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Best Skateboard Ranking – 2023 Ranking



  •  Typically, inexpensive skateboards offer terrible value for money. This is because their manufacturers don't really care about creating a balanced product or even understand the basic requirements of the user.

  •  Therefore, in the top skateboards, I have collected models that have received numerous positive reviews from Russian users. And also prepared a short review for those who will buy their first skateboard.

What to look for when choosing the best skateboard

  •  Here's what you need to know about the signs of a poor quality skateboard:

  • plastic deck. This is the name of the upper part of the skateboard, on which the legs are placed. Instead of plastic, it is better to choose a wooden deck, it is better suited for tricks. The more layers the deck has, the stronger the board, and the heavier it is. The standard choice is a 7-layer deck.
  • plastic pendant. It is better to look for a model with a metal one that can withstand heavy loads.
  • Low quality bearings ABEC 1 and ABEC 3. It is good if the bearings are ABEC 7 or 9. ABEC 5 is also suitable. The higher the number, the more accurate the production and the better the rewind.
  • Hard plastic or super soft rubber wheels. Polyurethane wheels are best, they are a balance of grip and durability. Look for hardness between 90a and 100a, they wear out more slowly. Softer wheels are suitable for rolling on uneven surfaces, cracks and pebbles. But they are not suitable for aggressive skateboarding, as the grip and softness of the wheels reduce the ability to get the board off the ground and perform tricks.

  •  Skateboards come in different sizes. They are usually measured in width, which are 7,75 inches, 8 inches, 8,25 inches, and 9,75 inches.

  • Thinner boards (7,75 inches) will be lighter and will help with tricks.
  • Wider boards, from 8 inches, are heavier and therefore require more effort to perform tricks. But they have a lot more room on the deck for foot control and more room for trick mistakes.

  •  Street skateboards are usually about 32 inches (81 cm) long. They are curved at both ends: in the front – "knows", behind – tail. Lateral bends along the soundboard are called "concave". There are also flat, elongated longboard models, and they are 1-1,5 m long. Although longboards are more stable and faster than regular skateboards, they are more expensive and more difficult to perform tricks on them.

  •  The choice of width depends on your age, experience and the type of riding you want to do. Some people recommend choosing a deck size based on your shoe size, this is not necessarily good advice for beginners as technically you can ride any size. Your height matters.

  1. Of the best skateboard companies that have been present on the Russian market for a long time, it can be noted: Decathlon, Ridex, Razor, Penny, Leader Kids, Plank, Action, Atemi.

  •  So what is the best skateboard to buy for a beginner? Choose a skateboard based on your age and height. For a child under 10 or under 150 cm tall, experts recommend a 22-29 inch (55-74 cm) skateboard.

  •  For adult users, a full size skateboard is 30-32 inches (76-81 cm). Also, the longboard is very friendly to beginners, it moves smoothly, does not require perfect balance.

  •  But a penny board is not the best choice for a beginner. Made from colored plastic, this popular type of skateboard is better viewed as more of a toy or fashion accessory than a real skateboard. It won't let you learn or progress.

  •  And now from the theory of which skateboard is better to choose, let's move on to the direct choice of models for different riding styles and financial capabilities.

The Best Skateboards for Beginners

5. Longboard Ridex Breeze 38″


  • Body: Chinese maple, 8-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 70 mm, hardness: 78 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 38×9 inches

  •  A solid model in terms of workmanship and load, with an aluminum suspension and a solid wooden deck. She has not very hard wheels (78 A), but they are large, and it will be comfortable to ride on such wheels in the park area or the city.

  •  According to reviews, the Ridex Breeze rides gently, but it’s better to lubricate the bearings, since there is little lubrication from the factory.

Pros and consbeautiful designlarge and stablesuitable for large peopleno

4. Longboard Decathlon YAMBA 500


  • Body: Canadian maple, 7-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 59 mm, hardness: 78 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 27.5×8.1 inches

  •  This urban longboard is made of quality material, equipped with aluminum suspension, and its deck is wide enough for a beginner to stand steadily on the board.

