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The best motorcycles of 2023

Harley Davidson Sportster S


  •  When compiling the list of the 10 best motorcycles of 2023, many different factors were taken into account:

  • Performance-related characteristics such as power and torque.
  • Economic aspects such as fuel efficiency, range and environmental aspects.
  • The comfort and handling of this year's bike contenders.
  • Last but not least, I tried to offer something special for every taste, riding style and budget.

Which motorcycle is better to choose in 2022

  •  When deciding which new bike you want to shell out for this year, it's important to consider your riding style.

  1. Road bikes or naked, designed for commuting and short distances. With a short wheelbase, minimalist styling, ease of handling and a more upright riding position than sportbikes, they are ideal for city driving.
  2. Cruisers is an ideal choice for beginners and those who appreciate comfortable handling and "terrible" sound. This motorcycle is not designed for rough dirt roads, and is valued not for its all-terrain ability and power, but for its stylish look and maximum comfort.
  3. Sport motorcycles are high-performance machines designed for maximum speed and drive.
  4. If you're looking for the best all-around bike for 2023, an enduro touring bike is the way to go.. It combines survivability, good handling, excellent cross-country ability and high traction characteristics. Suitable for long off-road trips.

10. Ducati Desert X is the best off-road tourenduro of 2022


  • 223 kg curb weight
  • 6 driving modes
  • Engine: Testastretta L-Twin 937cc, 110 hp at 9250 rpm
  • Ground clearance: 250 mm
  • Seat height: 875 mm

  •  The heart of the novelty is the 937 cc liquid-cooled Testastretta 11 Desmodromic engine with a peak torque of 92 Nm at 6500 rpm.

  •  At the same time, Ducati engineers redesigned the 6-speed gearbox, making the first five gears slightly shorter – this way it is more convenient to control traction off-road. But the sixth one is longer, so that it is more comfortable and more economical to drive along the highway.

  •  This model is equipped with a braking system with ABS Cornering. The front end is equipped with Brembo M50 radial monoblocs with four 30mm diameter pistons and 320mm double discs with aluminum flanges. At the rear, there is a single 265 mm disc, paired with a two-piston floating Brembo caliper.

  •  The fuel tank is impressive – 21 liters, and if this is not enough, you can install an 8-liter tank, it is mounted on the back of the motorcycle.

  •  In addition to the standard driving modes (Sport, City, Rain, Touring), there are two additional ones – Enduro and Rally. The first one is designed for beginner speed enthusiasts, and the maximum power in it is limited to 75 hp. You can disable ABS. The second mode has full power and minimal intervention of electronic assistants. ABS is also disabled.

  •  Long-travel suspension, heavy-duty frame and 21-inch front wheel make the Ducati Desert X fit for any on-road or off-road adventure.

  •  Presumably, the new tourenduro will appear in May, the price before the dollar appreciation is 1,5 million rubles.

Pros and cons big tank not afraid of off-road low fuel consumption – 5.6 liters per 100 km high ground clearance 5-inch display on the dashboard looks out of place, like a built-in mobile phone standard seat can be uncomfortable for people of short stature (but this can be fixed with the help of Ducati Performance accessories)

9. Motorcycle IRBIS TTR 250R – the best budget enduro


  • Engine displacement 250 cm³
  • Engine power 15.6 hp
  • Fuel consumption in non-boosted mode – 3 liters per 100 km
  • Curb weight: 132 kg
  • Seat height 880 mm

  •  This inexpensive enduro is suitable for riding on public roads, as well as dirt, dirt and small hills. Has protection for hands and protection of the engine at the bottom.

  •  250cc four-stroke engine see air-cooled bike accelerates to 110 km / h, and disc brakes will quickly slow down on any surface. The suspension has an inverted telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear.

  •  The volume of the gas tank is small – 12 liters. But fuel consumption is economical, if not reckless, then the engine "eats" only 3 liters for every 100 kilometers.

  •  Russian motorcyclists appreciate the Chinese IRBIS TTR 250R for its simplicity of design, inexpensive spare parts and good handling – even a girl or teenager can handle it. It starts without problems at low (up to -25 degrees) temperatures. As a first motorcycle or for riding on bad roads, this model is perfect.

  •  But IRBIS TTR 250R is not suitable for tricks – you are tormented by changing bearings.

