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The fastest man in the world



The 1896 meter dash has been one of the most popular and prestigious events in the world of athletics since 10. If a runner completes it in 10 seconds, he is a world class sprinter. And if the time is even less, then this athlete is among the XNUMX the fastest people in the world, the difference between which is measured literally in milliseconds, and when measuring the results, even such a criterion as tailwind speed is taken into account.


10 fastest sprinters in the world

10. Bruni Surin

Bruni SurinThe Canadian athlete was among the fastest men at the 1999 World Championships in Athletics in Seville, Spain, where he broke the ten-second barrier to win the silver medal. In 2009, Surin became the new Canadian record holder in the 50 meters (40 to 45 years old group) by running this distance in 6.15 seconds.

  •  Currently, Surin is not part of the world of big sport, he heads a sports nutrition company and also launched a clothing line, which he called Surin without any fuss.

9. Donovan Bailey

Donovan BaileyNow Donovan Bailey has long been taking a break from the world of big-time sports, but in 1996, during the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, he crossed the finish line, spending only 9.84 seconds. And he became the first Canadian athlete to be included in the list of the fastest runners in the world.

8 Steve Mullings

Steve MullingsThe young Jamaican athlete first broke the ten-second barrier at the age of 28, and by the end of the year he had done it seven more times. June 4 in Eugene, Oregon, he ran a hundred meters for 9.80 seconds, having won a place in the top ten among the fastest people on the planet.

7. Justin Gatlin

Justin GatlinAmerican athlete Justin Gatlin, Olympic champion, is currently in seventh place among people capable of developing the maximum speed available to a person. In 2012 at the Olympic Games in England, he repeated Green's achievement (9.79 seconds) and received a bronze medal.

6. Maurice Green

Maurice GreenFour-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion Maurice Green specialized in sprinting and set the world speed record on June 16, 1999 in Athens, Greece. He ran a hundred meters 9.79 seconds.

5. Nesta Carter

Nesta CarterAnother Jamaican runner has entered the ranking of the fastest people on Earth, completing the 100-meter race in just 9.78 seconds. Nesta also boasts world records in the 4x100 meters relay (2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China), in the world championship in athletics and, a year later, in the London Olympics.

4 Asafa Powell

Asafa PowellAsafa held the world championship in running speed for three years – from June 2005 to May 2008 and to this day remains one of the fastest people in the history of mankind. Asafa won his title by running a hundred meters for 9.72 seconds at the Athletics Grand Prix in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2008.

  •  By October, he had successfully cleared the ten-second barrier in the 100m a total of 88 times, more than any other runner.

3. Johan Blake

Yohan BlakeThe second number of the high-speed top 10 is (more precisely, running) an athlete nicknamed "The Beast". Whether it corresponds to his inner world is unknown, but he really runs very fast. Blake raced to the finish line for 9.69 seconds at the championship in Lausanne in 2012, becoming the youngest among the fastest runners on the planet. Then he was only 19 years old.

  •  In the same year, at the London Olympics, he almost stepped on the heels of Usain Bolt in the 100 and 200 meters races, and in the 4x100 meters relay he won a world record.

2. Tyson Gay

Tyson GayOn the second line among the fastest athletes in the world is the American athlete Tyson Gay, who ran a hundred meters in 9.69 seconds in September 2009. Only Tyson and Maurice Greene managed to win first places in three competitions at once during one championship – in the XNUMX and XNUMX meters race, and the XNUMX by XNUMX relay.

1. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world

  •  Who is the fastest person in the world? The only person in the world can run a hundred meters in 9,58 seconds – Usain Bolt, a phenomenal athlete. He is the fastest person to currently hold the 100m sprint world record (achieved in Berlin in 2009, surpassing his previous record of 9,69 seconds at the 2008 Beijing Olympics).

His top speed while sprinting was 44.72 km/h. This is the maximum speed of a person, and it is impossible to maintain it for a long time. Bolt managed to develop such a speed between 60 and 80 meters, and in the last meters of the distance his speed decreased significantly.

