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The shortest marriages in history



  •  A good deed is not called a marriage. That must have been the thinking of the people who made it to the list of the shortest marriages in history.

10. Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada – 41 days


  •  When popular American TV presenter and model Evelyn Lozada married American football player Chad Johnson, she must have envisioned a wonderful life in the spotlight. The couple even started work on a reality show where they planned to show the audience their family life.

  •  But one fateful night destroyed everything – during a quarrel, Johnson allegedly “butted” his wife right in the forehead. Lozada was hospitalized after the incident. Three days later, she filed for divorce.

  •  Lozada's main reason for leaving her husband was the strong argument that she could not tolerate domestic violence. Johnson was subsequently dropped from his team by the Miami Dolphins.

9. Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas – 29 days


  •  The Charlie's Angels star met Thomas, a bar owner in Los Angeles, in 1994. Six weeks later, on a dark night in an alley, he got down on one knee and asked her the question, "Will you marry me?"

  •  Barrymore agreed, and three hours later the lovers organized an emergency wedding ceremony. They officially legalized their relationship at 5:30 in the morning.

  •  Unfortunately, the love that quickly flared up just as quickly faded away. And although the couple planned to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii, Barrymore left for the islands alone. The actress later cited "irreconcilable differences" with her husband as the main reason for the divorce.

8. Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge – 16 days


  •  A crazy trip for a banned substance on their wedding night is one of the reasons why the marriage of Irish singer Sinead O'Connor and her fiance Barry Herridge collapsed.

  •  According to O'Connor, problems with their marriage began three hours after the ceremony, held in Las Vegas. They went on a "journey" to find the banned substance Sinead wanted, but the newlywed was against it. After all, as a professional psychotherapist, Herridge has worked with people struggling with substance abuse.

  •  Sinead later reported that Herridge's friends had been against their union even before the wedding. These two were from different worlds, which they understood after 16 not very bright days.

7. Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy – 14 days


  •  Celebrity comedian Eddie Murphy has a lot of fans in the entertainment industry, and when he married producer Tracy Edmonds, many wondered how long it would last. As it turned out, 14 days.

  •  The newlyweds exchanged vows on the picturesque island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. All this looked very beautiful, but it also required an official marriage in the United States. After a tumultuous two-week honeymoon, Murphy and Edmonds jointly decided to forego the ceremony that would have made their marriage legal. In a statement, the couple said the ceremony in Bora Bora was a testament to their friendship, deep love and respect. They chose to remain friends, and it may be to their advantage, considering how "long" marriages last in Hollywood.

6. Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters – 12 days


  •  The movie star with outstanding qualities and the famous producer dated since the 1980s, but got married 35 years later. While most of the facts about their super-short marriage are debatable, what is known is that their not-so-official marriage lasted 12 days. Both stars went their separate ways before signing their marriage certificate.

  •  Before things went awry, Anderson shared that Peters was always there for her and "now I'm ready and he's ready too." But the fact of the matter is that in marriage you can prepare anything, but you cannot control how everything will eventually turn out.

5. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman – 9 days


  •  Before they decided to get married, Elektra and Rodman had a great relationship. They enjoyed the bliss of casual dates and endless calls. In November 1998, the lovers traveled to Las Vegas and ended their journey at the famous Chapel of Flowers. They got married there, and the event made headlines all over the world.

  •  And nine days later, the famous basketball player filed for an annulment of marriage, citing the fact that he was not of his right mind. According to other sources, the breakup was initiated by Carmen, who said that she was too drunk and did not understand what she was doing. And it is not surprising, given that the marriage took place the next morning after a stormy party.

4. Nicolas Cage and Erica Koike – 4 days


  •  Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous actors of our time and one of the most secretive when it comes to his personal life. But not in the case of marrying Erica Koike.

  •  This marriage was the culmination of a wonderful relationship between the star and the makeup artist. And after 4 days it was canceled, since both the actor and his passion before the wedding were in a state of “in the insole”.

  •  However, Cage revealed that he was "upset" by the outcome of the event, which was his fourth marriage.

3. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander – 55 hours


  •  Britney Spears is a rather outrageous person who once did the unthinkable: she came to her own wedding in blue jeans, with a bare stomach and a baseball cap. Spears and her longtime lover Alexander exchanged vows in a small white wedding chapel in the best nightlife city in Las Vegas.

  •  After the singer called home and said that she was now married, her mother and managers were shocked. They urgently arrived in Vegas and insisted on the dissolution of this spontaneous marriage.

  •  Britney Spears later described her brief marriage to Jason Alexander as a time when she "acted stupid and rebelled."

2. Juna Davitashvili and Igor Matvienko – less than 24 hours


  •  The marriage of the famous Russian healer and composer Igor Matvienko, concluded in 1986, actually lasted less than a day. Already during the wedding feast, Juna felt that she had made a mistake. Dissatisfied with the choice of the mother was also her beloved, only son Vakhtang.

  •  As a result, Juna and Vakhtang left directly from the festive fun without Matvienko. A day later, Davitashvili filed for divorce.

1. Kuwaiti couple – 3 minutes


  •  The shortest marriage in history lasted 3 minutes. The couple who have taken the crown of the shortest marriage in history are not among the celebrities. I could not even find a photo of the newlyweds on the Internet. There are only reports in foreign media about what happened.

  •  Immediately after the newlyweds signed the marriage contract in front of the judge, the bride accidentally stumbled on the way out of the hall. Any other husband would have rushed to save his princess, but in this case, the knight in shining armor called her "stupid". Immediately after this, the wife returned back to the judge and insisted on terminating the contract.