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The best pools for summer cottages – rating of 2023



  •  Summer is coming, which means it's time to decide which pool is best for giving. Its purchase solves many problems – from overheating of children and adults to the need to waste time and gasoline for a trip to the river, where the water is not too clean, and there are already a lot of people who want to dip their hot bodies.

  •  I present to you the rating of pools in 2023, compiled based on the ratio of price, equipment and reviews. The review includes both inflatable and frame models.

How to choose a frame or a good inflatable pool for a summer residence and a private house

  •  The first question you need to ask before buying a pool is where will the water drain to? If in a ditch, reservoir or other suitable "storage", then you can choose a pool with a volume of 4000 liters or more. Otherwise, it is better to choose a small pool of 2-3 thousand liters.

  •  According to GOST, the allowable depth by age is:

  • up to 7 years – up to 0,6 m,
  • 7 – 10 years – up to 0,8 m,
  • 10 – 14 years – up to 1 m,
  • from 14 years old – 1,2 – 1,4 m.

  •  For a child swimming, it is best to choose a round-shaped pool – without sharp corners.

  •  Inflatable pools are inexpensive, can be equipped with additional amenities like an inflatable slide and sprinkler, and are convenient to take with you on a trip. But the frame ones are stronger, more spacious, and are better suited for teenagers and adults.

Optimal Type frame pool for a summer residence – coated with three-layer PVC or even with a special reinforced PVC coating. They are durable, easy to install, although they require seasonal storage. If you are too lazy to mess with dismantling the pool for the winter, you can choose a frost-resistant instilled pool.

  •  Pay attention to the package. It is good if a ladder, a cartridge filter, a pump, an awning and a substrate come with the pool. Otherwise, you will have to buy it all yourself.

  •  Typically, inflatable pools are made from one or two layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material does not pass water, withstands temperatures up to 65 degrees, safe for children and adults. But you need to install it on a perfectly flat surface, without pebbles and other sharp objects.

Which pool is better according to reviews: Intex or bestway

  •  Both companies have a lot of both positive and negative reviews from Russian users. They have similar advantages and disadvantages.

  • The first includes an acceptable (even after a rise in price in 2023) price, intelligible instructionsn, ease of installation and good equipment for more expensive models.
  • The disadvantages are frequent blowing off after several months of operation and leaks that have to be fixed with the help of repair kits. However, they often arise due to improper operation, and not through the fault of the manufacturer.

  •  Summing up, which pool company is better depends solely on which pool you like visually, and whether you are satisfied with its price. Otherwise, both Intex and Bestway are similar in characteristics.

Rating of pools for summer cottages in 2023

10. Game center Intex 57162

Intex 57162 best play pool 2023

  • Volume: 182 L
  • Sprayer included
  • Shipping weight: 8.70 kg
  • Inflatable pool
  • LxW 218x188 cm, depth 99 cm

  •  The best inflatable pool for a summer cottage will help keep your fidget busy for a long time on a hot summer day. The inflatable slide allows you to squeal and splash right into the water, and the bright design and inflatable fish are nice cherries on the cake.

  •  To spray water from a palm tree, you need to connect a hose. This model has a hard bottom, so it holds steady on any flat surface, no special foundation is required.

Pros and cons

9. Round frost-resistant pool LARIMAR

LARIMAR good frost-resistant pool

  • Volume: 5600 L
  • The bottom of the pool is hard
  • Includes sprinkler, skimmer
  • Shipping weight: 56 kg
  • hard pool
  • Diameter 244 cm, depth 125 cm

  •  Which pool is better to buy for a large family up to 7 people? One suitable option is offered by Larimar. Its all-season pool will be comfortable for both adults and children.

  •  The construction is solid, but no frills – you will have to buy a ladder and a water pump and other necessary accessories yourself.

  •  The pool is made of laminated sheet steel 0,5 mm thick with transverse profiling and a cup pack 0,4 mm thick.

  •  Thanks to the wood finish, the pool looks aesthetically pleasing. And its installation is carried out in a few hours, and does not require special skills. If necessary, you can replace the cup package without dismantling the entire pool.

Pros and cons external size sees the need to disassemble for the winter poor equipment high price

8. Children's pool Bestway Play 51124 Set

Bestway Play 51124 Set pool for the little ones

  • Volume: 137 L
  • Inflatable pool
  • Diameter 122 cm, depth 20 cm
  • Includes: inflatable ring and inflatable ball

  •  Which pool is better to choose so that it is safe and fun for a child 1-4 years old? With a shallow bottom and accessories for safe swimming, such as an inflatable vest or swim ring.

  •  And Bestway Play 51124 Set fully meets these criteria. Its depth is only 20 cm – not enough for a teenager or an adult, but splashing a preschooler is just right. The product is made of vinyl, and the bottom is made of rigid film. It does not inflate, but this is even a plus – it is easier to rinse the pool after use.

  •  The pool is bright, compact, durable, and what else to ask for at this price?

Pros and cons

7. Inflatable pool Jilong Prompt

Inflatable pool Jilong Prompt

  • Size in working order: 240cm x 63cm
  • Volume: 2074 liters
  • Includes: 300 Gal filter pump, repair kit and cartridge

  •  Perhaps the best inflatable pool for a small family. It has a thick protective side so that the child does not accidentally fall out of the pool. Assembling the pool, according to the manufacturer, takes no more than 15 minutes.

  •  Made by Jilong Prompt with durable XNUMX-layer PVC, environmentally friendly and UV resistant. The kit includes a water pump that allows you to quickly fill the pool with water and filter it along the way.

