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20 drawing ideas for April 1 without preparation and spending

1 April


  •  Laughter is the best medicine and an excellent antidote to discouragement in hard times. And April 1 is a great occasion to cheer up with a brilliant April Fool's joke! Especially for you, we have collected 20 drawing ideas for April 1, which do not require careful preparation and money.

20. The place is taken!

  •  If you have a door with a glass window in your house or at work, it really asks to participate in the draw! Buy about 20 balloons, inflate them and fasten them behind the door in such a way that from the outside the room seems to be completely clogged with them. And if you can afford to really fill the whole room, so much the better!

19. Terrible shadows

  •  All it takes for this prank is to find the silhouette of an insect on the Internet, cut it out of paper and attach it to the back of a table lamp with a transparent shade and enjoy the reaction when the prank victim turns on the light. We recommend Madagascar cockroaches or tarantulas – they are large and look spectacular. And if the victim has arachnophobia or is it a small child – well, dinosaur figurines or flying saucers are also good.

18. These eyes are opposite

  •  We have mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan – and not only mushrooms, but also tomatoes, and potatoes, and even a saucepan with yesterday's borscht! For a joke, you will need a couple of dozen plastic eyes, which you will need to stick with food glue late in the evening on the contents of the refrigerator – vegetables, fruits, jars of pickles, in short, on everything that comes to hand. Now, when trying to look into the abyss of the refrigerator, the victim will find that the abyss looks back.

17. Noisy greeting

  •  Wrapping film with bubbles is useful not only as an anti-stress – it can also serve as a great April Fool's joke. Hide the sheet under the prankster's door mat, or under the bath rug, or under the bed rug.

  •  The joke works best when the victim only opens his eyes and half-asleep wanders into the bathroom – we guarantee that at the sound of the bursting film, he will quickly wake up!

16. The eye sees, but the tooth is numb

  •  This joke is from the category of harmless and even tasty. Prepare the jelly, pour it into glasses, garnish with fruit and let cool and set. You can stick a straw into the glasses to heighten the effect. Then serve to children or guests and watch them try to drink and fail.

15. Change of board

  •  Are portraits of the best employees, management or sponsors hanging on the wall in the office? It's time to revive their orderly ranks! Print photos of famous politicians or celebrities, place them in the exact same frames, and hang them strategically among unsuspecting neighbors. And enjoy – who would have thought that Nicki Minaj or the leader of North Korea honored the office staff on Zarechnaya Street with their presence?

14. Alien cow

  •  Children in the morning eat oatmeal, muesli, or ready-made breakfasts that need to be poured with milk? A great opportunity to joke, and this joke is completely safe and even tasty. Take a carton of milk (or milk in any opaque container) and add fruit juice or chocolate mixture there – the main thing is that the child likes the result, and the milk acquires an uncharacteristically cheerful color.

13. Bright accent

  •  This joke will have to be prepared in advance.

  1. Take a used bottle of nail polish, PVA glue, and paint in a bold color (such as neon pink or acid green).
  2. Mix glue with paint.
  3. Take plastic wrap or wax paper.
  4. Fill the bottle halfway with glue and place a spectacular puddle next to it.
  5. Wait for your art to dry and carefully remove the film.

  •  A spot with a bubble can be placed on any strategically significant surface. A white carpet, or sofa upholstery, or a desktop looks especially impressive. In the same way, you can imitate spilled milk or an overturned cup of coffee.

12. Music education

  •  Are you a student or student? Schoolboy or schoolgirl? Or even a teacher? So, the more opportunities you have for drawing! On a significant day, post in the work chat of your student group, or on the page with the methodological manuals of the school / university website, a link with something like this: "Answers to exam tickets for (substitute the name of the subject"). Of course, the link will be something completely different. We recommend the ageless classic: Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

11. Fresh look

  •  Over the past few years (especially in the conditions of a covid remote location), computers have lost all their scientific and technical halo and turned into an ordinary tool, about as exciting as an ordinary hammer. However, on April 1, you can add a bit of poetry to the established computer world and help friends and relatives take a fresh look at their surroundings.

