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  •  I have two good news for you, dear readers. Firstly, Soyuzmultfilm will no longer make remakes of Soviet classic cartoons, Yuliana Slashcheva, head of the studio, announced this. The last of these projects was "Well, you wait!".

And secondly, I made list of the best cartoons released in 2021. The top 10 includes full-length animation projects of various genres for young and adult audiences. All of them are available for viewing in online cinemas, and trailers and a brief description will help you understand which of the cartoons most deserves your attention.

10. Encanto

Encanto in the top 10 cartoons

Genre: musical, fantasy, comedy, family
Rating Film search: 7.5
Rating IMDb: 7.6
Country: USA
DirectorStory by: Trey Parker
MusicStory by: Jamie Dunlap

  •  The top 10 best cartoon premieres are opened by a bright Disney story about the Madrigal family living in a wonderful corner of Encanto. Every child from the Madrigal family has superpowers, and only the young Mirabelle is an ordinary girl.

  •  But when Encanto's magic is gone, it's up to Mirabelle to save her special family.

9 South Park: After COVID

South Park: After COVID on the list of cartoons 2021

Genre: cartoon, comedy
Rating Film search: 7.5
Rating IMDb: 7.6
Country: USA
DirectorStory by: Trey Parker
MusicStory by: Jamie Dunlap

  •  The most childish option among the best full-length cartoons. This is the first South Park movie released since 1999. What can be expected from him? Everything the series is famous for

  •  Stan Marsh returns to his hometown to pay his respects to the late Kenny McCormick. Kenny, who studied physics during his lifetime, once said that only his friends would know where to look for the missing information about the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

8. Magic dragon

Magic dragon, in the rating of cartoons 2021

Genre: science fiction, comedy, adventure, fantasy
Rating Film search: 7.5
Rating IMDb: 7.1
Country: China, USA, Hong Kong
DirectorStory by: Chris Appelhans
MusicStory by: Philip Klein

  •  The plot of this story will remind you of a genie in a bottle. Except that a huge pink dragon will play the role of a genie, and Dean, a working-class college student with big dreams but little money, will take the place of Aladdin. Together with his new master, the wish-maker embarks on a fun adventure through modern-day Shanghai to reunite with childhood friend Dean.

  •  Their journey will provide answers to some of the most important questions in life – because when you can wish for anything, you have to decide what really matters.

7. Incorrigible Ron

Incorrigible Ron

Genre: fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
Rating Film search: 7.6
Rating IMDb: 7.1
Country: USA, UK
DirectorStory by: Sara Smith, Jean-Philippe Vinet, Octavio E. Rodriguez
MusicStory by: Henry Jackman

  •  The boy Barney has a dream – a robot B-bot as a birthday present, because all his classmates have one, and no one is friends with the "loser". However, the joy of getting what you want turns into a nightmare, because the robot is defective. However, Barney did not despair, and decided to teach the robot everything he needed to know.

  •  Although one of the best cartoons has a low "entry threshold" – only 6 years old, it will be more interesting for teenage and adult audiences. It touches upon such important issues as the formation of consumer consciousness in children, dependence on social networks and gadgets, and other problems that worry dads and moms. It's also fun and visually colorful, so 6+ will appreciate it too!

6. Top of the gods

pinnacle of the gods

Genre: cartoon, biography, drama
Rating Film search: 7.7
Rating IMDb: 7.5
Country: Luxembourg, France
DirectorStory by: Patrick Imber
Music: Amin Bukhafa

  •  A camera that once belonged to missing British climbers trying to summit Mount Everest changes the life of Japanese reporter Fukamachi. He is trying to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the British, and perhaps shed light on who first conquered Everest.

5. Luca

Luka, in the list of the best Disney cartoons 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Rating Film search: 7.7
Rating IMDb: 7.5
Country: USA
DirectorStory by: Enrico Casarosa
MusicStory by: Dan Romer

  •  It's good to be a little sea monster when you have a new best friend and a taste for adventure. And let the parents say that it’s not safe upstairs, sometimes you really want to feel like a real person.

  •  So Luca and his buddy go to land, where they spend an unforgettable vacation in the fictional city of Portorosso, disguised as ordinary boys, full of sun, Italian food and motorcycle racing.

«This adaptation (turning the boys on land) is like camouflage, says director Enrico Casarosa. "This explains why sea monsters have been overlooked in this world for centuries.».

4. Hansel, Gretel and the Magic Agency

Hansel, Gretel and the Magic Agency

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Rating Film search: 7.7
Rating IMDb: no
Country: Russia, USA
Director: Alexey Tsitsylin
MusicCast: Gabriel Hayes, Brad Joseph Brick

  •  Gretel could have received the Magical Security Department's Employee of the Year status. She investigates the most difficult cases related to witchcraft. And only one small touch overshadows the impeccable reputation of a super agent – her charlatan brother and trickster Ganzel.

  •  However, such different relatives will have to unite for an important cause – the search for the missing king.

  •  Viewers recommend going to this show with children aged 6-14, they will like a bright, even colorful picture, adventures associated with magic and a simple but not devoid of zest (family values) plot. Too bad there aren't many jokes.

3. Hilda and the Mountain King

Hilda and the Mountain King

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Rating Film search: 8
Rating IMDb: 7.8
Country: UK, USA, Canada
DirectorStory by: Andy Coyle
MusicStory by: Ryan Carlson

  •  The top 3 cartoons are opened by a story about an 11-year-old girl Hilda and her journey into the world of trolls. One not-so-beautiful morning, Hilda wakes up in the trolls' cave dwelling to find her new stone body.

  •  Now she needs to show intelligence and cunning in order to return home, and at the same time find out why trolls live around the city of Trollberg, despite the obvious antagonism of people towards them.

2. Sing 2

Sing 2 is the best feature-length cartoon released in 2021

Genre: musical, comedy, adventure, family
Rating Film search: 8
Rating IMDb: 7.5
Country: USA
DirectorStory by: Garth Jennings
MusicStory by: Joby Talbot

  •  This is perhaps the most musical project in the rating of cartoons. The first Sing taught children and adults to face their fears and stop worrying about what might go wrong or what others might think.

  •  Well, Buster Moon's theater stars must put those lessons into practice as they face their fears and dreams once again in Zootopia 2. But with a bigger stage, wider audience and much higher stakes! Buster's team must find rock lion legend Clay Calloway and convince him to join the show or all is lost.

1. Raya and the last dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon – Best Animation

Genre: fantasy, action, drama, comedy, family
Rating Film search: 8.1
Rating IMDb: 7.3
Country: USA
DirectorCast: Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada, John Ripa and others
MusicStory by: James Newton Howard

  •  The only thing standing between humanity and the Druuns, the "mindless plague" that turns people into terracotta statues, is Princess Raya and her hope to find the last dragon. For six years, a lonely adventurer travels through the scorched wastelands in search of a mythical creature that everyone has already forgotten about.

  •  Faith in the goodness of other people – even those from distant lands and different persuasions – is the main theme of Raya and the Last Dragon. The story takes place in a fantasy version of Southeast Asia with floating markets, unusual mounts, and lots of shrimp soup.

  •  Although the best Disney cartoon is 6+, it can be watched by people of all ages. This story has a moral, memorable characters, and humor without being vulgar, but also without a "kindergarten" focus.