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The best cashback debit cards

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  •  According to statistics, 63% of the population use debit cards. No wonder banks compete with each other for such a fat piece of the pie, offering customers favorable conditions and an easy process for issuing cards.

Analytical company Markswebb studied the Russian financial market and compiled list of the most reliable banks, which offer the fastest and most convenient services for issuing best debit cards with cashback in 2021.

  •  When compiling the rating, the following parameters were taken into account:

  1. Where and how can I order a card.
  2. Ability to order a card in a mobile application for new customers.
  3. Card issuance.
  4. Possibility of delivery of the card by courier.
  5. Quick activation of the card after receiving.

10. Rosselkhozbank – OWN card

OWN cardMore:

  •  One of the largest banks offers the Own Card tariff with the Harvest bonus program. It has 2 options available:

  1. "CashBack for EVERYTHING" – the amount of remuneration depends on the amount spent in the current month.
  2. “Choose your CashBack” – basic cashback – 1,5 points for every 100 rubles, an increased tavern is given for 1 category – 5 points for every 100 rubles, and there is an option with super cashback – 15 points for every 100 rubles.

  •  Points can be spent on goods and services (for example, a Yandex.Plus or ivi subscription) from a special catalog.

  •  However, registration in the bonus program falls on the shoulders of the client. Rosselkhozbank also does not have the opportunity for "newcomers" to order a card at home or leave an application for its issue in the application. In addition, you cannot set the PIN code yourself.

  •  Logging into the application is another quest: you need to get a login and password from the manager in the office, and you can verify the number only by calling from the bank.

9. Sberbank – Sbercard


  •  This debit card is free for spending over 5000 rubles per month and offers bonuses depending on the amount of monthly spending or minimum balance from 40 to 000.

  •  For example, when spending from 20 rubles per month, 000% is returned in any cafe, and from 5 rubles per month – 75% at gas stations and 000% in cafes and taxis.

  •  The reward is accrued with bonus points "Thank you", and you need to register in this bonus program yourself.

  •  New users can leave an application for opening a Sbercard on the bank's website, but you will have to follow it yourself.

  •  The PIN code is generated only at an ATM, besides, Sberbank takes a long time to issue a card, so the largest bank took only ninth place in the list of the best debit card issuers.

8. Post Bank – Everywhere Income


  •  For purchases with this debit card, bonuses are awarded that can be spent on goods in a special catalog or exchanged for rubles (1 bonus is equal to 1 ruble), which will be credited to a savings account.

  •  For purchases in clothing and footwear stores, as well as cafes and restaurants, an increased 3% cashback is charged, for other purchases – 1%. The maximum 5% cashback is credited for purchases of goods and services of Russian Post JSC.

  •  It is convenient that potential customers of Post Bank can leave an application for issuing a card in a virtual personal account.

  •  However, even after Vezdedokhod arrives at the bank branch, the card does not appear in the online application for a long time. And its PIN-code cannot be set independently.

7. VTB – debit Multicard

debit MulticardMore:

  •  Debit card with free service and cashback depending on the monthly amount spent. When spending up to 30 rubles, cashback is 000%, when spending up to 1 rubles – 75%.

  •  For purchases from partners of the bonus program, a cashback of up to 15% is charged. Bonus points can be spent on goods and services from the catalog on

  •  In 30 Russian cities there is a courier delivery of the Multicard, its issue can be ordered on the bank's website, and electronic documents can be used in the process. However, Markswebb analysts noted the slow speed of issuing the card.

6. Gazprombank – Gold smart card with cashback

Smart Gold card with cashbackMore:

  •  Maintenance of this card is free under several conditions, including spending from 5000 rubles per month or a balance of 30. Bonuses are awarded in the amount of 1% of purchases and up to 10% for the category in which the most was spent in a month.

  •  The bank issues this card quickly, offers courier delivery, but delivers the card longer than the closest competitors in the rating – Otkritie Bank or Rosbank. And it does not offer new customers to issue a Smart Card through the application.

5. Rosbank – Visa #You can ALL

Visa #You can ALLMore:

  •  Cashback from 2% to 10% for the selected category and 1% for other purchases makes this card beneficial for owners. Visa #MozhnoVSE is free to maintain, subject to monthly spending from 15 rubles, and delivered by courier to your home (not in all cities of Russia).

  •  However, the application for issuing a card lacks features that simplify data entry for the client. And new users are not offered to apply through the banking application, only on the website.

4. Bank Opening – Debit Opencard

Debit OpencardMore:

  •  Markswebb experts noted the convenient application of the bank, and a clear, easy form for sending an application. In it, you can specify your location for the delivery of the card by putting a dot on the map.

  •  Debit Opencard offers free service, a 20% discount on hotels and tickets when paying with bonus rubles on Up to 11% cashback in the selected category and up to 3% for all other purchases are returned to the card.

3. Raiffeisenbank — Debit Cashback Card

Debit Cashback CardMore:

  •  The top 3 best debit cards in 2021 open up a great offer from Raiffeisenbank, with 1,5% cashback on everything (no minimum purchase limit) and free maintenance.

  •  New customers who order a Debit Cashback Card can order free courier delivery (and even chat with the courier, specifying delivery details), as well as order a card through a banking application.

  •  Markswebb explains the lag behind the first two places in the rating by the long delivery of non-named cards.

2. Alfa-Bank - alpha map

alpha mapMore:

  •  The bank offers a debit Alpha card with free service and a 2% cashback on all purchases if the monthly purchase amount exceeds 100 rubles, and 000% for purchases over 1,5.

  •  The process of obtaining an Alpha card through the branch is quite long, but the application form is very convenient, and the courier quickly brings a personalized card.

1. Tinkoff Bank Tinkoff black

Tinkoff blackMore:

  •  The first place in the list of the best debit cards in 2021 went to Tinkoff Bank, whose registration process takes only an hour and a half.

  •  The card will be delivered by a courier to your home, and the application process is as simple as possible, the client does not even need to enter passport data.

  •  Cashback is awarded in rubles, not bonus points, and every month you can choose three random categories with increased cashback (up to 15%). For other purchases, 1% is returned. Also, up to 30% cashback is returned for purchases from Tinkoff partners.

  •  And the convenient mobile application of the bank received The World's Best Digital Banks 2020 award in the nomination "Best Mobile Application for Retail Clients in Central and Eastern Europe".