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The highest paid Instagram bloggers 2019



  •  Forbes magazine experts turned their insightful eyes on what has so far been hidden from the public eye – the income of Instagram stars.

  •  Most of them are in no hurry to make their contracts public. However, according to preliminary estimates for the year, the total volume of the advertising market on the Instagram network amounted to about 10 billion rubles, and in the near future it will increase by about a third.

How exactly Forbes calculated the advertising income of Instagram bloggers

  1. First, from the entire Russian segment of Instagram, blogs with a number of subscribers of 2 million or more were selected.
  2. The experts then calculated the number of ads published on these blogs between June 1st and May 31st. As a result, 32 surnames remained from the entire list.
  3. By interviewing representatives of agencies through which bloggers and advertisers find each other, we managed to lift the veil of secrecy over the numbers of contracts and estimate how much each of the bloggers earned in a year.
  4. Forbes experts tried to contact 15 leaders of the list of the highest paid instagrammers and ask them to correct the received figures.

10. Daria Klyukina


  •  Opens the list of the highest paid bloggers of the Russian "Instagram" Daria Klyukina – the star of the show "Bachelor". The Siberian beauty advertises only proven products of well-known brands – clothes, perfumes, decorative and skin care cosmetics, as well as various beauty gadgets and devices.

  •  The total number of Daria's subscribers has reached 2,7 million people, which means that the employer will have to fork out at least 100 thousand rubles for one advertising post.

9. Yana Rudkovskaya


  •  Yana's Instagram is not the creation of one person, but a family business. In addition to Yana, her husband, the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, and their child, who, despite his age, already brings an advertising penny to the family, take part in it.

  •  Yana prefers cosmetics, perfume, accessories, her husband and son specialize, of course, in sportswear. And together the family visits restaurants.

8. Anna Khilkevich


  •  Here is a living example of competent promotion of yourself in social networks. Khilkevich had only one notable role in the TV series Univer. A new hostel, ”however, Anna milked everything she could out of her.

  •  Basically, the actress is gaining a name and popularity for herself not on the silver screen, but on the Runet. Her Instagram account has 9 million followers. For comparison: the already mentioned Klyukina and Rudkovskaya have 2,7 and 2,4 million subscribers, respectively.

7. Khabib Nurmagomedov


  •  Sports passion is a serious matter. And money. After the recent scandal, when the mixed-style fighter Khabib fought with Conor McGregor (and not in the ring, but in his spare time), visitors poured into the athlete’s Instagram. Well, how can you not start monetizing this?

  •  In addition to Reebok sports goods, Khabib does not shy away from energy drinks, and even cryptocurrencies.

6. Elena Temnikova


  •  Temnikova is very similar in profile to Polina Gagarina (5th place in the richest stars of Russian Instagram), only her earnings are slightly less.

  •  Elena, like Polina, started at the Star Factory, participated in Eurovision, though not solo, but as part of the Serebro group. Like Polina, she monetizes her 5,2 million subscribers by advertising expensive accessories (she prefers Tiffany), luxury cosmetics and clothes.

5. Polina Gagarina


  •  The Star Factory graduate, who won second place at Eurovision in 2015, has now entered politics. Gagarina is a confidant of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin, a member of the Council for Culture and Art. And all this without stopping the career of a singer!

  •  It’s even amazing how, with all these duties, Polina manages to take a picture for another promotional photo on Instagram. She often publishes posts where she looks thoughtfully at a particular product – be it sweets, coffees, yogurts, and so on.

  •  However, he does not publish Gagarin's advertisements too often – at most several times a month. Such a post costs from 200 thousand rubles per ad.

4. Alan Enileev


  •  The second and only man in the world of the highest paid Russian Instagram accounts has become popular thanks to video games. Once he decided to play cars best of all and kept his promise: he became the world champion in the game Need for Speed.

  •  It was Russia's first gold medal in the pioneering esports field. And although it was subsequently decided to remove cybersport from the list of Russian sports disciplines, Enileev’s merit did not remain without official recognition. At the Sochi Olympics, he carried the Olympic flag, apparently as the personification of the future.

  •  Now Alan collaborates with automotive magazines, and on his Instagram he makes reviews of cars of such a class that an ordinary Russian motorist can only dream of buying. Of course, Enileev also publishes promotional materials on the same topic.

3. Olga Buzova

mzzljyaaThe tanned diva is one of the most recognizable public figures. Spiteful critics enviously call her the "goddess of hype." Buzova is a former participant in the Dom-2 show, and now a TV presenter, singer, owner of restaurants and jewelry stores. Her songs are heard on the radio, on TV shows with her participation, and news sites like to count how many years Buzova has not had sex (no, this is not a joke).

  •  In the Internet space, Olga may not be a goddess, but a very popular person. She has more than 14 million followers on her Instagram. She monetizes them by posting several dozen advertising posts per month. According to preliminary estimates, one post costs customers from 100 thousand rubles.

2. Regina Todorenko


  •  Regina was simply doomed to popularity. First, she is a woman. Yes, there are more successful bloggers in the world of Instagram than bloggers. Possible explanation: Women are not shy about posting content that is interesting to both sexes. But men in their blog ignore the interests of the female part of the audience.

  •  Secondly, Regina is a famous TV presenter. This phenomenon has long been known – a crowd of fans and female fans follow their idol anywhere. Including the expanses of the World Wide Web.

  •  In advertising, Regina (or her customers) prefer to target a female audience. Her Instagram regularly publishes advertising posts of cosmetic companies and companies specializing in children's products.

1. Ksenia Sobchak


  •  Forbes experts gave the laurels of the most “money” Instagram blogger to Ksenia Sobchak. The mayor's daughter, her own among the descendants of the nomenklatura elite of the former USSR, a popular TV presenter, whose fame was fueled by a number of scandals and piquant flirting with the opposition – with such baggage behind her shoulders, it’s just a sin not to become an Internet star.

  •  And why not translate fame into some pleasantly crunchy pieces of paper? So Ksenia is trying to publish, according to Forbes estimates, several custom posts a week.

  •  Sobchak prefers status advertising, telling subscribers about the benefits of Dior and Bosco clothes, driving an Audi and Beluga vodka.