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  •  The FAN film channel has created an absolute rating of science fiction films, using a special technique to create it. Not only the opinions of FAN viewers and editors were taken into account, but also box office data, sci-fi tops of popular online publications, as well as the choice of editors of the most authoritative Russian and foreign specialized resources.

  •  11 resources served as sources for creating the compilation, including kinopoisk, metarankings and We present you the top 10 best science fiction films that are included in the absolute rating.

10. Edge of Time

Genre: fantasy, horror, drama
Kinopoisk Rating: 6.5
IMDB Rating: 6.5
A country: USA
Directed by: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead
Music: Jimmy LaVall

  •  Doctors, both and in other countries, have a hard job. So the main characters of the film – two paramedic friends Dennis and Steve – have a hard time. Either a call for injury, or an overdose, and the like.

  •  But things get much worse when people begin to die and disappear en masse in the city due to the new Synchronic drug, which can affect space and time.

9. Underwater

Genre: fantasy, horror, thriller
Kinopoisk Rating: 5.8
IMDB Rating: 5.8
A country: USA
Directed by: William Eubank
Music: Marco Beltrami, Brandon Roberts

  •  This movie story will plunge viewers into the murky depths of panic and claustrophobia. In the center of the plot is a group of employees of the drilling complex, located not just anywhere, but in the Mariana Trench itself, at a depth of 11 km (in Russian localization – 13 km, this is a mistake).

  •  However, the lord of the depths does not like intrusions into his possessions, and is ready to fall upon arrogant people with all his might.

  •  I must say that the shooting of "Underwater" was difficult in the literal sense of the word. The actors had to wear 63-kilogram waterproof spacesuits. Because of them, they sometimes did not hear the director's commands.

8. In someone else's shoes

Genre: fantasy, thriller
Kinopoisk Rating: 5.9
IMDB Rating: 6.5
A country: Canada, UK
Directed by: Brandon Cronenberg
Music: Jim Williams

  •  The future has arrived, and it is full of horrors. In particular, with the help of brain implants, killers can “transplant” consciousness into the body of another person, turning him into an obedient puppet in order to commit murders with impunity. But you can leave the carrier only after his death.

  •  The process of implanting the consciousness of the “parasite” is not a flawlessly working mechanism, it malfunctions, and this is the main intrigue of this film.

  •  The scenes of cruelty in one of the best science fiction films are made very realistic, so we do not recommend watching this movie with children or impressionable relatives.

7. Immortal Guard

Genre: fantasy, action
Kinopoisk Rating: 6.2
IMDB Rating: 6.6
A country: USA
Directed by: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Music: Volker Bertelman, Dustin O'Halloran

  •  For many years, a group of immortal warriors have been doing good deeds in the name of humanity. Nowadays, they receive a task to free the hostages. But the order turns into a trap to obtain evidence of the group's immortality.

  •  And now the modern Highlanders are openly hunted by a large pharmaceutical corporation.

6. New mutants

Genre: fantasy, horror, thriller
Kinopoisk Rating: 5.3
IMDB Rating: 5.3
A country: USA
Directed by: Josh Boone
Music: Mark Snow

  •  Once an Indian, a Russian, a Brazilian and an American met... No, this is not the beginning of a joke, but a teenage drama with the use of super-powers.

  •  Boys and girls with unusual powers, languishing within the walls of a gloomy clinic, real nightmares that haunt them, the inability to escape – all this is about the New Mutants, the first horror film from the X-Men universe. The film did not do without love lines, and one of them – same-sex (between the two main characters).

  •  So if you like teenage suffering interspersed with inner monsters, then The New Mutants is what you need to brighten up a winter evening.

5. Satellite

Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama
Kinopoisk Rating: 6.1
IMDB Rating: 6.4
A country: Russia
Directed by: Egor Abramenko
Music: Oleg Karpachev

  •  It's nice that the list of the best science fiction films could not do without good Russian cinema. It starred such domestic stars as Oksana Akinshina, Pyotr Fedorov and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

  •  The spacecraft that returned to Earth carries not only a surviving human astronaut, but also something alien that has come into contact with the second astronaut. Neurophysiologist Tatyana Klimova is brought to a secret military base, where cosmonaut Konstantin Veshnyakov is being kept under strict surveillance, to assess his condition.

4. My creator

Genre: fantasy, drama
Kinopoisk Rating: 6.4
IMDB Rating: 6.3
A country: UK, Hungary, USA
Directed by: Gavin Rothery
Music: Stephen Price

  •  An engineer, busy "setting in" a secret bunker-workshop on the instructions of a large corporation, pursues his own goals. He is experimenting with AI, trying to create a robotic version of his dead wife. So far, her consciousness is stored in the Archive, but the period of storage is coming to an end.

3. Bloodshot

Genre: fantasy, action
Kinopoisk Rating: 5.6
IMDB Rating: 5.7
A country: USA, China
Directed by: Dave Wilson
Music: Steve Jablonsky

  •  The brutality of the hero Vin Diesel in this film is more than enough, but the memory fails. Memories of the murder of his wife are the only thing that has survived unchanged.

  •  Driven by a thirst for revenge, and being practically invulnerable after the experiments of the RST corporation, Bloodshot is ready to deal with everyone who separated him from his beloved.

  •  If you don't expect much from this film, like detailed character development and thoughtful dialogue, and just enjoy the good cinematography, action, pathos, and Vin Diesel's stern expression, you'll enjoy Bloodshot.

2. Invisible Man

Genre: fantasy, thriller, detective
Kinopoisk Rating: 6.4
IMDB Rating: 7.1
A country: Canada, Australia, USA
Directed by: Leigh Whannell
Music: Benjamin Wallfish

  •  What will happen if you combine a tyrant with a brilliant scientist? It's a nightmare to stay away from. But how to do this if this tyrant is also invisible? The main character of this film, who is pursued by an invisible husband who decides that his wife is his undivided property, will have to think about this riddle.

1. Argument

Genre: fantasy, action
Kinopoisk Rating: 7.6
IMDB Rating: 7.6
A country: UK, USA
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Music: Ludwig Göransson

  •  A great soundtrack, cool special effects, unusual storylines and paradoxes are what the audience likes in Tenet. At the center of this story is a black agent of the Argument organization (John David Washington), who, together with his partner in the person of the hero Robert Pattinson, confronts a Russian oligarch who wants to single-handedly decide the fate of the world.

  •  The Britons and Americans have a secret weapon in their pocket – a technology called "time reversal" that allows you to reverse time.