Pros and cons Easy to install Requires a flat surface for placement, not a foundation Easy to fold No

6. Pool Summer Escapes P20-1452-B

Summer Escapes P20-1452-B

  • Volume: 16048 L
  • Includes: ladder, awning, water pump, pool pad, skimmer, cartridge filter
  • Shipping weight: 77.80 kg
  • Frame pool
  • Diameter 427 cm, depth 132 cm

  •  A solid frame pool, both in size and cost. In the ranking of pools for summer cottages, Summer Escapes P20-1452-B stands out for its all-inclusive package. There is even a bedding and a skimmer – a device for capturing surface debris (leaves, insects, etc.).

  •  The size and depth of the pool allow not only children but also adults to comfortably accommodate in it. The pool bowl is made of three-layer PVC, and the frame posts are made of metal with anti-corrosion coating.

Pros and cons durable deep everything you need for installation and operation is included the drain is not at the very bottom, so the water may not drain completely ill-conceived fastening of the covering tent, due to which it can be blown away by a gust of wind

5. Children's pool Bestway Splash-in-Shade Play 56432/56193

Bestway Splash-in-Shade Play 56432/56193

  • Volume: 1688 L
  • Shipping weight: 14.20 kg
  • Frame pool
  • Diameter 244 cm, depth 51 cm
  • Includes: swimming pool, sun canopy, repair kit, sprinkler tube

  •  The only children's pool in the ranking, equipped with a sun canopy. Thanks to the shallow depth of the Splash-in-Shade Play, even a child of 2-3 years old will be comfortable. The pool is equipped with a drain valve to which you can attach a garden hose and drain the water in the desired direction.

  •  The frame of this model is metal, and in order to avoid corrosion, the manufacturer covered it with a layer of plastic. The bowl is made of three-layer durable PVC, and its inner surface is painted like a mosaic.

  •  To place the pool, only a flat and clean area is required.

Pros and consEasy to installEasy to assemble enough for 3-4 kids to rest Sprinkler is difficult to adjust, many buyers just don't use it

4. Pool Intex Easy Set 28101/54402

Intex Easy Set 28101/54402 best inflatable pool

  • Volume: 886 L
  • Inflatable pool
  • Diameter 183 cm, depth 51 cm
  • Included: no accessories

  •  One of the most budget options in the 2023 pool ranking. It is equipped with a drain valve and an outlet for connecting a filter, but there is no pump or other useful tools in the kit.

  •  The pool will fit 3-4 children of average configuration aged 10-12 years, or two children and an adult. Due to the shallow depth in the pool, even a small three-year-old child can swim, but only under the supervision of elders.

  •  The bottom of the pool is durable – made of a dense polymer film, like the walls. Users positively evaluated the instruction in several languages (Russian is available), the simplicity and ease of assembly and use of the Intex Easy Set.

Pros and cons easy to assemble durable housing fills quickly if you lean against the walls, water splashes out you need a perfectly flat surface for installation

3. Pool Bestway Steel Pro MAX 56420

Bestway Steel Pro MAX 56420

  • Volume: 10250 L
  • Included: ladder, awning, water pump, cartridge filter
  • Shipping weight: 45 kg
  • Frame pool
  • Diameter 366 cm, depth 122 cm

  •  The top 3 pools are opened by a frame model that has many positive reviews on Yandex.Market. Such popularity among users is explained, first of all, by the rich package bundle, which has everything you need for quick installation and filling the pool. Each item is neatly packaged in a separate box. The instructions are clear and simple. And if necessary, you can buy a sand filter pump.

  •  To place the pool does not need a foundation, a fairly flat and flat surface. The ladder included in the kit, according to the manufacturer, can withstand weight up to 300 kg. The swimming pool can accommodate a company of 3-5 adults of average configuration.

Pros and cons easy to assembledurable well-equipped easily soiled outer side

2. Pool Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997

Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997 the best frame pool for a summer residence

  • Volume: 4485 L
  • Shipping weight: 17.40 kg
  • Frame pool
  • Diameter 305 cm, depth 76 cm
  • Included: the pool itself

  •  The equipment of this model is even poorer than that of the second place in the ranking of the best pools for summer cottages. But if you want your pool to be equipped with the best components, then you need to choose them yourself. In this case, Intex provides such an opportunity, which is reflected in the price of the product.

  •  Customers praise the Intex Metal Frame for its ease of assembly and compactness. Yes, the pool is a bit small, but on a hot summer day, this is even an advantage – the water warms up faster. And drains quickly when needed. Both adults and children over 5 years old can swim in the pool – under the supervision of their parents.

Pros and consQuality buildIdeal for kids due to shallow depthScarce package

1. Pool Bestway Steel Pro 56042/56403

Bestway Steel Pro 56042/56403 best rectangular frame pool

  • Volume: 2300 L
  • Shipping weight: 19.10 kg
  • Frame pool
  • LxW 259x170 cm, depth 61 cm
  • Included: no accessories

  •  The best children's pool in terms of price and performance. Its walls are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, and the bowl is made of durable PVC. The filter pump, awning, ladder and other accessories for Bestway Steel Pro operation must be purchased separately, hence the low price of the product. But there is a drain valve, and by attaching a garden hose to it, you can drain the water in any direction.

  •  The shallow depth allows small children to plunge into the pool (of course, under the supervision of their parents). Yes, and the parents themselves on a hot summer day can sit in the pool, fortunately, the length and width allow.

  •  Like other frame pools, Bestway Steel Pro is suitable for use only in the summer-autumn period. During the period of cold weather, it must be removed in a dry place with a temperature of +5 to +38 degrees.

Pros and cons easy to assemble compact suitable for small children fills quickly poor equipment