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Best Hand Tool Sets 2020

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  •  A hand tool set is a great gift for a do-it-yourselfer, a car enthusiast, an electrician, and any man who periodically performs minor repairs in the house. And so that you can choose your tools according to your needs and financial capabilities, we have compiled a rating of the best hand tool kits for various tasks.

The Best All-In-One Hand Tool Sets

3. Jonnesway S04H524127S

42vulsyThis solid set in both weight (almost 16kg) and price from a well-known Taiwanese brand contains 127 tools that are perfect for any routine home repair and improvement.

  •  It consists of a hammer, side cutters, screwdrivers (6 pieces), pliers, hex keys, sockets (56 pieces), wrenches (19 pieces) and much more. All tools are securely fastened inside the case.

  •  The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on its product. Thanks to the excellent quality of materials, this kit can last for years, not only in simple home repairs, but also in a car service and other places with harsh operating conditions.

Pros: includes basic tools that are often used in home and car repairs.

Cons: high price, weak case latches.

2. Makita D-37194

dgkckpzbOne of the best universal hand tool sets includes as many as 200 items. It was made by order of the Japanese company Makita – one of the the best tool manufacturers in the world, but not by the Japanese, but in China.

  •  So don't expect professional quality from this product, it's great for completing simple DIY projects and minor home and car repairs, but not for serious auto repair or construction site work.

  •  Makita D-37194 consists of an adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, bits, drills, level, tape measure, small flashlight and many other items.

Pros: affordable price, a wide variety of tools, a convenient case.

Cons: it is difficult to see the scale on the adjustable wrench, there are repeated bits, there are not enough hexagons.


wainedIf you need a large and inexpensive hand tool set for all occasions, then the 168-piece DEKO DKMT208 is the best choice.

  •  It includes not only tools standard for universal sets, such as a hammer, hacksaws, pliers and screwdrivers, but also a candle wrench, an extension cord and an adapter for heads, a tape measure, a knife, electrical tape, a flashlight, 30 bits, 22 socket heads and many others useful things.

Pros: the set contains a large number of high-quality tools, a strong case,

Cons: the flashlight does not shine brightly and comes without batteries in the kit, some tools do not hold well in their cells, which can cause the case to fall out when moving.

The best locksmith and carpentry tool kits

3. Xiaomi MIIIW Rice Toolbox

smartphones and set-top boxes to towels and wet wipes for wiping electronics. She did not bypass such a popular and profitable area as the production of hand tool sets.

  •  MIIIW Rice Toolbox consists of 16 items made of carbon steel:

  • 10 magnetic bits,
  • a hammer,
  • knife,
  • roulette,
  • bit handle,
  • pliers,
  • Adjustable wrench.

  •  All this is neatly stowed in a durable and small case. The handles of the tools are made of rubberized coating and lie comfortably in the hand. According to user reviews, all tools are made carefully,

Pros: small size of the case, good workmanship of the set, the weight is slightly more than 2 kg.

Cons: not.

2. Kraftool 27978-H131

dtmgs4ogOne of the best professional carpentry kits. There are a lot of tools in it – 131 items, including a hacksaw, 6 screwdrivers, wrenches and hex keys, an adjustable wrench, wire cutters, a hammer, as well as 39 bits and 30 socket heads.

  •  In their reviews of the set, users write that the thin-nosed pliers and pliers that come with the kit do not close completely, leaving a gap of half a millimeter. Therefore, they will not be able to grasp very thin objects. Otherwise, Kraftool 27978-H131 is a man's dream, it is so comfortable and durable that it may well be inherited.

Pros: high quality workmanship tools, durable case.

Cons: expensive and heavy (about 15 kg), no inch sockets.


lcjwjwzyThis set of 72 tools is made from chrome vanadium steel. With 30 different types of sockets, 14 bits, wrenches, hex wrenches, hammer, pliers and other carpentry accessories, the WESTER WT072 is sure to satisfy the needs of the most demanding home craftsman.

