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According to experts from the Association of European Businesses, sales of new cars from January to June 2023 decreased by 60,5%. Electric cars feel the worst, but SUVs and crossovers, famous for their good price / quality ratio, keep afloat. For the most part, they are list of best selling cars.

  •  And in this article, I have collected the best crossovers of 2023. When compiling, such characteristics as reliability, maintainability and durability were taken into account.

15.Lifan X70

Lifan X70 in the 2023 crossover ranking

Version without run – 989 000

  •  Once Lifan was the leader of the Chinese segment. But now he is working "at the limit", and whether he will be able to restore his former popularity is unknown. The offices are open, but there are only production cars for sale, and there are no exact demand statistics for the first half of this year.

  •  However, this inexpensive Chinese crossover is still included in the selection, as it has a good ratio of cost and functionality. He received a 2-liter engine with 136 hp, transmission – mechanics or CVT. Ground clearance is impressive – 195 mm.

  •  Driver assistance is represented by ABS + EBD systems, rear parking sensors, a stability control system, a driver fatigue control system, etc.

  •  The owners of the Lifan X70 praise the spacious and practical interior, good handling, low fuel consumption and cross-country ability of the car. But the trunk is small (419 liters), and the insulation could be better.

14 Geely Tugella


Price – from 3,5 million

  •  The Chinese coupe-like crossover with an all-wheel drive system features an aggressive exterior with a proprietary narrow radiator grille and a well-thought-out interior, which features a media system with a 12.3-inch IPS touch display, atmospheric lighting that can flicker to the music, a driver's seat with lumbar support, and a folding front passenger seat.

  •  The owners of the Geely Tugella praise their "swallow" for good visibility, a large luggage compartment with a volume of 446 liters (can be increased to 1077 liters by folding the rear seats) and the presence of driver assistance systems: intelligent cruise control, lane marking tracking, etc.

  •  The disadvantages of Geely Tugella include limited space for people with a height above 180 cm, and expensive tire fitting.

13. Friend F7x


It is worth from 2,6 million

  •  The cross-coupe from China immediately stands out on the road thanks to body lines, LED headlights and a stylish black grille.

  •  The F7x is equipped as standard with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 150 hp, front-wheel drive and a 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission. There is also an all-wheel drive option.

  •  Haval engineers paid great attention to safety: the car is equipped with an anti-slip system, a car overturn prevention system, an emergency braking assistance system and many other systems.

  •  Haval F7x drivers praise the car for good handling, visibility and noise isolation. However, it will be difficult for a beginner to get used to the many buttons (there is no separate button for turning on / off the all-wheel drive). Also keep in mind that Haval F7x is a car with appetites (average consumption is 12,2 liters) and thoughtful, it doesn’t move immediately.

12. Haval F7


Price list starts from 2,5 million

  •  When compared with the “brother” F7x, the F7 version is made in the form factor of a crossover, and has a panoramic roof with a sunroof. These cars have differences in interior design and trunk volume: the F7 has 723 liters, the F7x has 490 liters.

11.Mazda CX-5


Cost – from 3 million

  •  The model of a sporty look is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics, high-quality interior materials and a convenient dashboard. It is equipped with a 2-2,5 liter gasoline engine, depending on the configuration, with a capacity of 150-194 hp.

  •  The advantages of this crossover include: economical fuel consumption (5,8-8,8 l / 100 km), high ground clearance (210-215 mm for all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions, respectively) and demand in the secondary market.

  •  But maintenance and repairs are expensive, and the suspension is harsh.

10. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson in the top 10 crossovers of 2023

The new car is worth from 2,4 million

  •  On the Russian market, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Tucson variants with a maximum engine power of 149.6-190 hp are presented. It offers the driver an off-road mode (Snow, Mud, Sand) and different driving modes – from "normal" to "Eco", "Sport" and "Smart".

  •  The car is equipped with various safety features: front / rear obstacle braking systems, remote parking function, lane keeping assistant, etc.

  •  Hyundai Tucson is valued for its economical fuel consumption, stylish appearance, unpretentious engine and gearbox, maintainability and long suspension life.

  •  The disadvantages include poor sound insulation and lack of dynamics. This is more of a car for a measured ride.

9 Renault Duster


starting price — 1,6 million

  •  One of the best crossovers of 2023 has a serious problem. Namely, the departure of the manufacturer from the Russian car market. His assets were transferred to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and NAMI, and the French reserved the possibility of repurchase within six years.

  •  However, not everything is so gloomy. According to the head of the department of the automotive industry and railway engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Pak, Dusters will be produced, but already under the Lada brand. And they will be assembled at the production site in Togliatti. A new name has not been invented yet.

8.Toyota RAV4


Price – from 2,6 million

  •  Eighth place in the top 15 is a brand that needs no introduction. The 2022 model year version (5th generation) has become more futuristic with new LED headlights and a very massive grille.

  •  There are few changes in the interior:

  • illuminated windows keys,
  • orange stitching of seats upholstered in black eco-leather,
  • additional USB-C ports,
  • electrically adjustable front passenger seat (extra charge),
  • more interior lighting options.

