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10 most beautiful snakes in the world (photo)

Rating of the most beautiful snakes in the world (photo)


Beauty is a terrible force. In this context, this expression is more relevant than ever. Snakes live on almost all continents of our planet and for many centuries, with their very appearance, they inspire horror in the hearts of people. However, snakes can be not only poisonous, but also beautiful. Present to your attention top 10 most beautiful snakes in the world with photos and descriptions.

10 Rainbow Boa

Rainbow boa constrictorThe "metal" scales of this reptile shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. Moreover, in the sun and when moving, it looks even more impressive. The brightness of these overflows directly depends on the time of day – the more active the sun, the more intensely the color of the scales changes.

  •  The rainbow boa is completely non-venomous, moreover, this peaceful snake adapts perfectly to captivity conditions and often becomes a favorite pet.

9. Horned viper

Horned viperThe horned viper is often considered one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. In addition to its menacing appearance, which is due to small horns sticking out above its head, it is famous for its highly toxic poison, which is deadly to humans. Nevertheless, it is actively bred by lovers of exotic and thrills.

8 Narrow-Headed Mamba

narrow-headed mambaAnother poisonous African beauty. The poison of this snake is deadly for humans, but be that as it may, the beauty and grace of this snake is impossible not to admire. Its scales have a rich emerald green hue, and the body can reach up to 250 centimeters.

  •  Basically, the mamba is active during the daytime, and at night it prefers to rest somewhere in the depths of the rain forests.

7. California garter snake

California garter snakeThese unusual reptiles are also called "garter" because of their unusual and varied striped coloration. California snakes often live near human dwellings, but the good news is that they are absolutely not poisonous. They have another defense mechanism – in case of danger, they squirt a fetid liquid from the cloaca.

6 Blue Racer

blue racerA snake with an unusual name and no less unusual color. Her bright blue scales and incredible movement speed fully explain her name. Unfortunately, this reptile is on the verge of extinction. The blue racer is not dangerous for a person, but he tries to avoid him, and in case of danger he reacts quite aggressively.

5. Striated king snake

striated king snakeThe royal striated snake is also called the "milk snake". At first glance, it may seem that such a bright combination of black, red and white colors clearly warns of toxicity. However, these snakes are completely harmless, they can be safely picked up. The king snake is often bred in terrariums.

4. Green python

green pythonThe green python is the personification of calmness and nobility. This is an unusually beautiful reptile, characterized by a bright “lime” color and a calm disposition. Of the entire python family, green pythons are the smallest: the largest of them reach one and a half meters in length. Many of them even appear skinny due to their strongly protruding spine. But this is not a pathology, but only their distinctive feature.

  •  Oddly enough, but a green python can be not only green in color. In nature, there are also black and emerald representatives of this breed, as well as albino pythons.

3. Tiger python

tiger pythonLike all representatives of this species of snakes, the tiger python is distinguished by a calm character and a sedentary lifestyle. Unlike the previous "competitor", this snake is the largest of the entire family. Tiger pythons reach a length of one and a half to four meters (which, of course, depends on the sex – males are usually larger than females).

  •  The coloration of the snake is quite diverse: large white or dark brown spots of various shapes and sizes are scattered on a light yellowish-brown background. These beauties are often bred in terrariums or used as a special accessory in photo shoots.

2. Dominican mountain red boa

Dominican mountain red boaRed boas, despite their slenderness, can reach very impressive sizes. They do not like people, and in case of antipathy, they can squirt out a foul-smelling liquid. But cases of attacks of this snake on a person have not yet been recorded.

  •  Basically, boas live in the humid forests of the West Indies and lead a calm, measured lifestyle. The color of their scales is so unusual that it is difficult to describe in words. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with these beautiful creatures in the photo below.

1. Grassy green whip

Grassy-green whipworm, a beautiful snakeThis is perhaps one of the most unusual tree snakes in the world. The whipworm got its name due to the very thin and long body of a bright green color, more like a tropical liana winding around a tree. On the ground, this snake feels very insecure, so it tries to get back to the tree as soon as possible.

Grass-green lash, photo

  •  Also, attention is attracted by her pointed muzzle with large oval eyes. Another feature of the whipworm is its horizontal pupils, which cause binocular vision. Such vision helps her accurately calculate the distance to prey and, by the way, is extremely rare in tree snakes.