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Most Reliable Cars 2019 by Consumer Reports and JD Power

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The two main factors influencing whether you will say a resolute “I take it!” when choosing a car are: or uncertain "I'll think about it ..." – this is the price and reliability. Someone attracts friends and acquaintances as experts, someone is looking for reviews on the forums of car owners. And we decided to rely on the opinion of experts from Consumer Reports and JD Power – publications that annually compile rating of the most reliable cars 2019 by surveying hundreds of thousands of drivers.

  • Consumer Reports for the 2019 model year looked at responses from 500 vehicle owners. With information on everything from engines and braking systems to interior quality and infotainment, the non-profit testing agency has confidently predicted which cars will give customers the least trouble in the coming years.
  • The latest ranking of the most reliable from the American company JD Power is based on the results of a survey of over 33 motorists who have owned their car for at least 000 years.

  •  We present you the top 10 most reliable passenger cars for 2019. We included in the rating cars that are sold from official car dealers.

10.Toyota Highlander

Toyota HighlanderIn truth, Toyota could fill this entire list of reliable vehicles, but some of its models are the most impressive.

  •  If you look at the data on the Highlander SUV since its 2014 redesign, you'll find a car with no mechanical problems (and virtually no electrical problems in the cab). But the Highlander's best year came in 2018, when it scored the highest score for its segment in a Consumer Reports report.

9Kia Soul

Kia SoulTo get the highest reliability rating, a contender car usually has to push one of the Toyota models off the pedestal. This is exactly what the Kia Soul did in 2019, becoming the most reliable minivan in recent years.

  •  After several years in a row without any major claims from the owners, Kia Soul received the best reliability rating to date. Curiously, in the Consumer Reports ranking, another Kia production model, namely the Sedona, became the best minivan. She managed to surpass the very popular Toyota Sienna in the West and make the rest of the contenders for the title of minivan of the year swallow the dust.

8.Honda Fit

Honda FitConsumer Reports ranks the Honda Fit as the best small car in the US market., the hatchback microvan is called the Honda Jazz.

  •  In the latest survey, foreign car owners reported that there were no shortcomings in this model. Over the past two years, the only negative feedback regarding the Honda Fit has been minor issues with the climate system.

  •  Russian car owners also do not complain about the Honda Fit, calling it a reliable, nimble and economical car.

7. Toyota Camry

Toyota CamryOne of the most reliable mid-size cars of the decade has lived up to its reputation in 2019. It has been sold all over the world for more than a year, and is in the top 5 best in terms of presentability, price and quality of cars on the Russian market.

  •  In addition, according to car owners, Toyota Camry is not at all expensive to maintain. The main cost item for this car is motor oil, gasoline and filters.

  •  Even though the basic design of the Camry has been around for several years, Toyota is constantly making improvements to keep it fresh and competitive.

  •  So this year, an updated model of the popular sedan appeared. Its cost is 1,9 million rubles.

6 Lexus NX

Lexus NXThere have been a lot of problems with luxury crossovers in recent years, but you won't find Lexus models among them. In the case of the compact NX, there were mentions of minor issues with paint and trim and the infotainment system. However, they have been resolved in the last two years.

  •  According to the latest Consumer Reports poll, the Lexus NX looks almost flawless. Its high reliability ratings (88%) allowed the car to overtake such eminent competitors as Porsche Macan (53%) and Mercedes GLC (34%).

5 Toyota Corolla

Toyota CorollaThere is fierce competition in the compact car class. However, Corolla managed to drive around all rivals, receiving the title of "most reliable compact car" with a score of 89%.

  •  By now, you're probably tired of watching Toyota models win the battle for reliability, but imagine how other automakers feel.

  •  The owners have not reported anything bad to Consumer Reports about this car since, and before that there were complaints about minor problems with car electronics. So if you are looking for a practical, most reliable and not too expensive car for traveling around the city, then Toyota Corolla is the best option.

4. BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 SeriesA powerful and elegant car with excellent handling was named the best mid-size premium sedan by JD Power experts.

  •  And although the Russian owners of the BMW 5 Series share the admiration of their foreign colleagues, they still complain. No, not for the lack of reliability of the car, but for the high transport tax and expensive consumables. But the car is worth it, because in terms of comfort, dynamics and design it has few equals.

3.MINI Cooper

MThe winner in the nomination “best compact sports car” is not such a frequent guest on Russian roads. However, it is more popular abroad, and on the JD Power list it even outperformed its closest competitor, the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

  •  However, the participants in the Consumer Reports survey do not agree with this and still gave the palm to the Japanese. So let's assume that these two cars go head to head.

  •  In addition to reliability, the MINI Cooper immediately stands out from the competition with its unusual appearance. This car is "an amateur", but this iron horse will not disappoint its owner with frequent "diseases".

2 Porsche 911

Porsche 911The most reliable car according to JD Power. This athletic handsome man is not in the top ten most expensive cars in the world, but not affordable for most car owners due to the "inhumane" price of 6,4 million rubles.

  •  The "true Aryan" in the automotive industry offers superior driving dynamics, a luxurious interior and stylish design. The power scale of this machine varies from 325 to 620 horsepower for various versions.

  •  The facelifted Porsche 911 (911 Carrera S and 911 Carrera 4S) was one of the highlights of the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. The most noticeable external changes were an elongated hood and headlights with matrix LEDs. Of the internal changes, it is worth noting the upgraded three-liter boxer engine with 450 hp. A mode has also appeared that helps the driver on a trip on a wet surface.

1. Lexus GX

Lexus GXBoth JD Power and Consumer Reports agreed that there is no more reliable Lexus brand in the auto world. That's why this luxurious and powerful SUV became the king of the roads in 2019, the most reliable car.

  •  If you want the ultimate in Highlander reliability, but want more technology and comfort, then the Lexus GX is the way to go.

  •  The high reliability rate (95%) of this car is significantly ahead of the closest competitors – Audi Q7 (66%), Mercedes GLE (52%) and Acura MDX (40%).

Complete ranking of the most reliable cars according to JD Power