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Best credit and debit cards with cashback 2022

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  •  In today's world, banks are a necessary evil. Most people trust them with their funds, although this is not always safer than storing them at home in a glass jar. However, if we allow banks to use our money, there must be some benefit from this.

  •  Having studied the popular rating on the website, as well as having read reviews of the most popular cards of Russian banks, I have compiled a selection of the best credit and debit cards with cashback in 2023. The distribution of positions in the ranking is rather conditional, except for the first places – they are the undisputed leaders in terms of cashback benefits.

  •  The terms and conditions in this article are current as of the date of publication.

It's important: if you have a MIR card, don't forget to register . You can get a small cashback for purchases on various services and online hypermarkets.

The best credit cards of 2023

5. Halva, Sovcombank

Halva, Sovcombank

  •  In this case, I cheated a little, since the Halva card is an installment card. That is, it is used for non-cash payments, although it allows you to withdraw borrowed funds in installments (a paid service). However, according to the conditions, Halva is very close to its loan colleagues, and surpasses most of them in terms of cashback benefits.

  • To get cashback, you need to spend at least 5 purchases for a total of 10 thousand rubles per month.
  • For payment with own or borrowed funds not from the partners of the bank, only 1% cashback is charged. But in the affiliate network for each purchase you can get from 2% to 6% cashback, depending on the amount of the purchase.
  • You can connect the subscription "Halva. Ten" (it costs 299 rubles or free of charge, if you do not allow delays on the card, do not turn off the subscription all year and make at least 5 purchases for a total amount of 10 thousand rubles or more). Then the cashback from partners of Halva will increase to 10%, but only for purchases with their own funds in the amount of 50 rubles or more.

It's important: the installment period for the Halva card is set by the store, not the bank. Therefore, the advertised period of "up to a year" in practice can be reduced to 2-3 months.

4. Mir Supreme with a grace period, Center-Invest

Mir Supreme with a grace period, Center-Invest

  •  This is a paid premium credit card, the cost of service is 790 rubles per month. For this money you will receive:

  • Opportunity to participate in the MIR payment system loyalty program. You can view promotions .
  • 5% cashback in special categories of PS MIR (until the end of 2023 – payment in restaurants). The maximum cashback amount for the PS MIR promotion is 5000 rubles.
  • 1% cashback on any purchases (except for exceptions for categories, which include utility bills).
  • Up to 30% cashback for purchases from partners. Moreover, this cashback is added to the bank and received within the framework of the MIR PS.
  • 8% on any balance.
  • The opportunity to visit airport business lounges under the DragonPass program.

3. Credit card with cashback from Uralsib Bank

Credit card with cashback from Uralsib Bank

  •  This is one of the best cashback credit cards in 2022 and here's why:

  1. Service is free, subject to spending from 10 rubles per month.
  2. For registration, only a Russian passport is required.
  3. Cashback up to 3%: 1% is charged for spending from 10 rubles per month. Another 000% is added if the client has a credit card debt of 1 rubles or more for at least 10 day per month or a consumer or car loan is opened from 000. And, finally, the client will receive another 1% if he has a debt of 100 rubles or more he connected a premium package of services.
  4. Accrued bonus rubles (1 to 1 with real rubles) can be spent to compensate for purchases from 1500 rubles or to pay for various services for travelers.

  •  Alas, utilities, payments for telecommunications services and gambling, as well as a number of other services, are not counted in cashback.

2. Card Credit Plus, Credit Europe Bank

Card Credit Plus, Credit Europe Bank

  •  This is one of the few credit cards with cashback for utility bills. For a month, you can get a maximum of 5000 bonus points, and they are awarded for purchases made using borrowed funds.

  •  Card issuance and maintenance are free, there are categories of increased cashback, for which you can get up to 7% return with bonus points. Currently, the categories of increased cashback are as follows:

  • Entertainment – 7%.
  • Beauty – 4%.
  • Clothing and footwear – 4%.
  • Restaurants and cafes – 4%.

1. Credit Opencard, Opening

Opencard is the best cashback credit card 2022

  •  It is currently the most profitable credit card with cashback. But there is one "but" – for new users. They will get three months with 5% cashback and free service with no strings attached. Alas, utilities and a number of other purchases are not taken into account when calculating cashback.

  •  From the fourth month, the base cashback will be 1% for all purchases. He comes not in rubles, but in points that can be spent on compensation for purchases from 1500 rubles, a discount on tickets and hotels, compensation for interest paid on loans and other needs.

The best debit cards of 2023

5. Multicard MIR from VTB

Multicard MIR from VTB

  •  This is a good cashback debit card with unconditional free service. Multicard's loyalty program is designed primarily for those who spend the most in the following categories:

  • Restaurants, fast food and delivery.
  • Taxi, urban and suburban transport.
  • Supermarkets and grocery delivery.

  •  The remuneration for spending in these categories is 2%, and for payroll clients – 2,5%. Cashback is credited not in rubles, but in multi-bonuses, their ratio with rubles is 1 to 1. They can be spent in the banking catalog of the loyalty program or on partner websites, for the purchase of air and railway tickets, gift certificates for popular services and other purposes.

  •  Categories in the loyalty program may change.

It's important: you can get no more than 2 thousand multi-bonuses per month. Previously, they could be converted into rubles, but from June 1, the bank removed this possibility.

