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Summer tire rating 2018, best tires (top 10)

Summer tires


  •  Summer tires are designed to provide good grip in mild weather conditions, at temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius and above, on wet or dry surfaces.

  •  We studied the quietest and most reliable summer tires in sizes R15, 16, 17 on Yandex.Market, sorting them by popularity and reading user reviews about a particular model. This is how the rating of summer tires was compiled, which we bring to your attention.

10. Pirelli Cinturato P7

The average price for one tire is 5 rubles.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 – open the rating of summer tiresOpens our top 10 with an impressive all-rounder, with stable cornering and short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces. Its advantages include good handling and low noise.

  •  When driving on wet roads, Pirelli tires are perhaps second only to the first number in the rating and resist hydroplaning better than most competitors. As stated in one of the reviews, "in a downpour at 140 km / h they stand tightly."

Disadvantages: humming is heard at high speed.

By the way, the winter version of Pirelli tires – Ice Zero – leads rating of the best studded tires.

9 Nokian Hakka Blue

The average cost is 3 rubles.

Nokian Hakka BlueExcellent value for money option. Dry Suction Sipe technology effectively sucks up water from the road, directing it to the main grooves of the tire. Thanks to this, Hakka Blue achieves maximum contact with the road surface. If you often drive on rain-soaked roads or city streets, and are wondering which summer tires to choose in order to be “cheaper and more reliable”, then one of the preferred options is Nokian Hakka Blue. On dry pavement, the tires also behave obediently and predictably.

  •  This rubber does not tan at the first frost, which allows it to be used from early spring to late autumn. The noise level is quite comfortable even at high speed.

Cons: weak sidewall, high wear.

8. Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance

It costs, on average, 5 rubles.

Goodyear Efficient Grip PerformanceA very balanced tire with excellent grip on both dry and wet road surfaces and relatively low fuel consumption. Rides quietly, rutting is not felt, braking is predictable, and what more could you want from one of the best summer tires?

Disadvantages: when braking hard, it buzzes, a “hernia” can easily form from a blow.

7. Michelin Primacy 3

Can be purchased for 5 rubles.

Michelin Primacy 3If the R17 had no other competitors in the ranking of the best summer tires, this rubber would not have taken seventh place, but would have entered the top 3, due to its high level of grip on wet surfaces, low fuel consumption, minimal braking distance and safe behavior on dry roads. In addition, it is quiet on good asphalt, shockproof and not afraid of ruts.

Disadvantages: on coarse and medium-grain pavement, these tires begin to vibrate, the price of R17 and above is high.

6 Nokian Hakka Green 2

Sold for 3 rubles.

Nokian Hakka Green 2“Which summer tires are 15 better?” – you ask. The answer is Hakka Green 2. The test of summer tires conducted by Za Rulem magazine put this Russian-made rubber in 1-2 places for the best braking properties on wet road surfaces, the best speed when making a “dry” shift, excellent directional stability and good handling during extreme driving.

Small remarks caused only the comfort of the tires, but this will not really affect driving.

5. Bridgestone Turanza T001

The price, on average, is 4 rubles.

Bridgestone Turanza T001These wear-resistant tires confidently hold both dry and wet roads after rain, even at high speeds. They have a strong sidewall, and the Turanza T001 enters the turns like a knife through butter.

However, most of the reviews say that tires are noisy, and its hydroplaning resistance leaves much to be desired. And off-road tires are hardly suitable, if they stretch out on a dirt road in dry weather, then they can get stuck in wet weather.


Offered for 3 rubles.

Michelin Energy XM2Next in the ranking of summer tires is a quiet, durable and soft rubber that performs well in heavy rain. It withstands a blow if the car gets into a hole at speed, where there is a high risk of breaking a wheel. The wear resistance of this model is at its best, it is quite possible to skate 3-4 seasons on it, while the wear will be less than 50%.

Cons: on wet grass, dirt and mud, Energy XM2 tires do not ride well.

3. Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50

You can buy for 2 rubles.

Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50What summer tires are better on the R16 if you need the optimal cost / reliability ratio? Our answer is the BluEarth-A AE-50. One tire size R16 will cost 3 rubles, size R725 is even cheaper.

  •  Advantages of rubber: fast start and braking, good grip on dry and wet roads, decent wear resistance, gently rides uneven surfaces.

Disadvantages: does not make noise only at temperatures above 20 degrees, on gravel at speeds above 80 km / h it can behave unpredictably.

2.Nokian Nordman SZ

The average cost is 5 rubles.

Nokian Nordman SZSolid looking tires that will decorate any car. With external advantages, they also keep the track well (both wet and dry), do not tan at low temperatures, quickly accelerate and brake. Keep track even on a dirt road.

The disadvantage Nordman SZ tires are noisy, but you can get used to it. And their price is quite high, even for R15 size versions.

1.Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

The average price is 3 rubles.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 – the best summer tiresThe rating of summer tires R15-R17 is headed by a very popular model from a well-known and respected manufacturer. In addition to its low price, ContiPremiumContact 5 tires are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • acoustically comfortable;
  • staunchly hold the blows from the pits;
  • good resistance to hydroplaning;
  • excellent braking on wet and dry surfaces;
  • confidently take turns even on wet sections of the track.

  •  For all its advantages, rubber also has its weaknesses. Among them: softness, and, as a result, rapid wear.

How to choose summer tires?

Summer tire rating "Behind the wheel"

  •  And here are the most popular tires, which were chosen for the summer season by specialists from the authoritative Russian publication Za Rulem. We provide a comparative table of summer tire test results so that you can choose the best option for yourself, based on our recommendations and the opinion of the editors of Za Rulem.

Summer tire test results R15 "Behind the Wheel"
Summer tire test results R17 "Behind the Wheel"