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10 places to visit in March 2021

Where to fly in March 2021 at sea


  •  March is not the most popular month for holidays, although all kinds of holidays are available in it: from ski resorts, where it is still snowy, to beaches, where it is already warm. At the same time, in March you can also save money, because the prices for tours this month have not yet begun to rise.

We have collected for you Top 10 places to go in March – at sea,, outdoor activities, acquaintance with the culture of another country, as well as economy options.

Where to fly in March to the sea

3. Maldives

Maldives in March 2021If you are tired of snow and slush, and your soul requires sun and serenity, then it's time to plan a trip to the Maldives. On this paradise island, whose calm waters shimmer with all shades of blue, they go for a beach holiday, and March is a great time for this. The air temperature this month reaches 30 degrees, and the water temperature – from 28 to 29 degrees.

  •  The tourism business in the Maldives is debugged like clockwork, so you can count on the hospitality and helpfulness of the staff of the selected hotel, and choose the right tour for the price for a single trip, as well as for a family or romantic getaway.

2. Cuba

Cuba in MarchThis country has resumed air communication with the Russian Federation, and the resorts of Cuba are hospitably open to our tourists. It is worth considering that from December 1, a sanitary fee was introduced to pay for PCR tests for coronavirus infection, which will cost you $30. Plus, another 5 days of rest will go into quarantine, which is mandatory for all those arriving in Havana.

  •  In March, Cuban weather is unpredictable and can be frustrating with strong winds. However, in calm weather, the beaches of Cuba are more than comfortable and warm, both on land and in water. And fishermen generally have expanse, unless, of course, they throw a net into the sea away from large concentrations of tourists.

1. United Arab Emirates

UAE – at sea in March 2021In March, the water of the Persian Gulf just warms up to values that are pleasant for the human body – from 24 °. And the air temperature will be even more comfortable for Russians accustomed to harsh weather conditions (only 28 °).

  •  In addition to beaches, there is something to see in the UAE. In this country, they like to hold various festivals, as well as organize grandiose sales. In March, the country will host the world golf championship, traditional Arab entertainment – horse racing, and we recommend visiting the classical music festival for connoisseurs of art.

Where to go skiing in March

2. Montenegro

Ski resorts in March: MontenegroIn March, the water temperature in the Adriatic Sea, washing Montenegro, is still insufficient for a comfortable dive. But the air is already warm enough for tourists to hike, see the sights and admire the flowering that has begun around.

  •  But the main reason why you should go to Montenegro in March is skiing. This month, the “high” season is replaced by “low”, athletes and pros are leaving, but you can still ride in comfort. Moreover, the month of March is especially attractive with a decrease in prices, and they were not particularly high in the ski resorts of Montenegro anyway.

  •  The two most popular skiing destinations in this country are Zabljak and Kolasin. Both resorts are located in the most beautiful national parks, where the human foot steps only in specially designated places. The cleanest air, fresh snow (special devices will come to the rescue if nature let us down in this matter), developed infrastructure and friendly service – what could be better for outdoor enthusiasts?

1 Kazakhstan

Chimbulak in MarchYou can go to neighboring Kazakhstan by plane, however, you will have to do a PCR test at least five days before departure. And if it was not possible to do the test, it can always be done in Kazakhstan itself (necessarily in the first two days upon arrival).

  •  On the territory of Kazakhstan lies the northern part of the giant Tien Shan mountain system, so there is where to ride there. One of the most popular resorts is Chimbulak; the secret of its charm is not only in the beautiful mountains, but also in the incredible variety of trails: from the most beginners to specialized ones, such as tubing, mogul, downhill, snowboarders, as well as just skiing on virgin soil.

  •  By the way, the 2020/2021 season in Chimbulak will last until April 16 and, just in March, you can live and ride there for only half the regular price!

Where to go in March for a cultural program

2. Turkey

Turkey in March: weather, attractionsWell, how can we do without Turkey in our selection of the best holiday destinations in March! And since the local economy is very dependent on tourism, anti-coronavirus measures in the country were not taken too harshly. For example, it was possible to swim in the Mediterranean Sea even in the midst of a pandemic.