  •  Not too big for a longboard, the Decathlon YAMBA 500 is easy to carry around town. However, it has a drawback – after a while it starts to creak. You will need to disassemble, lubricate, and it will serve you for a long time.

Pros and cons compact beautiful design soft, comfortable suspension can start to creak over time

3. Wooden cruiser Splatter 28″X8″ Ridex


  • Body: Canadian maple, 8-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 60 mm, hardness: 82 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 28x8 inches

  •  A cruiser is a hybrid of a longboard and a skateboard, curved on only one side, the tail. A great option for a quick move around the city. The deck is made of durable 8-ply material, and covered with OWA70 sandpaper.

  •  The wheels are large, stable, and tough enough for both park and city streets. They are made of High Resilience (HR) polyurethane foam, a new material that is resistant to deformation and durable.

  •  All in all, the Splatter 28″X8″ Ridex is a solid mid-range top skateboard, sturdy, well-made, and suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Pros and cons

2. Skateboard Ridex Mincer 31″


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 80 kg
  • Wheels: 54 mm, hardness: 85 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC-5 Carbon
  • Deck Size: 31 x 8 inches

  •  This skateboard is suitable for both learning and performing advanced tricks. It has a durable 9 cm long 77-ply deck and a versatile look suitable for both boys and girls. The suspension is aluminum, and high-end bearings add great rolling when you need it.

  •  The rigidity of the wheels is average, but they are suitable for comfortable movement around the city and for a skate park. Based on the characteristics of the skateboard, it is suitable for users over 10 years old.

Pros and cons Quality build Suitable for both beginners and advanced skateboarders Cute design Large, soft wheels Color coating peels off quickly on the sides

1 Plank Minimal Skateboard


  • Body: Canadian maple, 7-ply
  • Wheels: 52 mm, hardness: 99 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 9
  • Deck Size: 31 x 8 inches

  •  This model from the Russian company Plank is more expensive than the previous skateboard in the rating for beginners, but this is due to the higher class of bearings and the greater rigidity of the wheels made of polyurethane. The latter means that Plank Minimal wheels will wear out more slowly with heavy use.

  •  The suspension of this model is made of aluminum, and the wide base of the deck allows even adults to stand steadily on the skateboard. The deck is well glued, all joints are even and smooth.

Pros and cons

Best skateboards for kids

5. Children's skateboard RGX STANDART 6


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 40 kg
  • Wheels: 50mm
  • Bearing class: ABEC 5
  • Deck size: 28×8 inches

  •  This small skateboard is suitable for children up to 10 years old. It has an aggressive pattern that young skateboarders are sure to love, and a strong, durable 9-ply deck that parents will love. The deck has an anti-slip coating.

  •  The wheels of this model are made of polyvinyl chloride, the suspension is aluminum. Please note that the STANDART 6 skateboard is not suitable for tricks, it is designed for riding on dry flat surfaces.

Pros and cons beautiful design strong deck withstands light weight

4. Skateboard Tech Team PROFI 2022


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 50 kg
  • Wheels: 50 mm, hardness: 85A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 24x6 inches

  •  From the top design, you can’t tell that this is one of the coolest skateboards for children from 5 years old. The top of the deck is covered with anti-slip skin 80AB. But if you “light up” the lower part, then it will surprise you with a bright pattern. But for this you have to perform jumps on a skateboard.

  •  Lightness (1.35 kg) and high-quality bearings make Team PROFI suitable for both skiing and simple tricks.

  •  Although the description states that this skateboard can support weights up to 80kg, the sticker on the product itself states that the maximum rider weight is 50kg.

Pros and Cons

3. Stunt Skateboard TF-3108 Eyeglitch


  • Body: Canadian maple, maple, 7-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheel hardness: 90 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 31.75x8

  •  The features of this skateboard are rigid polyurethane wheels, quality bearings and 95A bushings. The stiffer this part, the more stable the skate will behave.

