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10 places to go in May 2021 at sea



Some of best countries to visit in May 2021 Years include European gems such as France, Spain, Croatia, and the star of Eurasia, Turkey.

  •  And if you're looking for something a little more exotic, cherry blossoms in Japan are still in bloom in May. So choose an option from the list below and go on vacation! Some of the countries you could visit in May are still closed due to coronavirus restrictions, but the situation is changing every day, and by May they may well be open to Russian tourists.

10. France – for romantics and oyster lovers

It is better to go abroad in May to FranceThe world's cradle of fashion is beauty best seen in spring. In May, the weather in France is beautiful, and there are much fewer tourists than in summer.

  •  If you like natural beauty, we recommend visiting the town of Vezac, next to which are the Hanging Gardens of Marquessac. They are named so because they are planted in terraces around the ancient castle, and from afar it seems that they hang down from the mountain.

  •  More than 150 boxwood bushes grow in this six-kilometer labyrinth, as well as cypresses, cyclamens, strawberry trees and other plants.

  •  For romantics, there is nothing better than Toulouse, the “pink city”, in which many old buildings are lined with terracotta bricks. At sunset and dawn, they look especially impressive.

  •  And if you want to taste delicious oysters and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, head to Cancale. In this oyster capital of France, sea clams are grown on farms and supplied to local restaurants.

  •  For luxury and relaxation, there is the French Riviera, which includes resort towns such as Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monaco and Nice. For tourists with children (and even adults), we recommend Disneyland Paris.

9. Croatia – for visiting fairs and enjoying nature

Where to go in May 2021 in Europe, we recommend CroatiaAlthough Croatia is a good holiday destination all year round, May is the perfect time to experience all that this country has to offer. The weather is warm and sunny but not too hot for hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities. You will also avoid the summer crush that comes in the first month of summer.

  •  On May XNUMXth, the ancient Croatian city of Split celebrates the day of its patron, Domnius. At this time, religious processions take place, traditional music sounds, and street fairs open. Domnius is considered the patron saint of joiners, coopers and wood carvers, so there will be a lot of wooden products at local fairs that you can hardly buy anywhere else.

  •  Explore the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, home to a chain of 16 terraced lakes, pristine waterfalls and a limestone canyon.

  •  The island of Hvar, located in the Adriatic Sea, is another tranquil place that exudes a spring vibe. There are lavender fields, vineyards, and numerous springs. And also – the oldest public theater in Europe, whose history dates back to 1612

8. The West Coast of Australia – for outdoor activities

West coast of AustraliaThe end of spring is a rather cold time in most places in Australia, with the exception of its western coast. There is plenty to do at sea, from diving to snorkeling, from surfing to kitesurfing and windsurfing.

  •  May is the best time to explore Ningaloo Marine Park. This is a huge coral reef, and the most impressive adventure here is walking with whale sharks. Fishing enthusiasts won't be disappointed either, with boat rentals, all the necessary equipment...and plenty of quiet hours trying to catch salmon, snapper, Spanish mackerel and other types of fish found in the local waters.

7. Botswana – for wildlife lovers

Botswana, travel to the wildMay marks the beginning of the dry and cool period in Botswana. Humidity drops, creating comfortable-warm conditions. The air can be chilly at night and early morning, so bring a jacket.

  •  In addition to the safari, you can take a boat or mokoro (traditional canoe) trip to explore the wildlife along the reed-covered waterways of the Okavango, the planet's largest inland delta with no outflow to the world's oceans. Botswana's game reserves are never crowded, but you'll see even fewer tourists in May than at the end of the season and may be able to take advantage of lower prices.

6. Saint Lucia – for those who love jazz

St. LuciaMay is one of the best times to enjoy a holiday in this small Caribbean island nation. Those who came here for the winter holidays have already gone home, but the rains have not yet begun. Temperatures in St. Lucia are pleasant and warm all year round, but in May, hotels offer excellent value for money and the beaches are mostly empty of visitors.

  •  Also in May, the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is held annually on the island. At this time, the audience can enjoy performances by local and visiting jazzmen, calypso music and rhythm and blues. Events take place on stages large and small throughout the island, including Pigeon Point National Park, Derek Walcott Square, Old Fort Square, and more.

