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Rating of alarms with auto start and feedback for 2015



  •  Modern security systems protect cars from burglary or theft and significantly increase the comfort of car owners. First of all, we are talking about such a useful option as automatic engine start.

A valuable feature of all alarms included in the rating is the presence of an information key fob that notifies the driver about the state of a parked car, for example, about opening doors or triggering a shock sensor. Today's review includes rating of alarms with auto start and feedback, which includes models that have received the best reviews from experts and real users.


5. Panther SLK-868RS

Rating of alarms with auto start Pantera SLK-868RSThe top-rated model opens with excellent resistance to interference, which is especially important in a metropolis always loaded with electronics. The BACS code provides protection against tampering. The system has a two-level shock sensor, a range of up to a thousand meters, a 4-button key fob, and an Anti-Hi-Jack engine shutdown mode.

4. StarLine A91

StarLine A91The rating of car alarms includes two StarLine models. This alarm system is equipped with individual strong 128-bit encryption keys, an innovative frequency hopping method. A special mode controls the absence of interference in a large city. The engine can be started according to the schedule set by the car owner and remotely.

3. Scher-Khan LOGICAR 1

Rating of alarms with two-way communicationAccording to the test results of alarms with auto start, LOGICAR 1 guarantees reliable control over the car from a distance of up to 1 meters. Autostart of the engine is possible remotely and at a specified time. End-to-end block-stream encryption of the data packet sent over the air provides protection from scanning. The keychain has passed the strength test – it is resistant to drops, shock, abrasion. Powered by one AAA battery.

2. Panther SLK-675RS

Panther SLK-675RSThe protection of the signal from interception is controlled by the advanced dynamic code BACS. The signaling range with two-way communication is 2 thousand meters. The key fob allows you to monitor 7 security zones, receive information about the temperature in the passenger compartment and the engine compartment, and autostart. The Anti-HiJack function allows you to turn off the engine in the event of a robbery seizure of the car.

1. StarLine A94

The best alarm system with autostart StarLine A94The best alarm with auto start equipped with a non-scannable dialogue control code, 2CAN, GSM and GPS interface, an anti-jamming transceiver with 128 channels and a range of up to 2000 m, a shock-resistant control unit, a 3D digital shock sensor. The system works in the temperature range from -50 to +85 °, the battery charge lasts up to 60 days of operation in the security mode.