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Top 25 cars of 2023



  •  Incomes of the population are going down, prices in dealerships are flying up, and foreign sanctions are doing their job – many automakers are leaving Russia. The production of passenger cars has decreased, for the first 6 months of this year only 281 thousand cars were produced.

  •  Against this background, sales in the Russian car market are falling and significantly – up to 80-90% for some models.

  •  In the top cars of 2023, you will see leaders and outsiders in terms of popularity. Some brands are still "keeping afloat", but next year, perhaps, they will completely leave the top 25.

25 Geely Tugella


Sales for the first half of 2022: 257 copies (102,4%)

  •  The Chinese premium crossover coupe is good for everyone – it looks aggressive and generously equipped. It has full LED optics, an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

  •  The car looks “expensive-rich” not only from the outside, but also inside: leather steering wheel trim and seat trim, a 12,3-inch digital instrument panel and the presence of 3 USB connectors – everything suggests that the manufacturer spared no effort and time to study the interior . There are also driver assistance systems, such as a stability control system, braking assistance systems, hill starting and downhill driving systems, ABS, etc.

  •  The price of Geely Tugella in the Luxury package starts from 3,5 million rubles.

24Kia Soul


Sales: 283 (-69,5%)

  •  This mini-SUV is assembled at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. Now the company is experiencing difficulties with the delivery of electronic components and produces incomplete cars.

  •  The price of Kia Soul in the minimum Classic configuration (1.6 / 123 hp, with manual transmission) is 1,8 million rubles.

23. Friend F7x


Sales: 292 (-68,8%)

  •  Cross-coupe from the "daughter" of Great Wall Motors costs from 2,6 million rubles. Like its Chinese counterpart Geely Tugella, the F7x features full LED headlights and a 12.3” digital instrument cluster. Adaptation to Russian conditions is expressed in the heating of the windshield, front and rear seats.

  •  The Haval F7x has two petrol engine options:

  • 1,5-liter (150 hp) with front-wheel drive or plug-in all-wheel drive
  • All-wheel drive 2-liter (190 hp).

  •  In the car, it will be comfortable for those who are hot and those who are blowing – due to dual-zone climate control. Audiophiles are not forgotten either – an 8-speaker audio system is at their service.

22. Haval F7


Sales: 293 (-71,8%)

  •  Already the second model from Haval in the top car of 2023. Unlike the “brother” F7x, the F7 version is made in the crossover form factor and has a panoramic sunroof. These cars have differences in interior design and trunk volume: the F7 has 723 liters, the F7x has 490 liters.

  •  The price tag for Haval F7 starts from 2,5 million rubles.

21. UAZ Patriot


Sales: 307 (-68,3%)

  •  As you can see, automotive "patriotism" is suffering, sales have dipped significantly compared to last year. Most often, the UAZ Patriot is scolded for quickly appearing rust, "thunder" in the cabin, quickly wearing out shock absorbers and clutch.

  •  But it is worth delving into the Russian off-road, and you will understand why the UAZ Patriot is needed. He goes where other cars get stuck. “Rushing like a tank” is about the UAZ Patriot.

  •  The cost of the car starts from 1,2 million rubles.

20. Skoda Rapid


Sales: 311 (-93,7%)

  •  And here is the outsider according to the results of sales in the ranking of cars in 2023. The fall of 93,7% compared to the same period last year was not surpassed by any model in the list.

  •  Well, the Kaluga plant, which assembles the Skoda Rapid for the domestic market, has suspended work for the time being. And there are rumors in the media that it will pass to a new owner.

19. Kia Cerato


Sales: 318 (-74,1%)

  •  This middle-class car now costs about 2 million rubles in the Classic version (1.6-liter gasoline engine 128 hp, mechanics). Serial production has been launched at the Avtotor plant in the Kaliningrad region, but now it cannot establish full-scale production due to a lack of imported components.

18.Renault Sandero


Sales: 318 (-84,6%)

  •  The Renault company sold all its Russian assets, now they are in state ownership. And what will happen to spare parts and warranty service is still unknown. Not surprisingly, Sandero sales collapsed.