Pros and cons good brakes maneuverable and passable inexpensive to maintain the headlight shines weak vibration and increased wear of rubber on the pavement a person of short stature will be uncomfortable

8. MOTAX 50cc is the best kids motocross bike of 2023


  • Engine: 2-stroke with inertia starter
  • Max. load: 90 kg
  • Fuel: 92 petrol
  • Age: 6 to 14 years old

  •  Designed specifically for young motorcyclists, this minicross runs up to 38 km/h. It has a 49cc air-cooled petrol engine, mechanical disc brakes (front and rear), plastic chain guard and small 10" alloy wheels.

  •  The basic equipment of one of the best motorcycles for children includes both an electric starter and a mechanical manual starter with an easy start mechanism. It will be easy for the child to start the engine.

  •  Despite the large load declared by the manufacturer, it is better to limit it to 65 kg so that the gearbox lasts longer.

Pros and cons manual and electric starter good build quality comfortable and easy operation two suspensions loud exhaust perceptible vibration

7. APRILIA RS660 is the best sport bike of 2023


  • Engine: two-cylinder, liquid cooling system
  • Engine size: 659 cm³
  • Engine power: 100 hp, 10500 rpm at 67 Nm
  • Weight: 209 kg
  • Landing height: 820 mm
  • Front Disc Diameter: 17″
  • Rear Disc Diameter: 17″

  •  Are you looking for a bike that you can take to the race track on weekends and use for quick commutes on weekdays? Pay attention to APRILIA RS660 – a sportbike from an Italian manufacturer.

  •  To ensure rider safety at high speeds, it is equipped with Aprilia Performance Ride Control, originally developed for use in racing. It is based on two gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers that collect data and transmit it to the on-board computer to evaluate the actions of the motorcyclist in real time.

  •  Fuel tank capacity – 15 liters, consumption – 4,90 liters for every 100 km. The front end is equipped with Brembo radial double disc calipers with four 32mm pistons. At the rear is a single 220mm disc paired with a Brembo twin-piston floating caliper.

  •  The cost of APRILIA RS 660 is 1,2 million rubles.

Pros and cons design and compact design comfortable bike for both professionals and beginners in the basic version there is a quickshifter and 5 riding modes comfortable – does not put excessive stress on the wrist good weight distribution no

6. Stels FLEX 250 – the best city bike in 2023 up to 150 rubles


  • Engine type: 4-stroke
  • Engine start: electric starter + kickstarter
  • Curb weight: 146 kg
  • Front tire: R17
  • Rear tire: R17

  •  This motorcycle is assembled according to Russian standards, but from Chinese components, which means that the departure of famous brands from the Russian market will not affect the availability of FLEX 250 spare parts.

  •  There is a telescopic fork in the front, a pendulum in the back. The reinforced frame made it possible to install a powerful (compared to similar models) motor and many external body kits. However, it is not worth accelerating on the Stels FLEX 250 to speeds above 100 km / h – vibration appears in the frame, which is reflected in the steering wheel and body kits of the front fork.

  •  With its dimensions (length – 2085 mm, width – 740 mm, height – 1040 mm, wheelbase – 1402 mm), the motorcycle fits perfectly into urban conditions.

Pros and cons sporty design good acceleration and high-torque to "hundreds" good gas tank capacity – 18 liters mediocre faranet no trunk, no space for installing an additional wardrobe trunk

5. Minsk D4 125 M1NSK is the best motorcycle of 2023 under 100 rubles


  • Engine type: 4-stroke, 125 cm³, 8000 rpm
  • Engine start: electric starter + kickstarter
  • Curb weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2100 x 770 x 1110 mm
  • Clearance: 210 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 12 l

  •  This brand has been familiar to domestic motorcyclists since Soviet times. Due to the unstable exchange rate of the ruble, Minsk D4 125 has risen in price a lot, now it costs a little more than 92.

  •  However, other models have risen in price even more, so for a beginner who wants to feel under himself a reliable and unpretentious iron horse in care, this motorcycle is ideal.

  •  Chrome-plated details make the exterior of "Minsk" noticeable and attractive. But much more owners like:

  • high ground clearance
  • low fuel consumption – the tank is enough, on average, for 500 km of track
  • and the ability to disperse the "horse" to 125 km / h.

  •  Large 18-inch wheels provide a confident ride on difficult Russian roads. Add to this the ease of handling and good maneuverability, and you get a great inexpensive bike for city and country trips.

