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Home Technique Reviews and tests of equipment iPlus S5 – the first robot vacuum cleaner with an air purification and ionization system

iPlus S5 – the first robot vacuum cleaner with an air purification and ionization system

iPlus S5 – the first robot vacuum cleaner with an air purification and ionization system


Today we review the new iPlus S5 robot vacuum cleaner. According to the manufacturer, this is the world's first robot vacuum cleaner that not only cleans the floor, but also takes care of the air in the room: iPlus S5 has a built-in system for air purification and ionization.

iPlus S5 Package Contents

  •  The equipment is standard for this manufacturer, who made sure that all the main parts were duplicates and the owner did not have to puzzle over where to buy this or that part.

  • iPlus S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Air purification module
  • Charging base
  • electronic wall
  • Network adapter
  • Remote control
  • Wet cleaning tank
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Spare Brushes
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card

iPlus S5 Specifications

Feature of iPlus S5 among others new robot vacuum cleaners lies in its functionality – it was here that the technology of ionization and fine air purification was first applied in addition to dry and wet cleaning.

  •  The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery, has a powerful brushless inverter compressor, the rotor of which is capable of rotating at a frequency of up to 12 thousand revolutions per minute.

  • Power: 1600PA (125-160W)
  • Power source: Li-pol 3450 mAH battery
  • Noise level (dB): < 55
  • Cleaning type: dry and wet (floor mode)
  • Floor Disinfection UV Lamp
  • Air ionization
  • Control type: remote control, via app
  • Number of modes: 4
  • Cleaning area per charge: up to 180 m2
  • Waste bin volume (ml): 600
  • Bin full indicator
  • Cleaning/charging time: 120/150 min.
  • Height of overcome obstacles (thresholds): 2.5 cm
  • Central turbo brush Push&Brush
  • Two side brush
  • HEPA filter that traps allergens and other microparticles
  • Coal filter
  • Ability to program a cleaning schedule with a weekly cycle
  • Anti-tangle system
  • Echolocation and height change sensors
  • Virtual wall
  • WI-FI
  • Remote control
  • Automatic return to charging station
  • Touchpad
  • Mobile Wi-Fi App
  • Firmware ROS iPlus 6:0
  • Dimensions: 35x35x7 cm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Official warranty: 24 months

Appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner

  •  iPlus S5 conquers with its appearance – black, concise and strict. If not to say "brutal", because. this will more accurately reflect the first impression of the robot vacuum cleaner: black matte plastic with a corrugated surface, metal mesh and blue panel illumination. No one will remain indifferent to this appearance. There is nothing superfluous in it.

  •  The robot vacuum cleaner will fit perfectly into the design of a loft or Hi-Tech style home. iPlus S5 is not intrusive, he, like a true gentleman, will do his job and leave.

Functionality and cleaning modes

  •  The slim body of the new iPlus S5 allows the robot to clean even the most inaccessible places, such as under upholstered furniture or cabinets.


  •  Simply remove the air purifier unit and the iPlus S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is 7 cm thick.

  •  Basic cleaning modes:

  1. Automatic
    Cleaning along a given route allows you to reach all hard-to-reach places
  2. Cleaning along the walls
    Cleaning around the contours of furniture and along walls
  3. Spot cleaning
    Spot cleaning of the most soiled areas of surfaces with increased suction power
  4. Delayed start
    Start cleaning at specified times, on any day

  •  Cleaning routes available for remote control:

  • in a spiral
  • to the obstacle
  • along the walls
  • zigzag (snake)
  • polygon

  •  For wet cleaning in floorer mode, it is necessary to install a microfiber container filled with water. The capacity of the container is 280 ml and it is enough to clean a room of about 200 m2.

  •  The iPlus S5 robot vacuum cleaner has a system for automatically removing excess moisture, which allows you to use it not only on linoleum, but also on parquet, without worrying about its safety and eliminating the formation of stains.

Features of work, ergonomics

  •  The robot vacuum cleaner automatically cleans and ionizes the air during cleaning and movement, which allows you to clean the air not in one place, but evenly throughout the room.

  •  It is suitable for allergy sufferers, purifies the air by 99.9% of allergens and various microparticles (the air is purified using a HEPA – 14 filter), and for pet owners, eliminates unpleasant odors.

  •  The air purification module attaches to the robot with magnets for a hassle-free installation.

  •  The air purifier can be turned on independently of the robot after being fully charged.

  •  Additionally, it is possible to use the functions of ionization and deodorization of air, which is extremely necessary in the current environment and air quality in urban apartments.

Movable Turbo Brush Push&Brush

  •  The high-speed, spiral-shaped aluminum center brush with wear-resistant bristles is able to penetrate deep into the piles of carpets and clean debris well, does not tangle hair and is easy to clean.

Impeccable cleanliness and hygiene

  •  The triple filtration system ensures the purity of the outgoing air from the robot vacuum cleaner, and the deep cleaning and ionization system of the air prevents re-contamination and settling of microparticles back.

Filters out even microparticles of dust up to 0.03 microns in size.

Modern inverter brushless compressor

The compressor motor rotates at a speed of 12000 rpm, which provides powerful suction power without loss of performance.
Compared to conventional motors, iPlus S5's innovative compressor motor is stronger and more stable, allowing it to easily suck up any debris, hair, pet hair, and litter, leaving your floor clean.

Floor Disinfection UV Lamp

  •  Another feature of the iPlus S5 robot vacuum cleaner is the presence of a UV lamp. With its help, the owner of the robot has the opportunity to disinfect the floor, especially if there are small children and pets in the house at the same time.


