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Tourist destinations that can compete with foreign



  •  The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to Russian vacation plans. Many now simply do not have the money to go to foreign resorts. And, willy-nilly, we have to look for alternatives within the country.

  •  Otkritie Bank decided to find out which domestic Russian tourist destinations can compete with foreign ones. To do this, he conducted a survey among a thousand people aged 18 to 60 living in cities with at least 100 people and having a median income of 30-60 thousand rubles a month. And the publication "RIA Novosti" published the results of this survey.

7. Moscow

2dbhcah2The Mother See is an ancient and beautiful city with a lot to see. The sights visited by most tourists who come to Moscow include: Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Alexander Garden and the Ostankino TV Tower.

And to make it easier for you to plan a family or solo tour of the capital, take a look at the list of top 30 sights of Moscow i top 10 strangest places in Moscow.

6. Kazan


The best city in terms of quality of life It is famous not only for high salaries, but also for many beautiful and interesting places. These include:

  • Kazan Family Center. Its name does not deceive, the building is really built in the form of a cauldron, and rests on an impressive foundation with high windows. At a height of 35 meters there is an observation deck where tourists can climb on non-marriage days.
  • Mosque Kul-Sharif. The city's most famous mosque took 9 years to build and was fully completed in 2005. We recommend that you enter it as part of an excursion group, then you will have access to the observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the city.
  • Temple of all religions, built at the expense of Ildar Khanov and his associates. This building was conceived as a center of spiritual unity, and combines the architectural features of Orthodox churches, Buddhist temples, pagodas, Muslim mosques and religious institutions of other religions.
  • Bauman Street is the main tourist street of Kazan, stretching for 4 kilometers and accommodating many shops, museums, theaters and hotels.

  •  Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin is already preparing for the influx of tourists from other cities of Russia and has instructed the relevant services to follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor so that people who come to Kazan feel safe.

5. Altai

gg2noivsTo enjoy clean air, beautiful nature and ancient mountains, it is not at all necessary to go to a distant country like Bhutan. All this can be found inside Russia, in Altai – one of the best tourist destinations in the Russian Federation.

  •  If you want to look at the true originality of the Altai Mountains, experienced tourists recommend going beyond Aktash, in the region of the Kurai and Chui steppes.

  • There is a small Karakol natural park "Uch-Enmek", which has preserved traces of ancient cultures (stone stelae, burial mounds, petroglyphs, etc.).
  • A little-known landmark of Altai is the Adyr-Kan complex, where you can see ancient rock paintings.
  • One of the most hyped (and not in vain) places in the Altai Mountains is the Katu-Yaryk pass. It is famous for its beautiful views and good tourist infrastructure, including cafes, toilets and car parking.

  •  This is only a tiny part of those places in Altai that you can visit this summer. Whichever route you choose, you will not be disappointed, and numerous recreation centers will allow you to relax not only pleasantly, but also in comfort.

4. Lake Baikal

tix22detWe have already listed interesting facts about Lake Baikal in one of the articles. And here's an interesting fact for you, directly related to summer holidays: the cheapest package tour to Lake Baikal costs 50 thousand rubles for two. It includes a week-long vacation with a flight from Moscow on July 14-18.

  •  For this money, you can see the most popular places of the pearl of Russia, such as Olkhon Island and Shaman-stone, visit various museums and go on water and foot walks.

3. St. Petersburg

xl02zhjiThe cultural capital of Russia is also the water tourism capital of the country. At least, this is the opinion of the chairman of the city committee for the development of tourism, Sergei Korneev. And if you are going to visit St. Petersburg in the near future, be sure to take a ride on one of the water trams that have returned to the waters of the Neva since June 28.

  •  If you don’t like water trips around Venice of the North, you can always visit a huge number of museums, over 100 parks and gardens, a planetarium, zoos, or just walk around the city, enjoying its architecture. Seasoned tourists are advised to look into the New Holland Culture and Leisure Park, where lavender blooms (a great place for photo shoots), there is a children's playground, concerts are constantly held and lectures are open.

2. Crimea

swsrsg4lWhat other place can compete with popular foreign tourist destinations in 2020, if not Crimea? This is one of popular mystical tourism destinationsfull of beautiful corners. It is ideal for those who want not only to relax, but also to improve their health. The largest medical sanatoriums and boarding houses of Crimea are located in the resort town of Saki.

  •  And even after air communication with Turkey is restored (this will happen from August 1), the tourist flow to Crimea will not dry up, because according to representatives of the tourism sector of the region, hotels for July and August have already been booked.

1. Sochi

0ecau1keRussians tired of quarantine will be cured by the hot sun, beautiful nature and warm waters of Sochi. Travel agents even predict that by the end of July there may not be enough rooms for everyone in Sochi hotels, and they recommend booking them now.

  •  And you believe this, given that on June 21, the day the quarantine was lifted in the Krasnodar Territory, 83 airliners landed at the airport in Sochi. And the very next day their number increased to 117.

  •  As for security measures during the holiday season, everything is sad with this in Sochi. The beaches are full and social distancing or wearing masks and gloves can only be remembered.

Other poll results

ikui2pehMany survey participants (namely, 42%) are going to spend their holidays in full accordance with the hashtag #betterhome, or at their summer cottage. 26% of respondents dream of visiting Russian resorts, and another 15% are going to discover new places.

  •  Another 6% of respondents said they were ready to go to any foreign country that opens its borders to Russian tourists. And 19% of Russians, apparently already taking a full spoonful of “rest” during the so-called coronavirus holidays, do not plan to take a vacation this summer.