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Top 10 most unusual sports



  •  Football, volleyball, figure skating – these are all sports familiar to us. No one will be surprised if you say that I participated in a basketball competition. But there are sports that you have not seen anywhere else, even at the Olympics. Well, forward to the knowledge of the intriguing, for you today the Top 10 most unusual sports.


10 Pigeon Racing

RatingsThis sport is associated with the release of trained pigeons, which must fly a certain distance (from 100 to 1000 kilometers). As soon as the birds “started”, the time is fixed, the winner is the bird that reached the finish line faster, that is, its flight speed was maximum compared to other feathered participants in the “flight”.

9. Water skiing barefoot

RatingsThis amazing sport originated in Florida. It was discovered by Dick Pope, who rode barefoot on March 6, 1947. Some people refute this fact and say it was Hancock. The first barefoot water ski competition was held in 1950 at Cypress Gardens.

8. Underwater hockey

RatingsNo one would have thought that hockey could be played underwater, but it is possible. This sport is non-contact. Two teams race the puck along the bottom of the pool to score a goal against their opponent.

7. Freestyle skydiving

RatingsFreestyle skydiving is a mesmerizing sight. In free fall, one person begins to perform various acrobatic stunts, and the second one films it all on a special camera mounted on a helmet.

6. Skysurfing

RatingsSkysurfing is a type of parachuting that involves the athlete, while in free fall, performs acrobatic stunts by sliding through the air on a special board similar to a snowboard.

5. Speedcubing

RatingsThis sport involves the following: the assembly of the Rubik's Cube for a while. To date, the world record for one decision from 3x3x3 is 7,08 seconds. It was installed in July 2008.

4. Competitive nutrition

RatingsCompetitive eating is a sport in which participants eat a lot of food in a short time, about 15 minutes or even less. The type of food usually changes, but the competition is based mainly on desserts and fast foods. As a rule, the products are always the same. These are pies, hot dogs and more. This competition is especially popular in Japan and the USA.

3. Lawn mower racing

RatingsSuch exciting races attract people of all ages. As a rule, competitions are fun and provocative, although some take them very seriously. The difference between racing lawn mowers and ordinary lawn mowers is the absence of a blade. They are removed for safety.

2. Belt sander racing

RatingsBelt sanders have been known for a very long time, but no one could have imagined that such races would appear. The competition takes place in this way: two cars are in parallel channels, they start driving at the whistle. The winner is the one whose car reached the finish line first.

1. Throwing midgets

picture-2-18The name speaks for itself. A dwarf dressed in a special uniform is thrown onto a soft surface. The purpose of the competition: you need to throw the dwarf further than your rivals.