Pros and cons laconic design easy to find spare parts good braking system low weight vibration starts at high speeds suspension is rather weak, brittle plastic can slip under a heavy person

4. 2022 BMW R 1250 GS is the best motorcycle for long trips


  • Engine type: two-cylinder, 4-stroke, air/liquid-cooled boxer
  • Working volume: 1254 cm³
  • Maximum power: 136 hp at 7750 rpm
  • Box: 6 gears
  • Weight: 249 kg

  •  The BMW R 1250 GS, with its large displacement boxer engine found on many of the German auto giant's motorcycles, offers cutting-edge performance both on and off the road. And on the highway, this handsome man can accelerate to 200 km / h.

  •  Low emissions, reduced fuel consumption (4,75 liters per 100 km) and an available eco-driving mode for maximum range make this motorcycle extremely economical.

  •  In the basic configuration (Select Package), buyers have access to such features as:

  • Cruise control.
  • GPS.
  • Heated handles.
  • Chrome muffler.
  • Case attachments.
  • Tire pressure sensors.
  • Keyless functions.

  •  Due to events in Ukraine, BMW suspended work, but the BMW R 1250 GS can still be found at a price of 3,3 million rubles.

Pros and cons electric start suitable for both track and off-road adaptive LED headlight for excellent illumination even in bends there is an adjustment of the engine braking torque in Pro mode price

3. Yamaha VMAX 1200 is the fastest cruiser of 2023


  • Engine: 4-stroke V-shaped
  • Engine size: 1200 cc cm.
  • Working volume: 1679 cm³
  • Maximum power: 200 hp at 9000 rpm
  • Curb weight: 310 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15 l

  •  Interesting features of this "Japanese devil" is a 4-cylinder engine with a V-shaped layout, as well as the V-Boost system, which increases the engine's power characteristics by 35-40% of the stock state. It connects a second pair of valves to each piston, and starts working when the engine picks up 6000 rpm.

  •  On the road, the Yamaha VMAX 1200 accelerates to 250 km/h. And for a quick stop, two brake discs with a diameter of 282 mm in front and one 282 mm disc in the rear are responsible. A telescopic fork is installed at the front, a monoshock absorber at the rear.

  •  However, there is a price to be paid for excess power and aggressive driving style – in this case, the clutch, gearbox (second gear often fails) and the cardan.

  •  Although new Yamaha VMAX 1200 models are no longer being produced, you can find models without mileage on the market, their price reaches 1,2 million rubles per model. Older models can be found for 400-500.

Pros and cons fast powerful steers easily large community of Russian owners gluttonous engine and small fuel tank plastic oil pump star often fails heavy weight

2. Zero 2022 SR is the best electric bike of 2023


  • Engine type: Air-cooled Z-Force 75-10 PMAC
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Weight: 229 kg
  • Cypher III+ operating system
  • Maximum bike range: 363,2 km

  •  This sports bike accelerates from zero to a hundred in just 3,3 seconds, and its ergonomics allow you to ride around the city and quickly rush along the highway.

  •  Instead of releasing various configurations of an electric bike, the manufacturer offers only one, but some functions in it are software-limited. Their owner can unlock them by making a purchase in the Cypher Store mobile store. For example, a 10% faster charge costs $195. But an increase in range by 20% on a single charge will cost $2195.

  •  Yes, the idea of paid feature unlocking sounds like a marketing gimmick, but that's the reality of today's world. For example, Tesla offers the innovative Full Self-Driving drone feature on a subscription basis.

  •  The original 74 "horses" and a top speed of 167 km / h can be increased to 113 hp. and 200 km/h respectively.

  •  The cost of Zero 2022 SR is 1,4 million rubles.

Pros and conseco-friendlystylishupgradeableno

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster S is the most beautiful motorcycle of 2023


  • Revolution Max 1250T powertrain
  • Power: 122 hp
  • Torque 125 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • Curb weight: 228 kg
  • Seat height without load: 765mm

  •  Not only does this bike boast a rugged look, but it also features a liquid-cooled engine, fully adjustable fork suspension, and driver assistance systems such as cruise control and ABS.

  •  Harley-Davidson engineers were able to reduce the weight of the motorcycle by eliminating the traditional frame. The extremely rigid chassis, of which the engine has become a part, and the low center of gravity affect the performance for the better.

  •  Loud exhaust pipes are made of stainless steel. Due to the design features, they do not heat the pipes near the driver's feet.

  •  The Sportster S has three standard riding modes: Sport, Road and Rain. If this is not enough, you can create your own mode by combining settings.

  •  The Russian price announced before the price increase is from 1,5 million rubles. Now Sportster S can cost from 2 million rubles and more.

Pros and consdesignpowercomforthard to find for sale