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10 most overrated cities in Europe

List of the most overrated cities in Europe


  •  Many European cities are a model of cleanliness and well-groomedness. They are famous for their cultural sites and attractions, developed infrastructure and attractions. However, it happens that you come to a city advertised by travel blogs and travel agencies and it turns out that this is not heaven on earth, but at home it was better.

  •  We present you the top 10 most overrated cities in Europe according to a survey of users of Skyscanner, an online service for finding hotels and flights.

10. London (disappointed 5,8% of respondents)

rno4vylrThe Queen's City has always been a popular tourist destination due to its wide range of entertainment and a large number of attractions and cultural institutions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, the British Museum, the National Gallery, etc.

  •  As you would expect in a city with so many people and active economic activity, the cost of living is extremely high. Therefore, if you are counting on a budget trip, it is better to choose something less pretentious and expensive. For the most modest dinner in London, you will have to pay about 10 pounds.

  •  And in order not to have to spend a tidy sum on travel from one attraction to another, seasoned tourists are advised to purchase an Oyster card, which is valid on all public transport. But even with it, the trip will cost 2-2,5 pounds, depending on the travel zone and time of day.

9. Budapest (6%)

41zrukvxThis fun, friendly Eastern European city offers European aesthetics at affordable prices. The capital of Hungary is famous for its delicious meat dishes, such as goulash, and also lures travelers with its bewitching architecture.

  •  However, according to tourists, the streets of Budapest are full of people without a fixed place of residence.

  •  According to statistics, there are 30 hontalans (homeless) in Hungary. Of this number, according to various estimates, from 6 to 10 thousand homeless people live in Budapest. And rows of mattresses, spread out right on the ground, can shock people who want to see a clean and well-groomed city.

8. Lisbon (6,3%)

f0pepcl1Clean air, unusual architecture and delicious food are the three main, but not the only advantages of the sunny capital of Portugal. However, it made it to the list of the most overrated European cities due to its dirty, littered streets (with the exception of the city center) and many abandoned houses. According to one of the tourists, Lisbon looks like a dirty and neglected child, which, nevertheless, is impossible not to love.

7. Amsterdam (6,5%)

the best Duty-free shops in the world.

  •  However, the impression of the city of canals and tulips can be spoiled by the crowds of tourists who fill the streets with old buildings, the huge number of cyclists who often interfere with pedestrians, as well as high prices.

6. Prague (7,4%)

dx2tiidiThis old Czech city is known for its beautiful architecture (St. Vitus Cathedral, Dancing House, Tyn Church, etc.) and excellent cuisine. Recently, however, many tourists complain about the large number of beggars and unceremonious deceit everywhere – from taxis to cafes and currency exchangers.

  •  The level of service in hotels (with the exception of four- and five-star hotels) leaves much to be desired, and on excursions you have to constantly pay for entrance to one or another attraction, although the office assures that "everything is included in the cost of the trip."

5. Bruges (7,6%)

ufjnbl5x“This is a gingerbread town,” some tourists admire. “Well, this is your Bruges hole!” Others object to them. And both sides are right. Indeed, on the one hand, this is a cute, small town where you can taste good beer, great chocolate and ride along the canals on a tourist boat. Or wander through the clean streets, admiring the neat houses and the Belfort tower, made famous by the movie “Lie Down in Bruges”.

  •  On the other hand, a couple of hours is enough to get acquainted with all the interesting places in Bruges. And what to do for the rest of the day and night, given that there are no discos and nightclubs in the city?

4. Rome (7,8%)

ovt1mixyThe city of the first Christian saints and tyrants such as Nero and Caligula is the epitome of ancient history for many people. Here, at every step, there are monuments of the past, adjacent to objects of modern and well-developed infrastructure.

  •  The capital of Italy acts as the headquarters for an eclectic array of international and local businesses. There are many boutiques of the most famous designer brands such as Gucci, Biagiotti, Trussardi, Giantranco Ferre and others.

  •  However, huge crowds of people at every more or less well-known sight, frequent robberies of tourists, as well as “fragrant” garbage and a huge amount of graffiti on the streets disappoint those who expected from the “Eternal City” an atmosphere not only of noble antiquity, but also of spiritual and external beauty. .

3. Barcelona (8,4%)

okhkjakjIt is considered one of the most successful urban brands in the world and is a hub for many tourists. One of the most famous football teams in Europe, which bears the same name, appeared here.

  •  As you might expect, the cost of living in Barcelona is very high. For example, a visit to Acentura Park will cost 50 euros, while there are very long queues for each attraction.

  •  There are many beggars on the streets of Barcelona, and street crime is rampant. So if you go for a walk around the city, do not keep expensive things in sight (watch, camera, gold chain, mobile phone, etc.).


  •  However, there is something in Barcelona that you will not see in other cities of the world. These are the architectural masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi, who is called the crazy architect. And looking at the "Hall of a Hundred Columns" in the Parc Güell, the wavy facade of the House of Mila, the bizarre chimney figures in the Palau Güell, as well as other architectural "excesses", you will understand why Gaudí was given such a nickname.

2. Berlin (15,5%)

5xye2rvrFor many tourists, Berlin leaves a double impression. On the one hand, it is an old European city with a lot of sights, museums, good restaurants and shops.

  •  However, those who wish to see Berlin as the center of a truly German "Ordnung", order and cleanliness, will be greatly disappointed. Yes, many streets of this city are respectable, "licked" to a shine and calm. But the farther from the center, the easier it is to turn "the wrong way", being in a kind of Arab "Harlem". Or meet the violent middle eastern youth who often clash with the police.

1. Paris (28,7%)

5jkhsw20Since time immemorial, Paris has been a favorite of many travelers, celebrities and actors due to its many historical sites and architectural landmarks.

For example, in 2016, the Louvre had 7,4 million visitors, making it most visited museum in the world (Last year he lost this title to the Chinese "colleague").

  •  Paris also boasts one of the best football clubs in the world (Paris Saint-German). However, for all its merits, it was the “City of Love” that topped the list of the most disappointing cities in the world for tourists. There are several reasons for this:

  • A huge number of migrants, who are almost more than native Parisians. A third of Paris is places where a lone tourist or just a white person is afraid to go. These areas include, in particular, Barbès and Château Rouge in the city's 18th arrondissement.
  • Dirty streets with an abundance of inscriptions on the walls and garbage underfoot.
  • There are many beggars and homeless people sleeping right on the streets.
  • Bad crime situation. Thimblers, robbers, hashish sellers are just a small part of the criminal elements that can easily be found on the streets of Paris.
  • If you are used to the idea that Paris is the capital of fashion, then you will be disappointed with the appearance of the Parisians, who mostly dress inconspicuously and not very stylishly. And many visitors even walk in their national clothes, which makes the city look like some African province.

So if you are looking for romance, safety and style, then look for less hyped and quieter places than Paris. For example, in one of safest countries in the world.