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Top 10 best animal movies, list of the best

Rating of the best films about animals, list of the best


We offer you best animal movies, which included a wide variety of films – from documentaries and environmental propaganda to family films. The hit parade included films produced in 2000-2017. with the highest rating on the Kinopoisk website.


10. Blackfin (2013)

Black Fin (2013)Usually films about animals are ideal for family viewing, but not all of them are intended for children's eyes. The top film about animals opens with a picture with a somewhat unexpected plot – it is dedicated to the story of the Canadian killer whale Tillikum, which committed two murders of people in 10 years. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite is trying to understand the causes of the tragedy. Cinema is a kind of parallel to many films in defense of animals. If the latter are focused on the suffering of animals, then Gabriela shows that in many ways, human control over wildlife is just an illusion.

9. Meerkats (2007)

Meerkats (2007)"Growing up cinema" with an animal hero is not just a documentary about small African animals, but almost a real feature film. It demonstrates the growing up of a cub and its transformation into a wise leader of the tribe. Sometimes it seems that our smaller brothers are just playing for the camera.

8. Vesyegonskaya she-wolf (2004)

Vesyegonskaya she-wolf (2004)The confrontation between a man and a wolf (here it is the hereditary hunter Yegor and the leader wolf) is a well-known plot. Can a person change his attitude towards nature? Will faceless nature be able to acquire individuality and see a person? Village life, outdoor shooting, no green screen and computer tricks. True, sometimes it is too symbolic, but what kind of Russian cinema is it without attempts to embrace the immensity?

7. Birds (2001)

Birds (2001)Another great and groundbreaking animal documentary on the best films list. For the first time birds were filmed up close during the flight. This required the development of special super-light aircraft. The film crew accomplished quite a feat, following the bird migration routes from the arctic cold through forests, swamps and fields to hot deserts. By the way, during the filming of the film, not a single animal was harmed – the film crew regularly rescued birds that were in a difficult situation.

6. Ashes and snow (2005)

Ashes and Snow (2005)The result of the life journey of the American photographer Gregory Kolber, who decided to make a film about the unity of man and the animal world and spent 13 years on it. Filmed in light brown tones, the film is rather a meditative reflection on stunningly beautiful shots, the main theme of which is the possibility of harmony between humans and animals. True, the mind unprepared for meditation 63 minutes of the film can plunge into a healthy deep sleep.

5. Life (2011)

Life (2011)In fifth place is the film with the large-scale title "Life", directed by Michael Gunton and Martha Holmes. From the very beginning, the viewer is immersed in the element of life, the world of wildlife, where every living creature, from insects to giants, lives its cycle from birth, search for food, habitat, partner, raising children to death. The film contains amazingly beautiful shots taken all over the planet Earth, from the North Pole to Australia.

4. Oceans (2009)

Oceans (2009)Although three-quarters of the surface of the Earth is covered with water, what is happening in its depths is still largely a mystery. The hidden life of marine animals is dedicated to the French film "Oceans", directed by director Jacques Perrin (another of his works, "Birds", is ranked seventh in the selection). For three and a half years, in 54 different places of the world, filming of the life of marine life closed from humans was carried out. This movie can be safely recommended to almost any category of viewers. Some will not be indifferent to large-scale shooting, others – the life of animals, and still others will enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of the spectacle unfolding before them. By the way, the film can be watched online for free at Kinopoisk.

3. Hachiko: the most faithful friend (2008)

Hachiko: Most Faithful Friend (2008)This glorious and sincere film can be watched even with a small child in order to cry together in front of the screen. It is based on a true story – the life of the Japanese dog Hachiko, who, even after the death of his owner, regularly came to wait for him at the railway station for nine years. If the main role was played by Richard Gere, then the most four-legged friend in different years of her life is played by three dogs.

2. Russia – the kingdom of tigers, bears and volcanoes (2011)

Russia – the kingdom of tigers, bears and volcanoes (2011)The film is full of love for Russia, although it was filmed by German directors. From the Caucasus to Kamchatka, the wild nature of Russia is shown in all its enchanting splendor. The skill of the operators allows the viewer to see rare wild animals in their natural habitat almost at arm's length. The soundtrack adds to the charm of the film.

1. Earthlings (2005)

Grounders (2005)The number one in the list of the best documentaries about animals is the film "Earthlings" directed by Sean Monson. The film is heavy, scary, and categorically not suitable for family viewing. Hidden camera footage more than clearly shows how humanity treats the living creatures that inhabit the planet Earth with them, if they have the misfortune of being useful to people in something – from food production, laboratory research to breeding thoroughbred companion animals.