  •  When your victim's computer is on, ask her to bring you something from another room (the farther the better) or wait for the employee to leave the office door. And then quickly-quickly right-click on the desktop, select "Display Options", then "Display", "Display Orientation" and select the "inverted" option. And sit down at your workplace, as if nothing had happened.

10. Sinister web

  •  The pain from the sight of the broken glass of a smartphone can be compared with nothing in strength and intensity. But the wave of relief from realizing that this is just a joke is also unparalleled! A rush of endorphins is provided.

  •  For a joke, you will need to find a free application with wallpapers for your smartphone that look like a broken screen in a web of cracks. Some of them are so well made that they will deceive even the most incredulous and attentive smartphone owners! For greater effect, we recommend placing the smartphone near something heavy or gently lowering it to the floor in a place where the owner (and everyone around) will immediately notice it.

9. Twin letters

  •  The letters sh and sh are not only very similar visually, but are also located next to each other on the keyboard. Carefully remove both keys with a screwdriver (it's best to look at the instructions on YouTube) and swap them. And enjoy the sight of the bewildered face of the victim. It's not so easy to understand where typos come from!

8. Communication delay

Many of us know the overwhelming feeling of anticipation at the sight of three dots in a chat, indicating that someone is typing to us and still can't find the strength to express themselves in writing. This music will be eternal if on the first of April you put a gif in the answer line that looks exactly the same. Friends and relatives will wait, wait... and the answer will not come and not come. You can download the GIF here:

7. Deception of the senses

  •  You can't go on a prank day trip on an empty stomach. Invite your soulmate or child to eat the scrambled eggs you cooked in the morning. On the plate, the dish will look normal, but when trying to taste the victim will find that he is actually eating yogurt and a piece of peach. The joke is harmless, pleasantly tickles the taste buds, and the dish is not easy to prepare, but very simple.

6. Hearty dessert

  •  This is sort of the reverse version of joke #5. First make a meat casserole in a cake pan (mince layer – puree layer – mince layer) or meatloaf of your choice. When the dish is ready, remove the casserole from the oven, let it cool and evenly spread the mashed potatoes mixed with mayonnaise sauce or sour cream on top, imitating cake soaking. For credibility and beauty, lay cherry tomatoes cut in half on top.

5. Live cinema

  •  Remote work is a great opportunity for pranks, and if the Zoom meeting is scheduled exactly on April Fool's Day, so much the better! Zoom has a handy option to replace the background with any of your choice, including the video. Are you already anticipating the opportunities that are opening up? Give free rein to your imagination!

  •  Video ideas: a mysterious figure that appears in the doorway from time to time, or your doppelganger parading behind your back in something completely crazy with a calm look, or a flying saucer outside the window – whatever your imagination is enough for.

4. Half empty or half full

  •  A classic joke that, like aged wine, gets better with time. Place a few ice cubes in a clear glass. Turn the glass over and place it on the plastic sheet. Wait for the ice to melt and carefully remove the sheet. Enjoy the thoughtful face of the victim as she solves a difficult puzzle: how did the water get there and how to remove the glass so that the contents do not spill?

3. French fish

  •  And this joke came to us from sunny France; it is best to start it in a large company of relatives, a school class, a student company or an office without a strict dress code. Print out lots of paper fish (the more artistic the better) and try to discreetly attach them to your co-workers or fellow practitioners. Some especially thoughtful people are able to carry a whole school of fish on their backs – and not even notice it!

2. Non-soap soap

  •  A classic popular joke that is completely harmless. Take a bar of soap that your victim prefers to use in the bathroom and carefully coat it with clear nail polish. And you can enjoy the puzzled face of the object of the joke, who tries to soap his hands and can't. Don't forget to replace the bar of soap with the exact same one, but this time not varnished!

1. All in the Cage!

If your victim is using the Chrome browser, there are plenty of special prank apps created by hardcore pranksters. One example is , which will be literally everywhere the object of the joke tries to go.