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Top 10 Iconic Cars in Movies



  •  Have you ever watched a movie and said things like "Wow, I want a car like this" or "That car is out of this world"? In this article, I have collected the top 10 cars from famous films that have become as recognizable as the characters who drove them.

10. Delorean DMC-12, "Back to the Future"


  •  Of course, the rating of cult cars from the movies could not do without the Delorean DMC-88 rushing through timelessness at a speed of exactly 12 miles per hour. This futuristic stainless steel icon ignited flames in the hearts of people around the world as we watched Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) embark on a three-part adventure through time.

  •  Ironically, this futuristic-looking car with gull-wing doors became one of the slowest sports cars of its day. Although powered by a V8 engine for the film, the manufacturer initially fitted the Delorean with Peugeot's 2,85-liter V6, which could only produce 130 horsepower and 153 pounds of torque.

9. Dodge Charger R/T 1970 Fast & Furious


  •  The black as night car for the crazy Dominic Toretto has a special meaning – this is the legacy of his father, who improved the four-wheeled monster by setting a speed record on it (400 meters in 9 seconds).

  •  The spectacular look of the Dodge Charger is attached to the mechanical supercharger with Air scoop, placed on the hood.

  •  In total, 4 Chargers were involved in the film, one of which remained with Diesel. The rest were used specifically for stunts.

8 Ford Explorer XLT UN46 1994 Jurassic Park


  •  Jurassic Park has spawned a number of sequels and reboots. Every movie in this franchise has had its cars, but none have been as iconic as this beauty.

  •  A brightly painted car with a panoramic roof and a monitor built into the dashboard was crushed by a T-Rex. Rest in peace, beautifully crafted marvel.

7. Moskvich-408, "Diamond Hand"


«On the advice of my friends, I decided to buy a Moskvich car for the premium that is due to me by law. New model!", said the Chief of Smugglers, and he was mistaken. At the time of the film's release, the last brand was not Moskvich-408, but Moskvich-412. How did the audience figure out that Chef had exactly the 408th? The location and shape of the air filter.

  •  The car had four headlights – such models were mainly exported, and the engine of the export models was more powerful than the usual ones. It seems that Chef managed to snatch off the export version.

6. GAZ-21, "Beware of the car"


  •  The brand new "Volga", which was driven by the "most honest thief" Yuri Detochkin, as if effortlessly performed complex tricks. For example, she quickly reversed out of the ditch onto the highway.

  •  But behind this deceptive lightness was the work of the film crew. A thin cable had to be attached to the car in order to be towed from a steep slope to the road.

  •  For the sake of driving a GAZ-21, the leading actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky had to get a driver's license. He liked the car so much that after filming he bought himself the same one.

  •  By the way, the same "Volga" from "Beware of the Car", only repainted, appeared in the "Diamond Hand", in the scene "Who ordered a taxi to Dubrovka?".

5 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959 Ghostbusters


  •  Ectomobile is an independent character in The Hunters. Originally designed by Steven Dane, this ambulance limousine-style behemoth has appeared in films from 1984 to 2021, as well as The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters animated series and video games.

  •  Mounted on top of the Ecto-1 are various devices whose functions are unknown. In one animated sequence, the vehicle is equipped with a proton cannon, supposedly a more powerful version of the proton pack.

  •  Early versions of scripts written by Aykroyd for the original Ghostbusters mention that the Ectomobile had the ability to travel between dimensions. It was originally supposed to be black, and surrounded by a "purple aura" with strobe lights. But due to several night scenes in the film, the idea of a black car was decided to be abandoned.

4Volkswagen Beetle Model 117


  •  Equipped with a luxurious sunroof and unforgettable headlights, this smart kid named Herbie made the world dream of their cars coming to life.

  •  When watching the movie, you may have noticed the absence of any Volkswagen emblem. This was due to the fact that the automotive giant refused to show its brand logo on the silver screen. It wasn't until the film became a box office hit that Volkswagen allowed the logo to be used in the film's successor, Herbie on the Run Again.

3. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, "Knight Rider"


  •  If you watched the series "Knight Rider", then you probably dreamed of the same car as KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), whose artificial intelligence was not inferior to human.

  •  He could race at a speed of about 480 km / h, and the body of the car was protected by a heavy-duty molecular shield. After KITT was hit by a huge ramming machine, he lost his shield, but acquired a super speed mode that allowed him to race at a speed of 640 km/h.

  •  Now one of the most famous cars in cinema is in the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in England.

2 Chevrolet Impala 1967 Supernatural


  •  Dean Winchester's main love, the black beauty "Impala" was the third main character of the series. And this is not my invention, but the words of the creator of the series, Eric Krinke.

  •  A whole arsenal of weapons for fighting evil spirits is stored in the trunk of the car: pistols, brass knuckles, axes, knives, etc.

  •  For the filming of Supernatural, a very rare four-door version of the Impala was used. It's hard to find one for sale these days.

1. Aston Martin DB5 1964 Goldfinger


  •  Every Bond has a girlfriend and every Bond has a car, and the 5 Aston Martin DB1964 is the most famous of them all. Featured in several Bond films – Goldfinger, Thunderball, Goldeneye and Goldeneye and Skyfall – this silver beauty is living rent-free in the dreams of millions of car enthusiasts.

  •  Featuring a unique silver finish now part of the Aston Martin color scheme thanks to the success of the Goldfinger, this once prototype has become one of the most valuable collectible cars in the world. Its cost exceeds 3 million dollars.