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The best keyboards of 2023



  •  Few things can confuse a potential buyer of a new keyboard faster and more reliably than a variety of options – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of themn stores. So that you can choose a universal device for work and play, I have compiled a review of the best keyboards of 2023 available for purchase on the Russian Internet market.

  •  It includes 10 models from different manufacturers, selected according to the combination of price / technical characteristics, and according to reviews in the largest marketplaces.

10. ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX unlocks rating gaming keyboard

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: mechanical
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  The top keyboards of 2023 are opened by a high-quality gaming keyboard from a well-known manufacturer of computer accessories. This is a refinement of the already excellent ASUS Scope keyboard. Asus engineers managed to keep all the best features of the original, while adding new optical key switches. The keys register phenomenally quickly, with little to no lateral wobble, meaning that accidental presses are kept to a minimum both in gaming and typing.

  •  But what makes the ROG Strix Scope RX the best among shooter gaming keyboards is the slightly longer side CTRL key (to make it easier to hide behind cover), as well as a compact design and minimized false clicks thanks to a 1,5 mm actuation point . And in general, this is an impeccable keyboard, with an excellent design, solid, heavy, with the ability to customize almost every single key, not to mention such a banality as RGB backlighting.

Pros and cons high-end design and workmanship programmable and customizable tactilely pleasant to use and quiet for mechanics easily soiled plastic (fingerprints are visible) software may conflict with backlighting of other peripherals

9. Razer Ornata V2

Razer Ornate V2

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: hybrid, island
  • Backlight: Key backlight, key backlight zone setting
  • Total number of keys: 107

  •  Membrane or mechanical? Why not both at once? Introducing the Razer Ornata V2, one of the best gaming keyboards available today. The model combines two approaches at once, namely: a mechanical “click” with the softness and smoothness of movement characteristic of membrane keyboards.

  •  To translate from abstruse technical into ordinary Russian, this means that each key has its own switch (a distinctive feature of the mechanics that ensures precise pressing and fast operation), but at the same time, the keycap arch is made of rubber, like membranes – which means that pressing will not not only precise, but also soft, and printing requires less muscle effort.

  •  In addition, the keys themselves are located at a more convenient distance from each other compared to ordinary mechanics – you no longer have to pretend to be a pianist by trying to simultaneously press CTRL and a number key.

Pros and consadjustable legsgreat customization possibilitiesprogrammable presses are precise and softno built-in memory

8. Bloody B820R LK Light Strike Red

Bloody B820R LK Light Strike Red

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: optical, mechanical
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  If I were to rank gaming keyboards in the budget price segment, I would give this model the second place (the first place would go to the old A4Tech X7-G800V in terms of cost / functionality ratio).

  •  Bloody B820R LK responds to the touch of the owner with lightning speed, thanks to optical switches – a response of up to 0.2 ms. It has water protection, so that coffee (or a stronger drink) spilled during intense battles will not harm the gadget. And in the dark, the keyboard will glow beautifully with one of the 6 backlight types you choose. And only the letters light up.

  •  The keys can withstand up to 100 million clicks, and users recommend taking the version on red switches, it has a very quiet and smooth ride.

Note: Russian letters on the keys are located to the right of the English ones, and on the same level (one of the users aptly called this "Klingon script"). An unusual and very controversial decision of the manufacturer, you just have to get used to it.

Pros and consBeautiful appearanceAnti-Ghost technologyComes with interchangeable keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F) Durable and waterproofMacros can be setSoftware is not intuitive

7. A4Tech X7-G800V Black USB

A4Tech X7-G800V Black USB

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, gaming
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: membrane
  • Total number of keys: 126

  •  The old horse will not spoil the furrow, and the X7-G800V is not just an old “horse”, but also a universal one, which is good for games and ideal for working with documents. I'm just typing this article on the same keyboard.

  •  However, the inclusion of the X7-G800V in the keyboard rating is due not only to my personal preferences, but also to objective facts. Here are just some of the useful features of this model:

  1. There is a button that blocks pressing Win.
  2. There is a multimedia block.
  3. With the help of Oscar Editor proprietary software, any of the G-keys can be assigned the function of another key, set a macro (it works in games – personally verified) or assign a program opening.
  4. The WASD buttons are rubberized.

  •  The disadvantages include the lack of backlighting, otherwise this keyboard is flawless.

Pros and cons Wear-resistant high-quality software Ability to configure additional keys Keys make noise when pressed No backlight

6. Apple Magic Keyboard 2021 (MK2A3RS/A)

Apple Magic Keyboard 2021 (MK2A3RS/A)

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, for laptop, for tablet, for Apple devices, for smartphone
  • Connection interface: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard type: membrane, island, thin, wireless
  • Total number of keys: 79

  •  This Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with a capacious battery that lasts for a month of work without recharging.

  •  According to customer reviews, the Magic Keyboard 2021 has a quiet and smooth keystroke, and is very comfortable to type on.

  •  It automatically connects to your Mac so you can get started right away. This model is also compatible with Apple iPad and iPad Pro. Please note that the keyboard only connects to one device.

  •  With the included Lightning to USB-C charging cable, you can connect your keyboard to your computer.

Pros and consthin and lightsuitable for long-term useimmediate response to keystrokesno backlight

5. Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech MX Keys Mini in Top 5 Keyboards of 2023

  • Purpose: for desktop computer, for laptop, for tablet, for Apple devices, for smartphone
  • Connection interface: Bluetooth / USB
  • Keyboard type: membrane, thin, wireless
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys: 80

  •  This compact wireless keyboard works with Windows and macOS. You can use the supplied USB-C cable for charging. The keyboard backlight automatically adjusts to ambient light. And if you prefer to customize it yourself, you can do it with the F4 and F5 keys.