5. Spain – for connoisseurs of booze, sights and bullfighting

Spain, excursions in MayMay in Barcelona is open-air cafes and bars serving endless pitchers of sangria, and in Madrid there is a bullfight in honor of Saint Isidro's Day.

  •  And in Seville, from late April to early May, the great Seville Fair or La Feria de Abril takes place. Every festive day, a parade of riders and horse-drawn carriages begins in it. And when you get tired of the spectacular scenery, you can cool off in the ice bar Icebarcelona in Barcelona, view the Holy Grail in the Valencia Cathedral, visit the Almeria Desert – the only desert in Europe, or explore the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

4. Japan – for enjoying the fleeting beauty of sakura

Japan, cherry blossom in MayMay in Japan is the continuation of the cherry blossom season in April, and the only slight difference between these months is the warmer temperatures.

  •  At the very beginning of May, cherry blossoms come into full bloom in the city of Hakodate. The most popular places for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) are Goryokak Fort, built in the form of a five-pointed star, and Hakodate Park, one of the first Western-style buildings in the country. It also houses the City Museum, a mini-zoo and a children's playground.

  •  In Tokyo's Shinjuku district, there is another popular place for "sakurophiles" – Shinjuku Gyoen Park. Over a thousand trees grow there, which in spring delight the eye with white-pink "clouds". Moreover, the park has both early-flowering and late-flowering varieties of sakura, which makes it possible to admire the flowering even for those who missed the main season.

  •  Another amazing place to visit in Japan in May is Kyoto, with its Philosophical Path that runs from the Silver Pavilion to Nanzen-ji Temple. On both sides of the canal along which the trail runs, hundreds of sakura trees grow. By the way, the Silver Pavilion, despite its name, is not covered with silver. However, the Japanese are not embarrassed by this, and they call the building an example of unfinished beauty.

3. Belize is for the sweet tooth

Belize, for gastronomic tourismSo that the trip does not disappoint you with rainy weather, we recommend choosing the Cayo area. The rainy season will start in June, and the Easter bustle has already subsided, so you won’t have to fight for a place in the sun with crowds of tourists.

  •  In the third week of May, Toledo Cacao Fest, a week-long festival dedicated to all things chocolate, will begin in Belize. You can attend tastings, cooking competitions and street fairs that bring attention to the country's small but booming cocoa industry.

2. Mauritius – for lovers of beach holidays and water sports

Mauritius, beach holidays in May 2021One of the best places to visit in May is a beach paradise in the Indian Ocean, known worldwide for its natural abundance of pristine water, white sand and emerald green palm trees.

  •  In May, the air temperature in Mauritius reaches 27 ° C. This is the perfect time and weather for your May holidays.

  •  Things to do in Mauritius in May:

  1. Explore the famous Bois Cheri tea plantations. And be sure to look into the tea museum, which operates at a local tea factory.
  2. Go scuba diving and kitesurfing at Belle Mare Beach, or snorkel at Blue Bay Marine Park.
  3. Horseback riding on the Riambel beach is amazing, especially during sunset.
  4. Nature lovers are advised to visit the National Botanical Garden of Mauritius.
  5. If you need the most developed tourist infrastructure on the island, then the path lies on Grand Baie, the most developed local beach. There are many restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, a large shopping mall and even hospitals. And you can book an Albatross seaplane ride over the Mauritian coast for a bird's-eye view.

1. Turkey – for an inexpensive seaside vacation in 2021

restricts air traffic with Turkey from April 15 to June 1.

Where to go in May 2021 inexpensively: TurkeyWhile in Turkey, you will find a mixture of old and new: minarets side by side with skyscrapers, and calls to evening prayers are intertwined with the sounds of electronic music coming from cruise ships sailing along the Bosphorus.

  •  Start your travel itinerary from Istanbul, from Hagia Sophia to Topkapi Palace, from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque to the Maiden Tower, to admire the majestic monuments of architecture.

  •  Wander through Istanbul's bazaars in search of exotic spices, dried fruits, coffee and jewelry. And if you are planning to travel to Turkey with children, head to The Land of Legends theme park, the largest water park in the Mediterranean. Its highlight is the Hyper Coaster, a high-speed attraction with a height of 61 meters and a speed of 115 km/h.

Other great places to stay in Turkey in May are Pamukkale, Ankara, Antalya and Cappadocia. We recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best resorts in Turkeyto choose the option that suits you.