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10 Worst Airports in the World 2018, AirHelp Ranking

"This airport is a complete disgrace!"

10 Worst Airports in the World 2018, AirHelp Ranking


The impressions of the flight depend not only on which airline you fly with and whether the food is tasty on the plane, but also on which airport you are flying from. And if you value nerves and time, stay away from worst airports in the worldcalled the AirHelp service.

  •  When compiling the anti-rating, AirHelp took into account three factors:

  • the level of passenger satisfaction (studied from comments on Twitter);
  • punctual dispatch of flights;
  • quality of service.

10. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands

bxqrukchDeparture times: 5.9
Quality of service: 7.2
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 5.1
Total: 6.39 (from 10)

This place is not the worst of the airports analyzed by AirHelp, but also to the best airports in the world it cannot be carried. A quick scan of the comments on the airport's Facebook page reveals many complaints about poor customer service, long lines and general confusion.

9. Bordeaux-Merignac Airport, France

5jw2ym2eDeparture times: 7.4
Quality of service: 5.6
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 5.1
Total: 6.37

  •  This airport is located seven kilometers from the center of the city of Bordeaux in southwestern France. Although it received decent scores for its timely performance in AirHelp's analysis, the airport lost points due to negative ratings from passengers and quality of service.

  •  Complaints about this airport are often related to dirty toilets, long lines, rude staff and a general feeling of inconvenience. Reviewers called Bordeaux-Merignac a "barn" that is "the cheapest of the cheap", with a "primitive" security process and "tasteless food".

8. Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

ojkpelyoDeparture times: 6.6
Quality of service: 7.0
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 1.8
Total: 6.29

  •  Although Edinburgh Airport advertises itself as 'where Scotland meets the world', some travelers have been downright disappointed by the meeting. According to AirHelp's analysis, the airport received terrible ratings for passenger sentiment, greatly reducing the overall score.

  •  People who have visited this airport say that it is difficult to navigate, everything is disorderly and chaotic. Travelers also note that there are not enough seats at the airport to accommodate passengers, so many people sit on the floor.

7. Boryspil Airport, Ukraine

t5nuqngmDeparture times: 4.3
Quality of service: 8.0
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 4.9
Total: 6.03

  •  If you plan to go by plane to Kyiv, then most likely you will not miss one of the worst airports in the world. Travelers complain that in Boryspil it is difficult to connect to Wi-Fi and find drinking fountains to fill water bottles. Another common complaint is smelly and dirty toilets.

6. Manchester Airport, UK

nmss22deDeparture times: 6.1
Quality of service: 6.6
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 2.6
Total: 5.95

  •  People really love to complain about Manchester Airport and their negative reviews are one of the main reasons why the airport is ranked sixth on this list.

  •  Travelers say the airport is understaffed, which creates long queues and a lot of frustration. There are also complaints about the rudeness of airport employees and – the misfortune of most participants in the anti-rating – insufficiently clean toilets.

5. Stockholm-Bromma Airport, Sweden

1aklgyjwDeparture times: 4.4
Quality of service: 5.6
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 5.1
Total: 5.91

  •  Despite the fact that Sweden is regularly named one of the happiest countries in the world, Stockholm-Bromm Airport, located not far from the city center, has caused quite a few headaches for air passengers.

  •  Travelers complain that this airport is tiny, which means that there is not enough space to accommodate. On the other hand, the airport's small footprint means faster check-in and expedited security procedures, so it's not all bad.

4. Paris-Orly Airport, France

f3q1q1tkDeparture times: 5.3
Quality of service: 6.8
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 4.1
Total: 5.83

  •  If you are not flying to the main international airport in Paris – Charles de Gaulle, then most likely you are flying to Orly airport. It is located south of the city center. And, perhaps, this will lead to a not very pleasant experience.

  •  In addition to the airport's low ratings on AirHelp, passengers are leaving a lot of angry comments on the Paris-Orly Facebook page. Some of the more common complaints are:

  1. the airport is always crowded;
  2. not hospitable;
  3. it is difficult to navigate.

  •  “This is the most pathetic international airport I have ever been to,” wrote one reviewer on Facebook.

3. Saint-Exupery Airport, France

1seewh5bDeparture times: 6.1
Quality of service: 5.8
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 4.2
Total: 5.78

  •  Travelers love the design and architecture of this airport located on the eastern outskirts of Lyon. It has a kind of fan-shaped canopy over its railway station. But that's where the excitement ends and the complaints begin.

  •  One of the passengers left a rough but accurate review that captures the essence of most of the complaints: “What a bunch of completely useless idiots run this place. To be honest, even a child could do their job better.”

2. Stansted Airport, UK

xjq1wstsDeparture times: 6.2
Quality of service: 5.8
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 1.1
Total: 5.53

  •  According to AirHelp, this London airport is the second worst in the world, due to appallingly low passenger satisfaction and mediocre ratings on two other dimensions.

  •  What can travelers say about Stansted? They complain that the check-in and security lines are always incredibly long and that you don't always get your bags after landing.

1. Kuwait Airport

4wo5bmoxDeparture times: 4.1
Quality of service: 7.0
Passenger Satisfaction Level: 3.9
Total: 5.40

  •  The first number in the anti-rating of the worst airports is Kuwait Airport. Travelers who flew there noted that they were disorganized, the inside was not as clean as they would like, and the behavior of the staff was not friendly. As one disgruntled passenger put it: “This airport is a complete disgrace.”

rty3pjshNot a single Russian airport was included in the top ten outsider airports. However, the Moscow airport Domodedovo is on the 12th position. Its overall score is 6.46 out of 10 and this is due to low passenger satisfaction (1.6). I am glad that in terms of the quality of service and the timeliness of departure of flights, Domodedovo has relatively good ratings (7.4 and 6.6, respectively).