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Variety's 10 Worst Movies



  •  An unspoken Hollywood rule is that every well-thought-out and well-made film should have an antipode – a film made solely to "pump out money" from unassuming viewers. Often it exploits a sense of nostalgia or "parasites" on better predecessors.

Even most popular actors and actresses no, no, and they will star in such a frankly disastrous movie.

  •  Want to know which films were the worst in 2019? Then check out this anti-rating, compiled by two well-known Western film critics, authors of Variety magazine – Peter Debruge and Owen Glieberman.

10. Yesterday

10. YesterdayMovieSearch: 6,94 of 10
IMDB: 6.90 of 10
Genre: music, fantasy, comedy
A country: UK, Russia, China, Japan
Producer: Danny Boyle
Music: Daniel Pemberton
Duration: 116 minutes.

  •  Yesterday is a story about a mediocre musician Jack who suddenly becomes super popular for only one reason: he finds himself in an alternate reality where the Beatles never existed. This means that all their songs can be performed without fear of copyright infringement lawsuits.

And while Peter Debrouge says this boring film has no romantic chemistry and the main character is an immature jerk, this film has a higher viewership rating than any of the other films. Time's best films of the decade.

9. Sea of temptation

9. Sea of temptationMovieSearch: 5,90 of 10
IMDB: 5.30 of 10
Genre: thriller, drama, detective
A country: UK, USA
Producer: Stephen Knight
Music: Benjamin Wallfish
Duration: 106 minutes.

  •  Starring Matthew McConaughey as a fishing boat captain and Anne Hathaway as his ex-wife who seeks protection from her new husband, this film promises viewers a sinister and interesting mystery.

  •  The problem with Sea of Temptation is that the mystery isn't that hard to solve, and "this is the twist" is completely ridiculous. This is especially disappointing, given that Stephen Knight has shown himself to be a brilliant and daring screenwriter on such projects as Detectives, Taboo, Peaky Blinders and Lock.

8. Lakisha

8. LakishaMovieSearch: no
IMDB: 1.20 of 10
Genre: comedy
A country: USA
Producer: Jeremy Saville
Music: Brian Salter
Duration: 98 minutes.

  •  After a white guy was fired from his job at a bar in Detroit where minorities and women complained about him, he let his black woman go free. That is, he began to pretend to be a black radio host. Sounds like crap? That's because it's one of the worst films of the year in front of you.

  •  What Jeremy Saville shot should evoke sympathy for ordinary white people, who are now being discriminated against almost more than everyone else. Instead, it was "an offensive, unfiltered, and completely unconvincing racial stereotype of sassy African-American women."

7. Glass

7. GlassMovieSearch: 6.42 of 10
IMDB: 6.70 of 10
Genre: thriller, drama, fantasy
A country: USA, China
Producer: M. Night Shyamalan
Music: West Dylan Thordson
Duration: 129 minutes.

  •  "Split" showed that director M. Night Shyamalan still "can, knows how, practices good cinema." It was essentially a sequel to his amazing 2000 film Unbreakable. However, "Glass" – the final part of the trilogy – greatly disappointed viewers and critics.

  •  Those who dare to see this picture are waiting for more than two hours of "a widely publicized confrontation between the two ends of a shallow puddle," as Peter Debruge called what is happening in the movie.

  •  “Ultimately, Glass suffers from pacing, coherence, and story issues,” echoes Sameer Amer of The Express Tribune, Pakistan.

  •  But the critic from FilmGamed spoke most categorically about this uninteresting film. He called Shyamalan's creation "a wagon carrying dramatic trash that is constantly moving along the rails to reach a place no one ever wanted to go."

6. Dumbo

6. Dumbo

MovieSearch: 6.76 of 10
IMDB: 6.30 of 10
Genre: fantasy, family
A country: US, UK, Australia, Canada
Producer: Tim Burton
Music: Danny Elfman
Duration: 112 minutes.

