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10 of the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world



If food is the way to a man's heart, then drink is the way to his soul. This is something that all beverage manufacturers know about. Therefore, they invent more and more rich and seductive tastes to please their fastidious customers. But a connoisseur of good alcohol is not so easy to impress. That's why they are born the strongest alcoholic drinks The world.

  •  For those who are looking for a mixture that will make you feel the fire inside you for a while, we have collected ten of the most impressive drinks. They are presented in order of increasing alcohol content, from least strong to strongest. Perhaps one day you will try them.

10. Elixir vegétal de la Grande-Chartreuse – 69% alcohol

0ywswnn4This herbal liqueur with almost three centuries of history is still produced according to Marshal Estre's secret recipe. It contains the "essences" of more than 130 plants, whose aromatic and healing properties make the liquor not only one of the strongest in the world, but also very useful, in reasonable quantities. The reviews say that it is enough to drop a few drops of liquor on a piece of sugar or dilute a small amount in water, and fatigue or slight malaise will be removed as if by hand.

  •  The herbs are stored in the monastery of La Grande Chartreuse and then processed at the distillery in Voiron by the monks. And the resulting liquor remains to mature in oak barrels, in the largest liquor cellar in the world. The monks decide when the drink is ready and then bottle it, which in turn is enclosed in an elegant wooden case. Vegetal de la Grande Chartreuse is supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide.

9. Bacardi 151 – 75,5%

uqwea3gvYohoho, this is a real pirate strongest rum. And even if you are not a pirate (ka), but love hard drinks, then be sure to try Bacardi 151. It is an integral component of many high-quality cocktails and can burn your throat if you sip it carelessly. However, once inside, it no longer burns, but generates pleasant warmth.

  •  The aftertaste of Bacardi 151 is fruity, and according to the manufacturer, there are oak and vanilla notes in the aroma. Judging by the reviews of connoisseurs, this rum has only one drawback – it is easy to sleep with it.

8. Devil Springs Vodka – 80%

faelvfhkThis is the perfect homemade vodka. From dried fruits to herbs, nothing escapes her fiery wrath. And when the essence of your fruits and herbs surrenders to the mercy of alcohol, simply dilute the mixture with water in a 1 to 1 ratio and get the most ordinary vodka, but with an unusual taste.

7. Pincer Shanghai Strength – 88.8%

31ncceufThis super strong Scotch vodka was probably created to fight the cold. But who wants to fight the cold without being able to take a normal breath? However, the manufacturers claim it is a healthy drink that contains milk thistle and elderberry extracts for liver support.

  •  One of the strongest spirits in the world was released in a limited edition and is intended mainly for the Chinese market.

By the way, Scotland is the birthplace of the strongest beer in the world. It bears the speaking name "Snake venom" and contains 67,5% alcohol. It even has a sticker warning that this beer should be drunk in small portions due to its very high alcohol content. Smoky malt, smoked on peat, and two types of yeast served as ingredients for the creation of "Snake Venom". Perhaps this beer will someday find its way into rating of the best beer according to Roskachestvo, if the experts dare to try such vigorous swill.

6Poitin 1661 – 90%

yfl0fo0vThe national Irish drink with a rich history is a variety of moonshine. It was cooked in small copper pots ("pota") made from barley or potatoes.

  •  In 1661, the sale and preparation of potine was banned in Ireland due to the difficulty of taxing it and as part of a larger effort by the English to suppress Irish culture. This ban lasted for more than three centuries, and in Northern Ireland it is still in effect.

5. Mariënburg rum – 90%

MarienburgThroughout its evolution, this alpha male rum has improved its already rich texture. As the crown jewel of Suriname, this 90% rum is a welcome gift for every spirits connoisseur. However, you can buy a real 90% Mariënburg rum only in Suriname itself. For export products, the percentage of alcohol was reduced to 81%.

4. Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey – 92%

zo2h4ujeThe strongest malt whiskey is produced using a 17th century recipe. It undergoes four purifications, making it an extremely pure alcoholic beverage.

  •  An experiment with this whiskey showed that it was powerful enough to accelerate a sports car to 160 kilometers per hour. If it can do that to a sports car, imagine what it can do to your body.

3. Everclear Grain – 95%

jgez1jeyTop 3 of the strongest drink in the world opens with vodka, which has long been banned in the US and Canada. Due to its neutral taste, it is ideal for preparing alcoholic mixtures. In 1979, she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest alcoholic drink.

  •  If you're brave enough to try it neat, make sure you have a local emergency number on speed dial.

2. Cocoroco – 96%

rir40iznThe alcoholic drink, created in Bolivia, is usually sold in cans with a crocodile design. It is made from sugar cane and coconut and is illegal in some of Bolivia's neighboring countries such as Chile (where all alcoholic beverages with more than 55% alcohol by volume are illegal).

  •  Few stomachs can handle Cocoroco undiluted. Usually this hellish swill is drunk, diluted with cool tea, or added to various cocktails.

1. Wratislavia Spirytus – 96%

wvr01gofThe strongest vodka in the world, made in Poland, is nothing more than liquid fire. It is odorless and looks just like water to the untrained eye. But it takes just one sip of this drink, albeit in a diluted form, and it becomes clear that this is not water at all, but the most stunning experience for your taste buds.

  •  Its name – "Bratislava Spiritus" – does not refer to Poland at all. But here all the questions to the manufacturer.

  •  Thanks to strict quality standards and a multi-level purification system, Wratislavia Spirytus is the perfect base for premium alcohol blends and even desserts.

  •  In its pure form, the strongest alcohol in the world is not recommended to be consumed. They say it can damage the insides for the rest of your life. We will not check, and we do not advise you.