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Top 10 best electric barbecue grills in 2023

Electric barbecue grills


  •  Do you want to fry kebabs in any weather and at any time of the day? For yourself alone, for a group of friends, for a family? Then the electric grill is for you.

  •  In this review, I have collected the top 10 best electric barbecue grills of 2023 in terms of price and quality. All rating participants are ranked based on popularity and user reviews on Yandex.Market.

10. Barbecue ENDEVER Grillmaster 300

ENDEVER Grillmaster 300 opens the rating of electric barbecue grills

  • power: 1700W
  • body material: composite materials
  • features: fat collection tray, skewer, grid
  • number of skewers: 7
  • 2x3x45 cm

  •  The most expensive electric kebab in the top 10 is proudly called the “Master of the Grill”.

  •  In addition to traditional kebab skewers (by the way, they are not inserted through a slot in the lid, but hang from slots in a metal disk inside the body), there are also grills for fish (two pieces), baking trays (three pieces), and a skewer, on which you can cook a whole bird or a large piece of meat.

  •  And so that the owners can freely admire the round dance of shish kebabs, the front door is made of tempered heat-resistant glass (the rear door is a metal reflector). The products inside are still beautifully illuminated (according to the manufacturer, the color depends on the heating mode). And a small but important detail is provided – a timer with automatic shutdown, which can be set up to an hour.

  •  However, according to buyers, this device has its flaws. For example, shish kebabs are hung on a metal disk, which is then completely installed in a shish kebab. That is, it will not be possible to freely remove ready-made skewers from it and leave others to “reach”. And the disk itself is hot, you can’t drag it back and forth.

Pros and consPowerfull equipmentTimer with automatic shutdownTempered glass swing doorSpoke-shaped skewers do not hold meat wellIt is inconvenient to get hot skewers

9. Xiaomi Liven KL-J121 barbecue grill

Xiaomi Liven KL-J121

  • Power: 1100 W
  • Features rotisserie, fat collection tray
  • Number of skewers: 12

  •  Do you want to buy an electric barbecue that does not look like an electric barbecue? Not another word! In the rich assortment of Xiaomi there is just such a model.

  •  It is designed for a large company – up to 12 people, has a single removable container for collecting fat, and a transparent glass capsule through which you can see how the cooking process is going. A bewitching spectacle!

  •  Liven KL-J121 skewers automatically rotate 360 degrees, and the built-in IR emitter ensures uniform frying of products. The meat is ready after 20-30 minutes.

Pros and cons there is a timer for 30 minutes it is well washed from fat it is convenient to control the cooking process skewers are close to each other, users recommend putting them through one

8. Barbecue Oursson VR1520/DC

Oursson VR1520/DC

  • Power: 1500 W
  • Features: skewer, grill
  • Additional functions automatic shutdown, overheating protection
  • Number of skewers: 7
  • LxWxH: 28.20x33.40x44.60 cm
  • Weight: 4.1 kg

  •  This model immediately attracts attention with a stylish and bright design. And if you open the door made of heat-resistant glass, then inside we will see a skewer with clamps, on which you can cook a whole chicken, places to place 7 skewers and 2 grills for baking fish.

  •  Such versatility, as well as the presence of a 60-minute timer with automatic shutdown, and an audible signal when work is completed explain the high price of the device. In addition, the device allows you to adjust the heating power so as not to overdry the meat.

  •  Another advantage of Oursson VR1520/DC is the mode of keeping food warm at half power.

Pros and cons you can cook different dishes removable parts are easy to clean a single drip pan for collecting fat fast cooking kebabs heavy

7. Barbecue Lira 2021

Barbecue Lira 2021

  • Power: 1000 W
  • Work surface material: metal
  • Body material: aluminum body
  • Number of skewers: 5

  •  A multifunctional barbecue maker, in which you can cook dishes from meat and fish. Fry evenly, the meat is juicy, and the fat flows straight into the cups.

  •  According to user reviews, barbecue made in Lira 2021 tastes no worse than in a street grill.

  •  Lira 2021 has one drawback that is common to most kebab makers – the meat slides down. But this is easy to fix by stringing a small piece of potato or zucchini.

Pros and cons does not take up much space cooks meat perfectly from all sides meat slides off skewers

6. Barbecue REDMOND RBQ-0252-E


  • Power: 900 W
  • Case material: steel case
  • Features of the fat collection tray
  • Additional features automatic shutdown
  • Number of skewers: 6
  • LxWxH: 21.50x18x46.50 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg

  •  Lightweight, small barbecue grill with a convenient switch – you do not have to unplug the device from the outlet every time.

  •  The kebab cooks quickly – about 20 minutes, and the skewers rotate at a speed of 2 revolutions per minute so that the meat warms up evenly. As a result, the meat is tasty and juicy.

  •  But with the number of skewers, the manufacturer slightly "cheated". There are 6 of them, but only 5 can be used, one is a spare.

  •  The grease collection bowls are removable for easy cleaning after use.

Pros and cons compact meat cooks quickly and evenly fried pieces of meat do not slide down you have to make small pieces so that they do not come into contact with the heater only 5 skewers can be used

5. Barbecue VLK Palermo-6800

VLK Palermo-6800 in the top 10 electric barbecue grills of 2023

  • Power: 1200 W
  • Case material: steel case
  • Spit features
  • Number of skewers: 8
  • LxWxH: 24x24x39.50 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg

  •  As the manufacturer promises, up to 5 kg of barbecue can be cooked at a time. And so that you do not run every time to check whether the meat is ready, the barbecue has a timer with a range of up to 30 minutes.