  •  The useful volume of the trunk was also slightly increased – up to 580 liters, and if you fold the rear sofa, you can use all 1600 liters. But the clearance "grew up" to 200 mm.

  •  But the technical characteristics of the engines available for Russia remained unchanged – two 4-cylinder aspirated engines: one two-liter, 149 hp, the second – 2,5-liter, 199 hp. Drive – front or full, transmission – mechanics or CVT. Fans of diesel engines should consider the 4th generation option.

  •  However, it should be borne in mind that at present Toyota has left Russia, the price of spare parts and maintenance will cost a pretty penny. Whether it is worth buying this car in such conditions – decide for yourself.

7Kia Seltos


Cost without add-ons — from 1,9 million

  •  If you are looking for a stylish crossover with a spacious trunk (468 liters), high ground clearance (185-190 mm) and numerous driver assistance systems, then this is the Kia Seltos.

  •  Depending on the configuration, this machine is equipped with a 1,6-liter or 2-liter engine, front- or all-wheel drive and a manual or automatic transmission.

  •  In the reviews, car owners speak about the Kia Seltos for the most part positively. This is a comfortable and safe car with good handling and good acceleration dynamics. But the cost of maintenance is rather big and the sound insulation is “lame”.

6. Kia sportage


Price list – from 2,8 million

  •  In July, the compact crossover of the 2022 model year finally debuted.

  •  The new Kia Sportage 2022 is equipped with a 150-horsepower naturally aspirated engine or a 2,5-liter engine with 190 hp. In the initial trim levels there will be a manual and automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, in the maximum – automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

  •  In Russia, the updated Kia Sportage will cost from 2,8 to 4 million rubles, depending on the configuration.

5. Haval Jolion


It is worth from 2 million

  •  The compact "Chinese" is immediately recognizable thanks to the smooth lines of the body, the unusual design of the optics and the original grille with the manufacturer's logo. Interior materials are of high quality, even plastic does not look cheap. But the seats could be harder, you “drown” in them like in an old armchair. And tall people may not have enough steering wheel leveling.

  •  The base volume of the trunk is 337 liters, but it can be expanded to 1133 liters by folding the rear sofa.

  •  Haval Jolion is available in 2WD (143 hp, 1,5-liter engine) and 4WD (150 hp, 1,5-liter engine) versions, but you should not drive the latter on hard off-road. Still, this Chinese is optimal for urban conditions.

  •  Among the shortcomings of this model, I note a dull instrument panel and not too high ground clearance – 170 mm. But the advantages of Haval Jolion are much greater, including many driver assistance systems: adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and autonomous parking assistants, as well as a surround view system.

4. Hyundai creta


For a minimum package they ask from 1,8 million

  •  When we should expect the appearance of the new Crete is unknown., these popular SUVs are produced by an automobile plant in St. Petersburg. However, the supplier of spare parts for him began to reduce staff.

  •  The Creta engine range includes engines ranging from 123 hp. up to 149.6 hp The crossover does not eat too much – on average, 7.7. liters per 100 kilometers, and driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, driver monitoring systems, etc. make the trip comfortable and safe.

  •  Noise isolation, rattling plastic in the cabin and the rapid appearance of "saffron mushrooms" are the main problems of this model.

3.Volkswagen Tiguan


Can buy for 3,3 million

  •  The strength of this car is in innovation. So, the version of the 2022 model year, even in the initial configuration, includes a virtual instrument panel, climate control, cruise control, rain sensor, tire pressure sensor, ESP, standard parking sensors and many other functions.

  •  In total, there are 5 basic configurations and four power options: 125, 150, 180 or 220 hp. The gearbox is manual or robotic, and there is an option with all-wheel drive.

2.Mitsubishi Outlander


new car worth from 2,8 million

  •  The spacious, reliable off-road Outlander has a solid ground clearance of 215 mm and a variety of systems for the safety and comfort of the owner: ABS, EBD, electronic immobilizer, height and reach adjustable steering column, audio system with 6 speakers, etc.

  •  You can choose from front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models, a 2-3-liter gasoline engine and a power of 146-230 hp. Fuel consumption is not the best among competitors in the 2023 crossover ranking, but acceptable – from 6,8 to 10,4 l / 100 km on the highway and city, respectively.

  •  Distinctive features of the Mitsubishi Outlander: a reliable engine, good handling and a spacious trunk (477-591 liters). But soundproofing is not a strong feature of this car. And consumables are expensive.

1Geely Coolray


Cost – from 1,8 million

  •  Let's pay tribute to the first place in the ranking – it is in the greatest demand of all crossovers. According to "AvtoSTAT", 1219 cars of this brand were sold in July.

  •  The Russian-assembled model is offered with a robotic 7-speed gearbox with two “wet” clutches and a 1,5-liter turbocharged engine with 150 hp, which is very frisky, which provokes aggressive driving.

  •  But the suspension of this suv-crossover, according to the description of the owners, is not too soft, so when driving for a long time on rough roads, the “fifth point” will feel everything. And the interior is compact, cramped for a tall and long-legged person. However, this is offset by smart features such as a car parking system.