  •  It was this film that Peter Debruge put first in his anti-rating of the most unsuccessful films. But we still have a selection from Glieberman ahead of us, in which there are no less “worthy” specimens.

  •  Trying to make what happens in movies as realistic as possible doesn't always match the look and feel that made the originals so compelling. An example is the new "The Lion King" by Jon Favreau.

  •  Tim Burton – no doubt a talented director – this time created a bizarre cinematic carnival in which violent characters mock a virtual animal. For this sly tale to work, viewers must believe that this huge, ridiculous creature can actually fly.

Interestingly, according to the rating on KinoPoisk, Dumbo is one of the 10 best films .

5. Annabelle's Curse 3

5. Annabelle's Curse 3MovieSearch: 5.91 of 10
IMDB: 5.90 of 10
Genre: horror, thriller, detective
A country: USA
Producer: Gary Dauberman
Music: Joseph Bishara
Duration: 106 minutes.

  •  In the old days, it would have been a creepy thriller about a demonic doll that comes to life and kills people.

  •  But since Annabelle XNUMX is an offshoot of The Conjuring universe and must adhere to the franchise's cryptic rules and regulations, this story is about a doll that doesn't really come to life. She simply channels the evil spirits so that the main characters can fight them. They do it not too interestingly, and only the fact that only half of the film has passed can scare the audience.

4. Rocketman

4. RocketmanMovieSearch: 7.03 of 10
IMDB: 7.40 of 10
Genre: biography, musical, drama
A country: UK, Canada, USA
Producer: Dexter Fletcher
Music: Matthew Margeson
Duration: 121 minutes.

  •  In this case, the opinions of critics and viewers clearly do not coincide, as can be seen from the high user ratings on KinoPoisk and IMDB.

  •  Glieberman was outraged by the sloppy chronology of Elton John's career, the overload of clichés and the presentation of musical numbers in Rocketman.

  •  “Should we forgive all this simply because Elton's songs are timeless?” the critic asks readers rhetorically.

3. Once upon a time… in Hollywood

3. Once upon a time... in HollywoodMovieSearch: 7.65 of 10
IMDB: 7.90 of 10
Genre: drama, comedy
A country: USA, UK, China
Producer: Quentin Tarantino
Music: Ennio Morricone
Duration: 161 minutes.

  •  Were you also surprised to see this movie in the top ten? And all because Owen Glieberman did not like the idea of ​​a complete "rewriting" of the history of Charles Manson's crimes and what they did to our collective consciousness.

  •  This, according to the critic, is a stunningly monstrous idea, and after watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he felt betrayed.

2. Christmas for two

2. Christmas for twoMovieSearch: 6.96 of 10
IMDB: 6.60 of 10
Genre: drama, comedy, melodrama
A country: USA, UK
Producer: Paul Fig
Music: Theodore Shapiro
Duration: 103 minutes.

  •  This is a romantic comedy in which Emilia Clarke plays a lonely woman who looks like Bridget Jones (but without her charm), and Henry Golding is an all too nice and old-fashioned guy.

  •  Written by Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, the script is based on the song of the same name by the British band Wham! And if you know her, then this film has nothing to surprise you with. However, if you do not know – too.

1. Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International – Worst MovieMovieSearch: 5.83 of 10
IMDB: 5.70 of 10
Genre: fantasy, action, comedy
A country: USA
Producer: F. Gary Gray
Music: Chris P. Bacon, Danny Elfman
Duration: 114 minutes.

  •  There are many words to describe the failed reboot of a once popular franchise. One could say that Men in Black: International is a boring, soulless, and creatively bankrupt movie. And most importantly, it makes viewers ask two questions:

  1. Why does this movie exist?
  2. Why am I watching this?

  •  The Men in Black series has been an out-of-the-box project from the start, buoyed largely by the charismatic duo of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Once they've been taken out of the equation, replaced by the "next generation" of hipster special agents (in this case, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson), audiences are left with plot holes, flat jokes, and terrifying predictability.