  •  So what to do in Turkey in March? Of course, go on excursions! There is something to see there: the country is located at the crossroads of cultures, between Europe and Asia, and every people passing from there back and forth left evidence of their stay in Turkey. Whether it's mysterious ancient ruins, or medieval mosques, or Christian buildings left over from Byzantine times. And if the cultural program does not seem so attractive to you, you can always go shopping or skiing in Antalya, Side or another major tourist area.

1. China

ChinaAt the moment, the borders with the neighboring power are closed. However, according to tourism experts, just in time for March, which in China is traditionally full of all sorts of cultural events, holidays and festivals, the borders may open slightly.

  •  The air temperature is already comfortable enough for walking even in the northern regions of the country, so nothing will interfere with your cultural program. And in the southern coastal zones of China in March it is already so warm that the brave can even swim!

  •  In March, Hong Kong hosts a grandiose festival of all kinds of arts, including cinema and theater. But we recommend starting to explore the Celestial Empire from Beijing. The number of different attractions per square meter of land in this city can shock even the most jaded tourists.

Where in March to go or fly to relax inexpensively

3. Belarus

BelarusBelarus has closed its land borders, so you can't go to eat potato pancakes by car. But there is a way out – the plane. In this case, you will have to pass a PCR test.

  •  And although it is still quite cold in Belarus in March, in the southern regions of the country the air warms up to 6-7 ° – almost like in Kaliningrad. Therefore, sightseeing tours (with a stop at a cafe to warm up) can already be afforded.

  •  Ancient castles, palaces of the Polish gentry, the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha nature reserve, tours of old estates and, of course, the cuisine and hospitality of Belarusians are a great opportunity to escape from the difficulties of the past year and look with hope at the coming year.

2. Thailand

Thailand weather in marchYear after year, Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations for Russians. And no wonder, because in the "land of smiles" there is something to see – the number of attractions and best islands for holidays there is huge. And the air temperature in March is not at all spring by the standards of Russians, but closer to summer – up to 31 degrees.

  •  The maximum water temperature is 29 degrees, so you can enjoy a beach holiday for a reasonable price, and without "pushing your elbows" in popular Thai resorts.

1. Russia

Where to go in March 2021“Where to go in March to spend less and see more?” You ask. “Of course, go on a tour of Russia!”, We will answer. Due to the coronavirus, the demand for domestic tourism has increased significantly in our country.

  •  However, restrictions have been introduced in some Russian regions (from a 14-day quarantine to certificates of the absence of COVID-19 and self-isolation of people over 65 and / or people with chronic diseases). Such "restrictive" regions, in particular, include:

  1. Republic of Altai – 14-day quarantine is recommended for all arrivals.
  2. Republic of Kalmykia – 14-day quarantine.
  3. Republic of Udmurtia – self-isolation recommended.
  4. Sevastopol – PCR test for arrivals for the purpose of hotel accommodation.
  5. Ivanovo, Smolensk and Orenburg regions, as well as the Nenets Autonomous Okrug – PCR test or 14-day quarantine.
  6. Penza region – PCR test.
  7. Chukotka Territory – passing express testing or providing a certificate of absence of coronavirus.

  •  You can relax with children by visiting amusement parks that are in all major cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and so on.

  •  And if the soul does not lie in city entertainment, you can go somewhere warmer. And although the main part of Russia is still hiding under a cover of snow or under a canopy of drizzling rain, however, in some of its regions the air is already warming up to a pleasant state. First of all, we are talking about subtropical regions – Sochi, Adler and Crimea. And since the tourist season has not yet opened, prices for accommodation and excursions are low.

  •  The narrow old streets of Kaliningrad, the most European city, are already opening up to tourists. At the beginning of spring, it is already warm enough to comfortably go hiking, visiting museums or simply wandering along the coast of the Baltic Sea.