  •  Not only children, but also adults can ride this skateboard – it can withstand a solid weight. The vinyl-backed skin is non-slip, while the 5" aluminum suspension provides solid board control.

Pros and consbright designdurable constructionlarge wheelsno

2. Children's cruiser Plank P20-MINIBOARD


  • Body: fiberglass
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheel hardness: 83 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 9
  • Deck Size: 22" x 6"

  •  The fiberglass (fiberglass) from which this cruiser is made is a frequent choice for making a deck. This composite material will not rot or warp and is strong enough to support the weight of even an adult skateboarder.

  •  The Plank P20-MINIBOARD weighs just 1.9kg, making it easy to carry in your backpack or in your arms to the skate park. It is intended for beginners, but given the reliable bearings and durable material, it is suitable for simple tricks. But for dancing it is small and narrow.

Pros and cons withstands big spring small light wide no

1. Children's skateboard ATEMI ASB31D03


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 80 kg
  • Wheels: 50mm
  • Bearing class: ABEC 5
  • Deck size: 31×8 inches

  •  This skateboard is designed for children aged 10 and over. It's made from 9 ply maple and might be a bit heavy for tricks, but perfect for learning how to skate. The deck is strong, wide, the foot on it stands steadily.

  •  The class of bearings is not the best, "consumer goods", but given the low price of the skateboard, this drawback is forgivable. The suspension is aluminum, the skate weighs only 2.2 kg, so you can take it with you in a backpack.

Pros and cons fast compact strong bearings better to change

The best skateboards for professionals

5. Skateboard Ridex Lost 31.65″


  • Body: Canadian maple, Chinese maple, 7-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 52 mm, hardness: 99 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 31.65×8

  •  This skateboard is designed for advanced users and features very hard wheels that are perfect for tricks. Bushings are also hard – 95A.

  •  Buyers praise Ridex Lost for beautiful design, high-quality assembly and maneuverability. The OWA80 skin provides a secure grip on the board, and ABEC-7 Chrome bearings are responsible for a good roll.

Pros and consStrong aluminum suspensionRigid wheels can withstand a lot of weightAbrasions appear over time

4. Skateboard Roots 31.6″X8″ Ridex


  • Body: Chinese maple, 8-ply
  • Maximum load: 80 kg
  • Wheels: 52 mm, hardness: 95 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 5
  • Deck size: 31.6×8

  •  A skateboard with a wide, stable deck and very hard wheels suitable for tricks. ABEC 5 Carbon is the most common type of bearing, not the best in its class, but strong and reliable enough to keep the skate faithfully for a couple of years.

  •  The Roots 31.6″X8″ Ridex is designed for young skateboarders who want strength, lightness and stability from the board.

Pros and cons Aggressive design Good, grippy coverage No

3. Longboard Ridex Koi 44″


  • Body: Bamboo, Canadian Maple, 8-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 70 mm, hardness: 78 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 9
  • Deck size: 44×9 inches

  •  This longboard is not suitable for tricks, but for high-speed descents it is what you need. It has very large and soft wheels, it is comfortable to quickly drive around the city and the skate park.

  •  The bearings of this ABEC 9 model are of the highest quality and most expensive. But the difference between them and ABEC 5 can only be felt when accelerating. On a wide deck, even a large foot is stable. This longboard is ideal for dancing.

Pros and cons holds bumps well

2. Skateboard MG-DBL 466


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 85 kg
  • Wheels: 50mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Deck size: 31×8 inches

  •  A sturdy, sleek skateboard that can handle the weight of even a large teenager, it features heavy-duty aluminum suspension, high-quality bearings and a double-curved concave deck.

  •  Polyurethane wheels have a hardness of 96A, which is quite enough for performing tricks. Thanks to the rough coating of the deck, the foot is kept very stable on it.