  •  You can still buy Renault Sandero for 1,2 million rubles.

17. Lada Xray


Sales: 329 (-87,8%)

  •  The shortage of electronic components put an end to the future of Xray. AvtoVAZ began production of this cross-hatchback from, since then over 160 thousand cars of this model have been sold.

  •  But if you are determined to buy Lada Xray, prepare at least 1,1 million rubles.

16.Mazda CX-5


Sales: 334 (-72,6%)

  •  This SUV is the most popular model from the manufacturer. And not only, but also in the world. In our market, a beautiful Japanese woman is sold for 3 million rubles.

  •  But whether it is worth taking it is an open question. Yes, again sanctions, because of which it will be very problematic to get original components. So the cost of repair and maintenance is one of the main disadvantages of this machine.

15. VW Polo


Sales: 483 units (-92,1%)

  •  The Russian plant that assembles the Polo is currently on vacation and, according to rumors, may be sold to the Kazakh company Asia Auto. If this is true, then the production of Polo and Tiguan, as well as Skoda Rapid, will resume.

  •  Those cars that are available from dealers cost from 1,5 million rubles.

14. Hyundai Tucson


Sales: 491 cars (-29,9%)

  •  Although sales of the Korean compact crossover have declined, but not significantly compared to other representatives of the top cars of 2023. Brand new cars in the initial version cost about 2,4 million rubles.

  •  Russian car enthusiasts appreciate this crossover for its bright appearance with “fanged” lights, balanced suspension, large trunk (620 liters) and the ability to choose from 3 engine options at once, one of them is diesel.

13 Renault Duster


Bought: 517 copies (-89,4%)

  •  Although this passable and economical crossover is more popular than the Sandero (18th in the 2023 car ranking), they have a common problem. Namely, the departure of the manufacturer from the Russian car market. His assets were transferred to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and NAMI, and the French reserved the possibility of repurchase within six years.

  •  However, not everything is so gloomy. According to the head of the department of the automotive industry and railway engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Pak, Dusters will be produced, but already under the Lada brand. And they will be assembled at the production site in Togliatti. A new name has not been invented yet.

  •  You can become the owner of the new Renault Duster for 1,6 million rubles.

12Geely Coolray


Sales: 521 (-51,2%)

  •  The Russian-assembled model received a robotic 7-speed gearbox with two “wet” clutches and a 1,5-liter turbocharged engine with 150 hp, which is very frisky, which provokes aggressive driving.

  •  But the suspension of this crossover is not too soft, so when driving for a long time on uneven roads, the “fifth point” will feel everything. And the interior is compact, cramped for a tall and long-legged person. However, this is offset by smart features such as a car parking system.

  •  Geely Coolray price starts from 1,8 million rubles.

11Kia Seltos


Sales: 525 (-75%)

  •  Although there are more than one model from Kia in the selection of the best cars of 2023, their sales have dropped significantly compared to 2021. Apparently, Russian drivers are cautious about choosing products from a Korean brand that may leave the country following other automakers.

  •  And the price of Seltos is not so low – from 1,9 million rubles without special stages.

10. Hyundai Solaris


Sales: 528 (-92,7%)

  •  The second-lowest-selling model among the best cars of 2023. The assembly of this subcompact car in St. Petersburg at the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant has not been carried out since the beginning of spring.

  •  And in car dealerships for Hyundai Solaris in stock they ask from 1,4 million rubles (Active equipment, manual transmission, Kappa 1.4 MPI engine).

9. Kia sportage


Sales: 611 (-69%)

  •  In July, the compact crossover of the 2022 model year finally made its debut. And ahead is the Kia Sportage 2023 model year.

  •  The new Kia Sportage 2022 is equipped with a 150-horsepower naturally aspirated engine or a 2,5-liter engine with 190 hp. In the initial trim levels there will be a manual and automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, in the maximum – automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

  •  In Russia, the updated Kia Sportage will cost from 2,8 to 4 million rubles, depending on the configuration.

