and many other living creatures.

2. Andaman Sea

bum5ge2cLandscapes framing the coast of the Andaman Sea fascinate just like the nasty "character" of this watery Indian beauty.

  •  Tsunamis are not uncommon in the Andaman Sea, and waves during high tides can reach 7 meters in height. And on the seabed there is a volcano that has calmed down for the time being.

  •  But in a calm state, this sea is ready to reveal to you all its rich inner world. And there is something to see: sailfish, flying fish and anchovies, and even unique Irrawaddy dolphins.

1. Red Sea

vtgxokn5If you ask where the most beautiful sea for diving is, we will answer: "In the tectonic depression between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa." And his name is the Red Sea.

  •  It is the only sea in the world into which no river flows. And, in addition, it can easily oversalt your soup. Because 1 liter of Red Sea water contains 41 grams of salts. For comparison: in the water of the Black Sea salts are 18 grams per liter.

  •  But people come here not for the salt, but for the climate and bioresources. Even in January, the air temperature is 20-25 degrees, and in summer it can reach 30 and even 50 degrees.

  •  And the local flora and fauna can both please with colorfully painted fish, important stingrays, leisurely turtles and cheerful dolphins, and scare with huge moray eels and sharks. But what really strikes you about the Red Sea is the variety and quantity of corals. If going to the Great Coral Reef is too expensive, then beautiful corals can also be found in the Red Sea, for example, off the coast of Egypt.