  •  The kebab is made of metal inside and out, so it is not afraid of scratches and, theoretically, will even survive a fall from the table.

  •  Thanks to the automatic rotation of the skewers (4 revolutions per minute), the meat is fried evenly, covered with a crispy crust.

Pros and consComfortable cool handles Large work surfaceDistance between skewer and heating element – 6 cmBeautiful designSmall cups

4. Barbecue Kitfort KT-1404

Kitfort KT-1404

  • power: 1400W
  • features: fat collection tray
  • number of skewers: 7
  • 5x5x36 cm, 2.60 kg

  •  An interesting model, which differs from a typical electric barbecue grill by the absence of a traditional protective casing. This means that some of the heat will be dissipated, warming the air in the kitchen, and the dishes themselves will take longer to cook. But in the center of the device there is a mega-skewer, on which you can easily fry a large piece of meat or even a small chicken as a whole.

  •  The heating element is located at the back, at the reflector, that is, during rotation, the skewers with pieces strung on them either approach or move away from the heat source. With this design, the shish kebab will not be able to get crispy crusts, but the meat will be soft, tender, juicy and completely “baked” both inside and out. The product comes with seven skewers and a plate for collecting fat.

Pros and cons tender and juicy, evenly cooked meat can make grilled chicken long cooking time

3. Kitfort KT-1405

Kitfort KT-1405

  • power: 900W
  • body material: composite materials
  • features: fat collection tray
  • number of skewers: 5
  • 5×39 cm, 1.60 kg

  •  The top 3 best electric barbecue grills of 2023 are opened by a popular model that can hold up to 1,7 kg of meat. Skewers rotate 360 degrees during operation and the meat turns out juicy, not dry, like many competitors from the budget segment.

  •  During cooking, pieces of meat may slowly slide off the skewer. But a small piece of potato placed on the bottom of the skewer will solve this problem.

  •  The heating element is not in a glass flask, as in older models. This allows you to make large pieces. The power cable does not heat up during operation of the device. However, it is short – and this is the main drawback of this model.

Pros and consmeat cooks quickly can place large pieces compact sizequality assembly has an on/off switchmeat slides off the skewersshort power cord

2. Barbecue Miraculous ESH-1008T

Miraculous ESH-1008T

  • power: 1450W
  • body material: steel body
  • features: fat collection tray
  • number of skewers: 8
  • 3 kg

  •  This model is Russian-made, and not for 5, as usual, but for as many as 8 skewers – very convenient when frying sausages, they are usually sold in 4 pieces per pack. Sturdy, high quality, durable construction with smooth, factory-finished edges. Is that a little heavy compared to other positions in the rating.

  •  The heating element is not covered with a glass flask, and it is undemanding to care. But buyers especially like the clips that come with the kit – they prevent the meat from sliding down, which is a common problem in vertical skewers.

Pros and cons quality of materials and performance large, roomy, 8 skewers clamps included power lower than stated

1. Barbecue grill DELTA DL-6700

The best electric grill DELTA DL-6700 in terms of price / quality

  • work surface material: metal
  • body material: aluminum body
  • features: fat collection tray
  • number of skewers: 5

  •  In the first place in the list of the best electric barbecue grills for the home is an inexpensive Chinese-made model – DELTA DL-6700. Its design is very simple – a cylindrical casing, a heating element in the center, skewers hang from a metal cover, each has its own cup for fat.

  •  Screw-shaped skewers do not allow the meat to slide down (a common problem with this type of barbecue). Despite the cheapness, there are also some nice qualities – for example, an on / off button (not so common in this price category).

  •  The heating element heats up quickly and well. True, the casing is narrow, so the meat will have to be cut into small pieces, and the cooking time should be calculated with a timer in hand so as not to overdry – but look at this price!

Pros and cons simple and convenient design there is an on / off button low price no

How to choose the best electric grill

Horizontal or vertical?

  •  Models with a vertical design are more compact than their horizontal competitors. Fat and juice drain into the pan or into separate cups and splash less.

  •  Horizontal skewers can hold many skewers – up to 24. However, they take up a lot of space, and some models do not have automatic rotation of the skewers, you have to turn them manually.

Types of heaters

  •  Older models used a nichrome heater surrounded by quartz glass. Looks like a glass tube. Cheap, practical, except that the spiral can burn out over time.

  •  Many modern models use stainless steel heating elements. It can also burn, but is more resistant to mechanical damage.


  •  The higher this parameter, the faster the barbecue will be cooked. For an ordinary household electric barbecue, sufficient power is 1000-1500 watts.

Management and security

  •  Budget kebabs have only an on-off button. More expensive – a timer for 15-60 minutes and power adjustment. Many models provide automatic shutdown after the timer runs out and sound notification of the completion of the cooking process.

The number of skewers

  •  For a family of 2-3 people, a model with 5 skewers is enough. Expensive models have 8 skewers and above.

Useful little things that make it easier to use the barbecue

  • Removable fat collection tray.
  • Meat restraints.
  • Heat resistant handles.
  • Hot meat tongs.
  • Timer.