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The most reliable Chinese cars, JD Power rating

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  •  JD Power, the world's leading consumer satisfaction and market research firm, has published a survey of the most reliable Chinese vehicles.

  •  The study involved 37 car owners. As a result, JD Power experts received data on the reliability of 000 models produced by 239 brands.

The results of the study of the car market

  •  The Chinese automotive market is moving in the right direction in terms of reliability. If in 2020 the gap between Chinese automotive products and European competitors averaged 9 complaints per 100 cars, then in 2021 it was reduced to six complaints.

  •  Luxury brands are losing ground in terms of reliability, especially over the past three years. According to JD Power, the number of problems faced by luxury car owners increases significantly with age.

  •  Thus, luxury models under 18 months old have an average of 5,9 fewer problems per 100 cars than representatives of the automotive mass market. But as soon as the car “live” to 30-48 months, the situation changes dramatically: the owners of premium cars often complain about their “horse”, but the owners of ordinary cars have 6,4 fewer problems.

“Compared to mass-market brands, especially domestic brands, luxury brands are relatively conservative in designing and installing infotainment systems and configurations that can help owners feel good about the early stages of ownership. But over time, these owners face more and more problems such as incompatibility and impracticality.” said Jeff Kai, general manager of JD Power China.

  •  However, the automotive premium segment does not intend to give up just like that. Its representatives still hold the lead in terms of reliability and quality – and this can be seen from the first two places in the rating. More on that below.

A complete list of the most reliable Chinese car brands

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  1. First place goes to the luxury brand FAW Hongqi. It has 132 problems per 100 vehicles, less than the industry average.
  2. In second place is the premium brand Wey, which produces the most expensive and coolest Great Wall cars in China. He has 135 problems per 100 cars.
  3. Soueast is a joint venture between China Motor Corporation and Fujian Motor Industry Group. On account of this brand 138 problems per 100 produced cars.
  4. MG is a brand with a long history (founded in 1924), formerly British, and now owned by Nanjing Automobile. After the sale, it was reoriented from the production of sports cars to the mass production of cars. The number of problems is 139 per 100 cars.
  5. Chery is a long-known and one of the most popular Chinese car brands. He has 140 problems per hundred cars.
  6. Lynk & Co is a Chinese-Swedish premium brand owned by Geely. The models he produces are the link between Geely and Volvo, they are of high quality, made with expensive materials and quite expensive. 140 problems per 100 machines.
  7. Geely is another popular Chinese brand. Reliability is high, 141 problem cases per 100 machines.
  8. BYD is a Shanghai-based automaker and one of the largest electric car manufacturers in the world. 142 problems per 100 vehicles.
  9. Roewe is a brand owned by SAIC Motor, and was created as a Chinese equivalent of Rover, for which SAIC Motor could not obtain the rights. The cars of this brand recorded 143 breakdowns per 100 units.
  10. Dongfeng Fengguang is one of the largest automotive companies in the Middle Kingdom, offering a full range of vehicles – from cars to dump trucks. 144 problems.
  11. GAC Trumpchi – in the Russian market, the first-born of this brand was the GS8, an impressive seven-seat crossover both in terms of capacity and equipment, and in price. GAC vehicles have relatively few problems with 145 cases per 100 vehicles.
  12. Baojun – but this brand is not a premium segment, but quite the opposite. The brand belongs to GM and SAIC concerns and “bakes” budget cars (including miniature electric cars) like hot cakes. At the same time, the number of complaints is 147 per hundred cars.
  13. Haval is an outsider of the rating, with the largest number of complaints (148 per 100 cars). This is a relatively young brand, it was created in 2013 as a division of Great Wall Motors for the production of crossovers and SUVs.

The best models of Chinese passenger cars in their class

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  •  This rating includes both local Chinese brands and foreign cars produced in China.

  1. Best compact car – Hyundai Reina.
  2. Best compact car in the upper segment – Toyota Vios / Vios FS.
  3. The most reliable entry-level midsize car is the Chevrolet Cavalier.
  4. The most reliable mid-size sedan is BYD Qin Pro.
  5. Best mid-size car in the upper economy segment – Buick Verano / GS.
  6. The reliability champion among mid-size passenger cars of the upper segment is the Toyota Camry.
  7. Best Small Luxury Car – BMW 3 Series.
  8. Gold in the segment of mid-size luxury cars went to Toyota Crown.

The best Chinese SUVs, crossovers and minivans according to JD Power

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  1. The subcompact SUV winner is the Chery Tiggo 3x.
  2. The best compact SUV is the Jeep Compass.
  3. The best mid-size SUV is the Toyota RAV4.
  4. The most reliable of the large SUVs is the Skoda Kodiaq.
  5. The compact luxury SUV is the BMW X1.
  6. Mid-size luxury SUV – Land Rover Discovery Sport.
  7. The best large luxury SUV is the Porsche Cayenne.
  8. Best Compact MPV – Changan Oshan A
  9. Best Midsize MPV – Volkswagen Touran L
  10. The best large MPV is the Honda Odyssey.