Usain's success story

  •  The quickness of Usain Bolt, who was born in Jamaica in 1986, was noticed at a young age. By the age of 15, he was known as "The Lightning", thanks to his triumph at the World Junior Championships in 2002. There he won the 200m, making him the youngest junior gold medalist in the world.

  •  Later that year, the International Association of Athletics Federations awarded him their Rising Star Award. Today, Usain tops the list of the 10 fastest people on the planet.

Usaina Bolt at the 2002 World CupDespite some setbacks — notably a hamstring injury that kept him out of competition at the 2004 Athens Olympics — Bolt soon took the sports world by storm, winning three gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is the first athlete in Olympic history to win first place in both the 100m and 200m relays.

  •  He was able to run the 9,69 meters in 200 seconds, the 19,30 meters in 4 seconds, and the 100 x 37,10 meters relay in XNUMX, breaking both previous Olympic and world records. And as the icing on the cake: Bolt is the first person to set three world records in a single Olympics.

Participant of the Olympic GamesThe sprinter defended his "fastest man on earth" title at the London Olympics, becoming the first person to win gold medals in the 9,63m (19.32 seconds) and XNUMXm (XNUMX seconds) in two consecutive Olympic Games.

  •  At the same Olympics, he and three other members of the Jamaican team set a new world record in the 4x100m relay (36,84 seconds). After the relay ended, Bolt argued with one of the judges. The latter took away the baton from the athlete, which he wanted to receive as a souvenir. However, Bolt subsequently received the wand as a gift.

London 2012 Olympic gold medalIt would seem that the limit of success has been reached, but the 29-year-old Bolt is too fast to stand still. He made sports history again in 2016 after winning a third consecutive gold medal in the XNUMXm at his (allegedly) final Olympics in Rio.

  •  “Every long journey begins with one — the first step.” – Usain Bolt

Bolt's archrival

Usain may be insanely fast, but he's not the fastest on our planet. That honor belongs to the cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus), a graceful predator native to Africa and Asia. These endangered felines can run at speeds exceeding 120 km per hour, and are capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km per hour in three seconds. This is the Bugatti Veyron level.

  •  So a cheetah can easily outrun Usain, but after a couple of hundred yards the animal starts to run out of steam. With enough head start, Usain could overtake him…probably.

The fastest woman in the world

  •  If Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, then who is the fastest woman? This is US resident Florence Delores Griffith (Joyner), known to fans as Flo-Jo.

Dolores Griffith is the fastest woman in the worldThe seventh child in a large family (there were 11 children in total), raised by a divorced mother. Florence is remembered not only for her current world records of 21,34 seconds in the 200 meters and 10.49 seconds in the XNUMXm dash, but also a reverent attitude to their own appearance.

  •  This is the first female sprinter to appear on the track, carefully made up, with beautiful manicures and in a bright uniform. In the sports world, Florence has become a real style icon.Manicure by Dolores Griffith

  •  Griffith died in 1998 as a result of a heart attack. At that time, Flo-Jo was 38 years old.

The fastest man

  •  The men's record in the 100 meters was set by Andrey Epishin in 2006, his result is 10.10 seconds.

Andrey Epishin
Andrey Epishin in the center

  •  The women's speed record at a similar distance belongs to Irina Privalova, in 1994 she showed a result of 10.77 seconds.

Irina PrivalovaOther human speed records

  • The fastest cyclist – Francois Gissy (333 km / h)
  • The fastest footballer – Cristiano Ronaldo (36,9 km/h)
  • Ski speed record – Ivan Oregon (255 km / h)
  • Downhill Snowboarding – Darren Powell (202 km/h)
  • Minimum time to complete a Rubik's Cube – Mats Valk (4,74 sec)
  • Fastest pistol shooter – Jerry Miculek (5 shots on target in 0,57 seconds)
  • Typing speed record on the keyboard – Miit (100 characters in 20 seconds)
  • The fastest rapper in the world – Ceza (1267 words in 160 seconds)