  •  Cashback from VTB partners is more generous and, according to the bank's website, can reach 50%.

4. Cashback card, Raiffeisenbank

Cashback card, Raiffeisenbank

  •  Gives a small but stable 1% cashback on everything, without favorite categories or a certain amount.

  •  In addition, this card is absolutely free, and you don’t have to pay for delivery either.

  •  Of course, there are many categories of exceptions, including utilities. However, for most users, this card is suitable, because it allows you to get cashback in such important categories as:

  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Pharmacies and medical services.
  • Cars and gas stations.
  • Supermarkets.
  • House and renovation.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Taxi and other transport.
  • Childen's goods.
  • Goods for animals, etc.

3. MTS Money Weekend, MTS Bank

MTS Money Weekend

  •  The first 2 months you do not need to pay for card maintenance, then it will be free if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. You spend on the card a total of 10 rubles.
  2. The minimum balance on the card and savings accounts is 30 rubles.

  •  Otherwise, "MTS Money Weekend" will cost 99 rubles per month.

  •  Cashback bank pays out every Friday.

  • 1% cashback is credited for any purchases
  • 5% is credited for purchases in the categories Cafes and Restaurants, Taxi and Car Sharing, Cinemas and Online Movies, Event Tickets, Books and e-books
  • 5% is charged if the client has an MTC Premium subscription and makes purchases in supermarkets and food delivery services. And also at LUKOIL filling stations — the promotion is valid until 31.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX.

It's important: until the end of 2023, MTS Bank has a promotion for refunds from card transactions to pay for goods and services performed in MEDSI clinics. If the client has already paid for services and goods in these clinics within the last 12 months, he will receive a 3% refund, otherwise – 6%.

2. Tinkoff Black, Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Black, Tinkoff Bank

  •  Tinkoff Bank, the former brainchild of Oleg Tinkov and now acquired by Vladimir Potanin, offers the Tinkoff Black debit card among other products. It allows you to return part of the money spent on various purchases.

  •  For a number of categories, a cashback of 0,5% is accrued, and for some preferential categories (you can choose 4 categories out of 6 monthly), an increased cashback of up to 15% is accrued. Also, profitable offers from partners are constantly offered, including Yandex.Market, Svyaznoy, SberMegaMarket, etc. And cashback is paid not in “points”, “bonuses” or “thanks”, but in rubles.

  •  Of course, there are also "pitfalls":

  • There are a number of categories for which cashback is not credited. They also include utility bills.
  • Also, there will be no cashback if the purchase amount was less than 100 rubles.
  • Cashback is calculated by rounding down to the nearest whole number. If the purchases were, for example, for 299 and 399 rubles, then the cashback will not be 2,9 and 3,9 rubles, but 2 and 3 rubles.
  • Sometimes purchases are not in the category for which they should. For example, you paid with a card at a pharmacy, but the purchase was credited to you as “home and garden”. However, the support service usually meets users halfway in this matter.
  • For a month, you can get only 3000 rubles of cashback for regular purchases, and with a connected Pro subscription, the amount will increase to 5000 rubles.

It's important: Tinkoff Bank has no branches, with the exception of a single office in Moscow. All communication with support and operations are carried out through the Internet Bank. However, as the sad experience of many depositors shows, the presence of many offices does not guarantee that in one day the bank will turn into a "trust that has burst."

  •  In order not to pay 99 rubles a month for servicing a debit card, you need to keep at least 50 thousand rubles on the card, deposits, savings accounts and investments. However, there is a tariff 6.2 to which you can be asked to transfer. So far, it is available to everyone, although it was originally considered a salary.

  •  In this case, card maintenance (except for SMS informing) will be free of charge. What's the catch? In the fact that in this case there is no 4% per annum on the balance up to 100.

1. My Life, UBRD

My Life, UBRD is the best cashback debit card

  •  This is the best debit card for 2022 because no other bank offers 5% cashback on utility bills. And if you connect the paid option “More pluses” (for this you need to open a Savings account, you can leave it with a zero balance), then you will also receive 5% cashback for online purchases.

  1. Card maintenance is completely free of charge, without any conditions.
  2. But 5% cashback for housing and communal services has an important condition – the total amount of purchases on the card must reach 5000 rubles. However, for new customers, this rule does not apply for the first 2 months. The maximum cashback amount is 500 rubles. You can pay both on the website of the utility service provider, and in the UBRD mobile application using a QR code (it is in any payment system).
  3. Increased cashback for online purchases is credited with a 5th turnover on the card (but the first 2 months – without conditions). The maximum that you can get is 1000 rubles.
  4. All other purchases earn 1% cashback. Exceptions are socially significant categories, which include gas stations, medical services, products, education and culture. Again, you need to spend at least 5000 rubles on the card in order to get "porridge".

It's important: the maximum amount of cashback per month is 5 thousand rubles per user, regardless of the number of My Life cards.

  •  The disadvantages of My Life include the fact that this card is an anti-donor. Pulling funds for it is paid, but this can be circumvented if you transfer through the fast payment system (FPS) and no more than 100 thousand rubles a month.

  •  The card can be ordered with courier delivery, but not in all cities of Russia, check your city on the bank's website.

  •  Russian banks often change the conditions for their cashback programs. Therefore, before issuing a card, carefully read the information about the tariffs and conditions under which you will receive a small but very tasty piece of "porridge".