  •  You can easily connect your keyboard via Bluetooth or via the dedicated Logi Bolt USB receiver (sold separately). And this “separately” is a significant drawback, it is difficult to find this Logi Bolt for sale, so Bluetooth is the only option.

Pros and cons tactilely pleasant – buttons are pressed very smoothly bright backlight long operation on a single charge very quiet no Logi Bolt included

4. Skyloong GK61SK61

Skyloong GK61SK61

  • Purpose: game
  • Keyboard type: mechanical
  • Key backlight
  • Number of keyboard keys: 61

  •  This compact gaming keyboard has won the love of Russian users due to three advantages:

  1. The presence of programmable backlighting (using GK6XPlus software).
  2. Quiet operation (with red switches).
  3. Hot-Swap mechanism for quick replacement of switches.

  •  Skyloong GK61 SK61 can work with Mac and Windows. Her keys are Russified, so you won't have to buy stickers. The keyboard is connected to the computer using the included cable with a USB Type-C connector.

Pros and cons of many backlight settings

3. Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro RZ03-04360800-R3R1

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro RZ03-04360800-R3R1 best gaming keyboard

  • Gaming keyboard
  • Keyboard type: optical, mechanical
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  The coolest keyboard for gamers looking for a wireless device. It features low-profile optical switches that provide precise and quiet feedback.

  •  You can easily connect this full-sized keyboard with a USB dongle, and it supports Hyperspeed (2,4GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0 at the same time.

  •  A feature of Deathstalker V2 Pro is support for multiple devices at once, that is, you can connect a mouse through the same key as the keyboard.

  •  Want to use the keyboard on other devices too? Switch between the devices you need using the dedicated buttons on the side of the keyboard.

  •  You can play for up to 40 hours on a single charge, and Razer Synapse software lets you customize your RGB lighting zone.

Pros and cons well-assembled – aluminum alloy outer case all keys are programmable you can store up to 5 macro options in the cloud storage long key life – up to 70 million keystrokes price you have to buy stickers with Russian letters

2. Dialog KGK-16U black Gan-Kata

Dialog KGK-16U black Gan-Kata best inexpensive gaming keyboard

  • Purpose: game
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: membrane
  • Key backlight
  • Total number of keys 104

  •  Looking for an inexpensive backlit keyboard? One suitable option is a keyboard from the Russian company Dialog. It has island-style round keys (which take some getting used to), a non-slip base, and eye-pleasing rainbow (RGB) backlighting. You can adjust it in 3 levels of brightness.

  •  Gan-Kata has multimedia keys combined with F-keys, as well as a number pad. Although the keyboard is positioned as a gaming keyboard, macros are not provided.

Pluses and minuses the keys are pressed softly and quietly backlit

1. Logitech K280e

Logitech K280e best office PC keyboard of 2023

  • Purpose: for PC
  • Connection interface: USB
  • Keyboard type: membrane, island, thin
  • Total number of keys 103

  •  The best keyboard for the office in terms of price / quality ratio. This inexpensive island-style model with flat keys is specifically designed for long-term use. Such a keyboard device helps to avoid misses and unnecessary clicks even with touch typing. Office workers will appreciate the waterproofness of the gadget – it's no secret that tea or coffee significantly increases morning productivity.

  •  At the same time, the K280e looks very good for its price category – strict, stylish, matte plastic, heavy, does not ride on the table. There is even a wrist rest, however, fixed and unregulated.

Pros and cons low profile, soft but clear pressing quiet short key travel pleasant to the touch matte plastic wire without braid large buttons (spacebar, enter) can strum

How to choose a keyboard for a computer

Mechanical or membrane?

  •  Each key of a mechanical keyboard contains special mechanical or optical switches (switches), and the contacts are closed approximately in the middle of the stroke, and not at the end, as in membrane models.

  •  This makes mechanical keyboards best suited for both gaming and work that requires hours of typing. You can choose the right model in my ranking of mechanical keyboards in 2023.

  •  On a membrane keyboard, you must press the key all the way down. This is because the contact element of each key is under a springy rubber pad. Such keyboards are cheaper and quieter, but they are harder to work for a long time than mechanical ones.

Wired vs Wireless Keyboards

  •  You can opt for a wired keyboard if you don't want to constantly change batteries. A wired keyboard is more energy efficient than a wireless keyboard with a Bluetooth or USB receiver.

  •  But the wired keyboard also has its downsides. You will have a cable on your desk that can get tangled up with other cables. In addition, due to the length of the wire, it will not be possible to move far from the computer along with the keyboard.

  •  With a wireless keyboard, you don't have to worry about an extra wire that will create even more chaos on your desktop. You can choose how far you want to sit from the monitor.

  •  The downside of a wireless keyboard is that you will have to replace the batteries from time to time.

Full size or without NUM block?

  •  It's more a matter of personal comfort. A keyboard without a numeric keypad will fit on a small table or nightstand. And it allows you to keep the mouse closer to the WASD keys, which many gamers find more convenient.

Ergonomics is one of the most important criteria for choosing a keyboard

  •  It is unlikely that there will be a person who wants to get himself a carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid this, I recommend buying an ergonomic keyboard – with a wrist rest. Also a good accessory for unloading the wrists are 3D mouse pads – with two bulges.

Multimedia keyboards

  •  To easily manage your music and videos, consider buying a keyboard with multimedia shortcuts. In addition, a wireless keyboard with touchpad is also useful for controlling a smart TV. With the touchpad, you can easily navigate TV shows and movies in the online cinema. And all this without a remote control and a mouse.

Top Keyboard Manufacturers

  •  You can safely choose among these brands:

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Asus
  • A4Tech
  • SteelSeries
  • Reddragon
  • Sven
  • Defender