Pros and cons

1 Plank Ptigy Skateboard


  • Body: Canadian maple, 7-ply
  • Load: up to 100 kg
  • Wheel hardness: 99 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 9
  • Deck size: 31×8 inches

  •  This skateboard was created by a Russian manufacturer specifically for tricks. It is made from a quality core, with seven layers of Canadian maple, and the wheels are 52mm in diameter and 32mm wide and are equipped with ABEC 9 industrial bearings. The bushing has a hardness of 95A.

  •  Thanks to the presence of a double end bend (Double Kick) and hard wheels, the owner of the skateboard will be able to perform steep jumps.

  •  For city riding, it’s better to look for something less expensive, but for the Plank Ptigy skate park, it’s perfect.

Pros and cons

The best skateboards for girls

5. Skateboard Triumf Active TLS-402L purple


  • Deca: plastic
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 60 mm, hardness: 80 A
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 26x7 inches

  •  Lightweight (1.8 kg) and maneuverable fish-type skateboard, which is convenient to "slide" along the city streets. It has soft and large (60 mm in diameter, 45 mm thick) wheels, on which it is comfortable to overcome bumps.

  •  The only drawback of the TLS-402L model is the plastic deck. However, it is covered with a corrugated anti-slip coating, and can withstand heavy loads. But the suspension is aluminum, and the manufacturer did not save on bearings. A feature of this model are luminous wheels, which increases the safety of the skateboarder when moving in the evening.

Pros and conselegantlightweightstrongno

4. Children's skateboard Decathlon PLAY 120 SKATE


  • Deck material: plywood
  • Maximum load: 50 kg
  • Bearing class: ABEC 3
  • Wheel diameter: 54mm
  • Deck size: 27,76 x 7,7 inches

  •  For the first skate designed for a child of 3-7 years old, there is no need to overpay, buying a model more expensive than 3000 rubles. But an inexpensive yet stable skateboard like the Decathlon PLAY 120 is a good gift for a beginner skateboarder.

  •  It is bright, light, equipped with soft polyurethane hangers so that the child can easily master turns, and a rough surface for good grip with the foot.

  •  This skateboard has a low center of gravity and increased suspension spacing. But the bearings are not very high quality, so it is better to replace them.

Pros and cons lightweight conspicuous design with a "hint" for placing the legs, you can rearrange the wheels not very durable, the declared weight is too high, in reality the skate will withstand 30-35 kg

3. Children's skateboard ATEMI ASB31D01


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 80 kg
  • Wheels: 50mm
  • Bearing class: ABEC 5
  • Deck size: 31×8

  •  A great gift for a lover of cats and speed. This product is designed for a children's audience, but this does not mean that it is poorly executed. A durable nine-layer deck, 50mm polyurethane wheels and good bearings allow you to master simple tricks on it and just ride around the skate park.

  •  The deck of the ATEMI ASB31D01 is wide, so it will be comfortable for a child over 10 years old to stand on it.

Pros and cons cute design rolls fast and easy aluminum hanger no

2. Skateboard Tech Team X-Game flower


  • Body: Chinese maple, 9-ply
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Wheels: 52mm
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 31×8 inches

  •  This classic skateboard has everything you need – large 95A polyurethane wheels, high quality bearings and a nine-layer deck. It is suitable for children over 6 years old, with zero experience in sports, and for advanced users.

  •  The rough surface will prevent the rider's feet from slipping while riding and performing tricks. And the wide deck makes it easy to control the skateboard and develop coordination of movements.

Pros and cons Stylish design Durable decanet

1. CoolSurf skateboard multicolored


  • Body: maple, 8-ply
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Bearing class: ABEC 7
  • Deck size: 31×8 inches

  •  Perhaps the best skateboard for both girls and boys, in terms of price and quality. If necessary, even mom and dad can ride on it, CoolSurf is so durable.

  •  This model has hard bushings 95A, and the skin of the deck differs not only in anti-slip properties, but also in moisture resistance.

  •  Skateboarder can have any level of training – CoolSurf is universal. The suspension of the skateboard is made of aluminum, and the wheels are large (53 mm in diameter) and are suitable for both skating and tricks.

Pros and cons stylish durable lightweight beautiful design no