Application for Android and iOS

Check these top 2023The documentation contains a QR code for installing the Application, and a link can also be found on the official website

  •  To establish a connection between the robot and a smartphone, you will need to follow the prompts from the application, they are simple and will not cause difficulties. After that, you have full control over the device. Everything is clearer in the application than on the remote control.

  •  Cleaning modes are indicated schematically, which allows you to quickly select the desired mode or switch during cleaning for greater efficiency. There are also standard buttons "forward", "back", "left", "right". The latter allow you to start the robot in a circle in place, for example, if you have spilled something or you need to wipe something off in the floor polisher mode.

  •  You can turn on and off the air purification module and UV lamp. Quite convenient and there is no need to run after the robot with the remote control.


  •  Through the application, you can set up a cleaning schedule by specifying the time, day and frequency. This can be done on the basis of charging, but from a smartphone it is much more convenient and familiar. And to everything else, the remote control tends to always get lost.

  •  The application works flawlessly, the robot reacts almost instantly (make allowance for the fact that it works via Wi-Fi) and it is very convenient. There are no extra buttons in the application, everything is clear and to the point. For the application I put the manufacturer "five".

Personal impression of iPlus S5

  •  At the time of testing the iPlus S5 robot vacuum cleaner, we were undergoing repairs, and we were able to try it out in full.

  •  The robot did an excellent job of collecting dust and small sawdust. He crawled under chairs and tables, walked along all the baseboards, leaving no chance of dust. If the robot detected a dirty area, using the ultrasonic dust sensor, it performed a thorough cleaning in a spiral.

  •  The presence of a turbo-brush in this model is very handy. In some models, it is not there and garbage, especially wool, does not always end up in the bin. The manufacturer's engineers have done their best by making a unique turbo brush that collects small debris and pet hair from various surfaces very efficiently.

  •  They also thought of a cleaning system for long hair, threads, ropes – there are small teeth on the edges of the turbo brush compartment, which during operation reduce the possibility of winding foreign objects on the brush. Cleaning of the turbo brush itself is carried out using a special tool, which is stored on the body of the charging base (see the Instructions, section "Regular maintenance").

  •  To clean the bin and filters, there is a small brush that is attached to the body of the robot vacuum cleaner, which means it will never get lost. Pretty useful addition.

  •  With washing the floor, the robot copes with a solid "5". Many may disagree with me, saying that it does not clean the floor well, but such users would like to be reminded that this is a robot vacuum cleaner, it has a “floor polisher” function and is not a full-fledged washing vacuum cleaner.

  •  The microfiber, which is attached to the floor cleaning tank, is made of high-quality material, the edges are well processed, so after a couple of months of active use you will not have a shaggy rag sticking out and spoiling the look of the laconic design of the robot. The tank is enough to thoroughly wipe the floor in a 2-room apartment.

  •  This model has an additional device that facilitates the use of the robot – a virtual wall. It creates an invisible barrier that the robot vacuum cannot overcome. This is a very useful thing if a part of the room needs to be protected from being visited by a robot. Having found an invisible barrier, the robot turns around and moves in a different direction. I really liked this add-on.

  •  The “virtual wall” is recharged by connecting to the main charging base through a special plug. To do this, there is a switch on the base, with which the plug is removed from the base case. It is very convenient that it does not stick out and is securely hidden. In a word, he is safe.

  •  The robot vacuum cleaner has parked at the base for recharging from the 1st time. Prior to this, robots from different companies performed this action at least 2 times. Most likely, this is facilitated by the presence of the “smooth running” function, during which the robot manages to correct the route to the base.

  •  The air purification system can work both autonomously, for example, when the robot is charging and waiting for the appointed hour of cleaning, or it can work during direct cleaning. Here the decision is yours. On the case there is an indicator indicating the quality of the air in the room, an indicator of the module's fan speed, as well as an "ionization" icon. Everything is clear and accessible. The fan speed is adjusted using the button on the top panel of the module, or with the remote control.

  •  There is another feature of this robot – a removable top cover. It can be installed both on the robot vacuum cleaner itself and on the air purification module. It protects the surface from dust and scratches and looks quite stylish due to the corrugated surface.


A little bit about cons

  •  Of the minuses, one can note the noise from the operation of the wheels of the robot vacuum cleaner. It is comparable to the sound of wheels on a children's inertial typewriter. At first it seems that the robot itself is noisy, but over time, the true reason was revealed. I hope that the wheels will “grind” and make less noise, otherwise the robot will only work when no one is at home.

  •  Another disadvantage is the bright indicator on the vacuum cleaner panel. Of course, the robot can be used as a night light in the room, it definitely won’t be scary and dark, but it will be uncomfortable for some to sleep with such a “spotlight”, so don’t put the base in the bedroom.

  •  The off button is located at the bottom, near the right wheel. You can’t feel it right away, you have to turn the robot over.

iPlus S5 video


  •  In general, the impression of the robot is very good. It is thought out and concise, functions that are unnecessary for many in the form of a camera and sound have been removed, and instead of them there is now an excellent air purification module, which is very necessary in urban life. It is powerful and does a good job of cleaning. I was pleased with the presence of a turbo brush, it was very lacking in previous models, and a UV lamp for the destruction of microbes and mites.

  •  It is ideal for homes with allergies, pets and small children. But people who care about their health will also like the new model of the iPlus S5 robot vacuum cleaner.

  •  The cost of iPlus S5 in the official online store at the time of publication of the material is 34 rubles.