8 Renault Logan


Sales: 654 (-74,3%)

  •  This sedan is one of the best in terms of price / quality ratio. It is loved and appreciated for its reliability, ease of maintenance and strong, high-quality suspension. But the quality of interior trim materials is not the best, and the equipment is not rich – 2 airbags, ESP, multimedia, cruise, climate, etc.

  •  You can buy “not broken, not painted” Logan in the cabin for 1,1 million rubles.

7. Lada Largus VP


Sales: 705 (-82,3%)

  •  The passenger version of Lada Largus may soon go up in price, the RCI News Internet portal reported, citing a letter from AvtoVAZ. From August 1, the price tag for the Lada Largus family will increase by 65.

  •  So far, you can buy Largus VP for 1,2 million rubles.

6. Lada Niva


Sales: 881 (-83,7%)

  •  The off-road vehicle received a new name – Legend, and from August 1 will cost from 806. This SUV is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, a 1.7-liter 8-valve engine (83 hp), ISOFIX child seat mounts, power windows and audio system as standard. In the maximum Urban-configuration, this is added:

  • Fog lights.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Heated front seats
  • Electric drive and heating of exterior mirrors

5. Haval Jolion


Sales: 892 (-1,7%)

  •  Sales of the compact Chinese crossover have hardly dipped compared to 2021. It's modern looking, spacious for its class (the wheelbase has been stretched to 2700mm for the sake of rear-seat space) and offers a host of safety and comfort features, including a heated windshield, dual-zone climate control, cross-traffic monitoring and an autonomous parking system.

  •  The initial price of this brand is 2 million rubles.

4. Hyundai creta


Sales statistics: 1012 (-86,2%)

  •  The minimum equipment for a reliable Creta family crossover will cost 1,8 million rubles. This variant is equipped with a 1.6 hp Gamma 123 petrol engine, front-wheel drive and manual transmission.

  •  Of the useful options, I note airbags for the driver and front passenger, ESS, HAC systems, and a stabilization control system.

  •  Cretu is appreciated for its spacious interior with thoughtful ergonomics, large trunk (rear seats can be folded down) and unpretentiousness in operation.

  •  It is not known when the new Cretes will appear, so far the plant in St. Petersburg, where they are produced, is idle.

3. Kia rio


Sales: 1196 (-81,4%)

  •  Not for the first year in a row, Kia Rio tops the top of the best-selling cars of the South Korean manufacturer. This is a safe and attractive car with high ground clearance (160 mm) and a good set of electronic assistants and security systems, even in the basic version.

  •  The price of a brand new "Rio" in the Classic version (1,4-liter engine 100 hp, manual transmission) is 1,4 million rubles.

2.Lada Vesta


Sales: 1767 (-85,2%)

  •  The restyled Vestas are already reaching dealers, but in small quantities – about 800 copies for the entire AvtoVAZ dealer network, according to Autoreview. There is not much to choose from, they are equipped with either:

  • 6-liter engine (106 hp) and 1.8 (122 hp) paired with manual transmission,
  • or a Renault 1.6 engine (113 hp) with a Jatco CVT.

  •  The front power windows received auto mode, and the interior has also undergone major changes: from the appearance of the dashboard to the steering wheel and door trim.

  •  The cost of "Vesta" in the basic configuration, according to unconfirmed reports, will be 1,6 million rubles.

1. Lada Grant


Sales: 3305 (-76,6%)

  •  "Anti-crisis" "Grants" exceeded the manufacturer's expectations. AvtoVAZ expected to sell 2440 copies of Granta Classic'22 in July, but has already sold more than 3285 cars.

  •  Unlike the regular version, the "anti-crisis" version does not have:

  • anti-lock braking system,
  • spare wheel,
  • electronic stabilization system ESC,
  • driver airbags,
  • gearshift advisor,
  • turn signal repeaters in the mirrors.

  •  This is due to the lack of foreign components. The cost of Lada Granta in a “stripped down” version is acceptable – 678,3 thousand rubles for a sedan, 705,3 thousand rubles for a station wagon and 698,3 rubles for a liftback.