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The sexiest car brands



  •  A confident driver can radiate sex appeal behind the wheel of any vehicle, even a moped or tractor. But can a car increase the attractiveness of its owner in the eyes of the opposite sex? It turns out it can.

  •  Experts from the German portal conducted a survey to find the sexiest car brands, those that attract attention and envy other car owners and pedestrians. Both men and women took part in the survey. And this is what the top 5 most attractive car brands look like.

5 Jeep

lhzt1qfxThe top 5 most charming and attractive car brands are opened by an American brand, which is more liked by German women than men (13,7% vs. 9%).

  •  In 2018, Jeep was awarded the official "Cult Brand" designation by the Iconic Brand Society of Canada, the first and only automotive brand to achieve this status. Chris Nyland, co-founder and chairman of the brand selection committee, said of Jeep: "Its marketing, innovative products and customer experience are best in class."

  •  Strategic Business Insights, a leading US market research company that uses a patented system called VALS to predict consumer attitudes and preferences, has named three groups of buyers most likely to buy a Jeep.

  1. The Thinkers are mature people looking for durability, practicality and quality.
  2. Innovators who want the authenticity that comes with a strong brand story. They have the highest incomes, and they are most likely looking for a car with which to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Travelers are a younger generation dreaming of the freedom that this brand promises and the opportunity to join the huge Jeep community.

4 Audi

ubftdrfjThe assessment of the attractiveness of this brand is not much different for men and women (32,7% and 28,2%, respectively). The brand produces very beautiful on the outside and comfortable on the inside of cars that combine exceptional performance with an unrivaled driving experience.

  •  According to US News & World Report, Audi is ranked #15 among 2020 automotive brands with the most beautiful interiors for 7. Some models in the line are trimmed with premium leather with wood and metal inserts. For example, the Audi AXNUMX can be equipped with seats upholstered in Valcona leather, massage front seats and a heated steering wheel.

3 Mercedes Benz

gvuinutqIf in the overall standings in terms of the ratio of appearance, safety, comfort and environmental care, the Mercedes-Benz brand has only an honorable third place, then in such a parameter as prestige it is confidently leading, overtaking such competitors as BMW and Porsche.

  •  Two-thirds of the German drivers surveyed by consider the Mercedes-Benz a symbol of the owner's professional and personal success.

  •  By the way, Mercedes also took the laurels of the safest brand for itself (47,8% of respondents think so).

2 Porsche

wyxsr3wrThe notion that women prefer men who drive luxury cars has long been in the public mind. As they say, "with a sweet paradise and in a hut, if cute on a Porsche."

  •  The brand's luxury sports cars are known for first-class materials, luxurious features and first-class technology.

  •  It is curious that despite all their luxury and appearance, Porsche representatives occupy only 28th place in the car reliability rating according to the English edition of Carwow and Warranty Wise. Although the cars of this premium brand break down infrequently, the average cost of repairing them is 1550 pounds sterling or 151 rubles.


l1lelxsnThe sexiest driver is the one who drives a BMW. At least, this is evidenced by the results of the survey. You can attribute this to a tribute to your own brand, or you can attribute it to the quality, safety and beauty of the cars of this brand, which is highly appreciated by 36,5% of male respondents and 32,3% of female respondents.

  •  Models from the BMW brand feature high-quality materials that support the seats, and many come standard with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and the iDrive infotainment system.

  •  But the least sexy cars, according to the interviewed Germans, are the cars of the Italian company Fiat. They were called attractive by only 2,2% of respondents.

  •  And finally, a few more numbers. According to a survey conducted by the British company OSV Ltd among 1000 people, 54 percent of men believe that a flashy car can help them arrange a date. And almost the same number of women (51 percent) confirm this opinion! These 51% believe that the car a man drives "affects his image".

  •  Only 15 percent of men judge women by what cars they drive, although 27 male respondents said that a woman driving an expensive car comes across as arrogant.

  •  According to OSV director Debbie Kirkley, the study revealed an interesting trend. “Many people—more than we think—categorize people according to the make of their car. And they think that you can judge us by the car.”