  •  If necessary, the set can even be used in a carpentry or metalwork workshop, all tools are very durable and will last a long time.

Pros: handy and durable case with metal clasps, excellent quality tools.

Cons: the set is heavy for long-term hand-carrying.

The best car tool kit

3. JONNESWAY S04H624101S

22o4oi34One of the main features of this 101-piece automotive tool kit is its top quality. Even if you use it every day, all the tools will remain intact and functional.

  •  Whether you want to do a car maintenance, take apart an e-bike, or do other professional or household work related to a vehicle, this kit will be an indispensable tool for years to come. An additional plus of the set: the tool handles are very comfortable and provide a secure grip.

Pros: strong case, durability and quality of materials,

Cons: high price, no hammer, clamps and adapter from 1/2 to 1/4.

2. OMT94S shadow

anhl1ixdWe gave the second place in the selection of the best auto repair tool kits to a Taiwanese brand that produces professional hand tools, as well as garage equipment and tool sets.

  •  With 94 items, Ombra OMT94S has slightly fewer sockets (62 pieces) and bits (16 pieces) than the leader of the rating, but all the tools are made with high quality. The main thing is to protect them from rust, and wipe dry after each use.

Pros: everything you need to work with trucks and cars, ergonomic case.

Cons: not.


a1fhirymThis set includes 108 items, including 77 sockets and 17 bits. At the same time, the set weighs 7 kg, which makes it easy to carry it in your hands. All items are securely fixed in a case with a durable and comfortable handle.

  •  Users who have already tried the WESTER WT108 praise the quality of the metal from which the tools are made, as well as the ideal value for money set. For professional tasks in a car service, we would recommend JONNESWAY S04H624101S, but for work in a garage, WESTER WT108 is the best option.

Pros: large, high-quality set, nothing backlash, reliable case.

Cons: not.

The best socket and bit sets


yig0sk5tTaiwan assembles most of the hand tools, and the Taiwanese company JTC is one of the leaders in this market. It produces professional, high-quality, and therefore expensive tools.

  •  If you want a set of sockets and bits that will last you for many years, we recommend JTC JTC AUTO TOOLS H096B. It consists of 96 items, of which 61 are socket heads (including a candle head for 14), 16 bits, and the rest of the items are ratchets, a bit handle, hex keys, an adapter 3/8 ″ (F) x 1/2 ″(M), etc.

  •  Near each item (and on it itself) in the case, its size is indicated to make it easier for users to navigate the set. And each item sits very firmly in its nest, so you won't have a bunch of small tools when carrying the case.

Pros: all working parts of the set are made of durable steel, strong case, tactilely pleasant tools.

Cons: high price.


nefmxgfpIf you need an inexpensive set of sockets and bits, take a look at DEKO DKMT47. It includes 47 items, including 19 bits and 20 sockets. And besides them, the manufacturer did not stint on three hex keys (1.5, 2, 2.5 mm), a ratchet, a handle, an adapter and an extension for the heads.

  •  True, one of the users was dissatisfied with the quality of the ratchet, which has a very flimsy mechanism. However, if you forgive the set for this shortcoming, then otherwise it will not disappoint you.

Pros: good workmanship (except for the ratchet), case included, low price.

Cons: The reliability of the ratchet mechanism does not inspire confidence.

1. BOSCH X-Line Titanium 70 (2.607.019.329)

4qfxkilpThis set, solid in terms of equipment and workmanship, includes 70 items, including 34 bits and 7 socket heads from 4 to 10 mm, as well as a tape measure, a holder for bits and drills for concrete, wood and metal.

  •  There are plain, cross, hexagon and other models in the bit set. Near each of them in the case, the size and type are indicated to make it easier for you to choose the right option.

  •  It is convenient to store and carry the set, thanks to an ergonomic case in which all items are securely fixed and all details are signed.

Pros: light, compact and at the same time capacious set, which even has a countersink, the case opens 180 degrees, good sharpening of drills.

Cons: not.