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The best online cinemas of 2023

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  •  Whatever you do on New Year's holidays, you are unlikely to pass by the TV. But which online cinema is better to choose so as not to waste time and money? I recommend the one in which the first month of subscription costs 1 ruble. There will be an opportunity to test the service and decide whether you need to pay for it in the future.

I present to you top 10 best online cinemas in 2023, according to user reviews.

10. Premier

Premier – movies and series online

Subscription cost – from 199 rubles per month.

  •  The service has collected over 4000 pieces of content, mainly films and series from TNT and other channels owned by Gazprom Media, but there are also many foreign projects. The platform is available from PCs, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

  •  You can create up to 5 profiles for the whole family, for the little ones there is a section with cartoons and other children's content.

9. start

Start is a popular Russian service

Subscription – from 249 rubles per month.

  •  If you prefer domestic films and series, you will consider Start the best cinema for watching movies online. It allows you to create up to 5 profiles, including a safe child profile.

  •  A significant advantage of Start is full access to all content, without additional purchases of new products, which some participants in the rating of online cinemas in 2023 “sin” with.

8. Megafon TV

Megafon TV service for film distribution

It is worth 299 rub. per month.

  •  New film distribution without advertising, about 250 TV channels from around the world, and many different services (Start, Amediateka, Russian series, more TV, Bolshoi for children, etc.) in one – all this is Megafon TV.

  •  Although the service is intended primarily for subscribers of the Megafon mobile operator, access is also open to users of other operators. All you need is to pay for the subscription on time, the cost of the package varies depending on the services you choose. When you first connect, a free three-day period is available.



Subscription can be purchased for 199 rubles.

  •  The seventh place in the top 10 online cinemas is occupied by a video service intended primarily for owners of the MTS “For Notebook” tariff. They can enjoy most of Kion's content for free.

  •  Ordinary users get access to the film library (over 10 shows) in high quality 000K, HDR, Full HD for free in the first month, but you will have to pay for the next ones. By the way, some films will be paid even for the owner of the subscription.

  •  It is most convenient to watch Kion on a PC, smartphone or tablet, there are complaints about problems with connecting using a set-top box.

6. Amedia library


30 days – 599 rubles.

  •  The most expensive option in the ranking of online cinemas in 2023. This service is also available outside of Russia, in most countries of the former CIS. He buys the rights to show films and series from the largest foreign studios and TV channels – HBO, FOX, Netflix, Showtime, etc.

  •  Professional translators and dubbing actors are involved in the projects, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of voice acting.

  •  In addition to a set of videos, Amediateka offers live TV channels, but, frankly, their number is not impressive.


Wink in the ranking of online cinemas 2023

Starter Subscription – from 299 rubles per month.

  •  The basic subscription of this service from Rostelecom contains over 5000 films and series, but if this is not enough, then you can connect additional subscriptions with Amediateka and with an exclusive collection of viju and watch the latest from the world's leading film studios. It will cost a lot – 599 rubles a month.

  •  In addition to movies and series, Wink has a rich collection of audio books, TV channels, video blogs for children and adults, and sports shows.

Online media library

Standard Subscription – 299 rubles per month.

  •  For new viewers, this online movie theater offers 30 days for free. There are Russian films and series, as well as foreign hits.

  •  And if you are tired of movies, then you can watch one of the federal, entertainment or children's TV channels (there are even free ones), or look into the show section, where there are sports, fashion, reality and culinary projects.

3. IVI

IVI streaming service

Subscription worth from 199 rubles per month.

  •  One of the largest online cinemas offers films, series, cartoons, as well as various TV channels. The service is available on both PCs and mobile devices, as well as smart TVs.

  •  Like many competitors, IVI offers the first month for a nominal fee of 1 ruble, and subsequent viewing for 199 rubles per month.

2. Okko

Online cinema Okko

Price subscriptions – from 199 rubles per month.

  •  The second place in the list of the best online cinemas is occupied by a service with convenient functionality and an inexpensive subscription. It allows you to watch not only movies and series, but also sports matches (only), make video tours to various museums (of Russian impressionism, Vadim Sidur, the Darwin Museum, etc.), listen to lectures and even attend various video courses and concerts .

  •  There is a separate movie store and many TV channels.

1. Kinopoisk HD

Kinopoisk HD – the best online cinema in 2023

Subscription cost – from 199 rubles per month.

  •  The best online cinema in terms of functionality and multi-platform convenience. You can start watching a movie, cartoon or series on one device and continue on another.

  •  You can use this popular platform from a mobile application, a website in a browser on a PC, and TVs with a Smart TV or set-top box. In addition, Kinopoisk can be safely called the best online cinema for smart TV from Yandex, since Alice's voice assistant works with it.

  •  The site has exclusive content, for example, the Pennyworth series, about Batman's future butler.

  •  However, many films are only available for a one-time fee, even if you have a subscription.