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Interesting facts about coffee (top 8)



There is no drink in the whole world more popular than coffee. At least once they tried it, probably, all the inhabitants of the planet and many liked it. Some people cannot live a day without their favorite drink, but not everyone knows enough about this product. We have prepared for you some interesting facts about coffee.


Coffee grows on a tree

qxc5jc1yIts grain is a seed that is located inside a berry that looks like a cherry. They do not reach maturity all at once, so the coffee is harvested by hand. Unroasted coffee beans can be stored for up to a year without losing their properties. It is best to keep them in hemp bags.

The meaning of the word "Arabica"

qnkwufrdThe name of the variety "Arabica" is associated with the name of the coffee forest in Ethiopia. Black tusk coffee is produced in Thailand. Elephants are fed a mixture of coffee beans, bananas and sugarcane. This procedure removes excessive bitterness and gives a special aroma. By the same technology most expensive coffees: "Kopi Luwak" on the island of Sumatra. Local luwak animals consume only the fruits of coffee trees, and they choose the best ones. Then it remains only to collect their waste products and extract the coffee beans.

coffee recipes

e51vkaafThere are many recipes for making coffee. For example, Beethoven's special secret was that no more or less is needed per serving, but exactly 60 grains of coffee. Coffee "Americano" appeared during the Second World War. Soldiers from America were not accustomed to the strong drink served in Europe and asked to dilute it with water. The name "Cappuccino" is associated with the dark clothes of the monks, and the cream hat – with the color of their hair. Today it is quite possible to prepare a delicious cappuccino at home using the popular De'Longhi coffee machines.

Interesting coffee traditions

yqg2m5zsIn Arab countries, there is such a tradition: the husband must prepare coffee and bring his wife to bed. If the drink is poorly prepared, the wife can file for divorce.

Useful Properties

tkcx2mmeThere are no calories in one cup of black coffee without added sugar. This information will be of interest to diet lovers. Coffee gives vivacity not only to people – it is able to revive withering plants.

Fight against insects

mmui34w5Small bags with coffee beans laid out in cabinets will not only protect against moths, but also give clothes a pleasant coffee aroma. Burning coffee grounds will help repel annoying insects.

coffee taste

poftdcshThe unique aroma and taste of coffee is given by coffee oil, which can dissolve in water.

Interesting facts about coffee making

k3qbmd0iDifferent countries prefer their subtleties in the preparation and serving of this drink. In Italy they love coffee with sugar, in Mexico they add cinnamon to it, in Austria it is decorated with a cap of whipped cream, in Ethiopia they serve salt with coffee, and in Morocco – pepper. In the East, the taste of the drink is colored with various spices.