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The best heaters 2022 for home and apartment



  •  Winter 2022-2023 Russians are in for a “climate nightmare,” forecasters warn. According to their forecasts, severe cold will come in December, and a record amount of snow will fall in January. Although such long-term forecasts are not highly accurate, it is better to play it safe and choose the right model in advance among the best heaters for an apartment and a summer house.

  •  I studied offers in online stores and reviews of the most popular models, and made a rating of heaters in 2023 in terms of price and quality.

Which heater is better to buy for heating a room, cottage, apartment?

Fan heater

Fan heaterAs you might guess from the name, a fan heater combines two devices at once – a fan and a heating element. One without the other, alas, does not happen, so get ready for a constant source of noise.

  • The air inside the case is heated and expelled to the outside.
  • The flow of hot air in a cold room is immediately felt – a fan heater is indispensable if you enter an unheated room in the morning where you still have to work.
  • But the “throw” distance of fan heaters is small, so a small device will make noise right next to you. And smell of dust – a characteristic smell is emitted by particles burning on the heating element, which are brought by circulating air.
  • If this is a disadvantage for you, I recommend paying attention to fan heaters with a ceramic element – where the air is heated from ceramics, and not directly from the spiral.
Pros and cons fast heating mobile short range noisy smell of dust burning on the heating element

Heat gun

Heat gunThis is a kind of fan heater on steroids, designed to heat not one small office room or gatehouse, but an entire hall or workshop. The principle of operation is the same – the air is heated and supplied outside with a powerful warm jet.

  •  But the gun does not do this for free – electricity bills can come in such that the cold immediately seems quite tolerable. I will also add that there are household and industrial guns, and the latter can be designed for intensive consumption – not every home network can withstand this.

Pros and cons fast and powerful heating noise high electricity consumption smell of burnt dust many models are large and massive

Thermal curtain

Thermal curtainAnother type of fan heater, only the body of the air curtain is long and flat. Such heaters are usually hung over a door or window, and the flow of warm air cuts off drafts and cold air coming from the street. Especially effective in offices where a lot of people are constantly walking back and forth and out.

Pros and cons struggles with local drafts, not suitable as the main source of heat, you will have to choose based on the size of the window or door

Oil radiator

Oil radiatorThe classic type of radiator, familiar to every Russian. Its battery-shaped profile can be found anywhere – from apartments and offices to cottages. It works according to this scheme:

  • oil (mineral) is poured into the metal case, in which the heating element is located.
  • It heats the oil, the oil – the body, and already the body – the surrounding space.

  •  The device is simple and unpretentious, to break it – you need to work hard, it works wherever there is access to the network. It shows itself best in rooms where constant heating is needed for a long time – for example, in a nursery in a country house.

  •  By the way, pay attention – the smaller the oil cooler, the stronger the surface heating and the more likely it is to get burned. Therefore, it is better to put a large model in a room with children.

Pros and cons silent keeps heat for a long time


ConvectorThe principle of operation is similar to the fan heater, but only in part. There is no direct air supply to the heating element. Air enters naturally: warm air rises up to the ceiling, and it is replaced by cold air, from below from the floor. He, in turn, heats up, and history repeats itself.

  •  Such heaters are no longer as compact as fan heaters, but more like two wide and flat sheets of metal with air ducts. In size, they are closer to the battery. And the lower the convector is located, the better it works.

Pros and cons can be hung on the wall or set on the floor completely silent runs odorless slow heating

Infrared heater

IRSuch heaters are organized according to the following principle: in fact, it is not the heater itself that is heated, but the surrounding objects. Do not be afraid that you will have to maneuver among hot household items – the floor and walls are heated first of all.

  •  Best of all, such heaters work where it makes no sense to warm up the entire mass of air – and even outside the room, for example, on the veranda of a country house, in a greenhouse or even in a bathroom. The heating element is a sealed quartz lamp, which is not afraid of moisture.

  •  Among the best home heaters, IR is considered one of the most energy efficient. There are many types of them – floor, wall, ceiling, as well as gas, film and convective type.

Pros and cons can be used outdoors completely silently economical some models can be used as a light source without drafts a wide range of installation methods environmentally friendly slow and uneven heating is not effective in a room with a lot of obstacles

Top 20 best heaters for home and apartment 2022

20. Oil cooler Hyundai H-HO-22-09-UI3352

Hyundai H-HO-22-09-UI3352 Unveils 2022 Home Heater Rating

  • Maximum heating area: 23 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2000W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protection: overheat shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  The most easy-to-use 9-section heater, with mechanical rotary control. Equipped with wheels for quick movement to the right place.

  •  A feature of this model is the anti-freeze mode. The device maintains the temperature in the room in the range of 5-7 degrees – it is convenient if you leave home for several days and want the room not to be too cold by the time you return.

Pros and consquality of materials and assemblythermostatcomfortable wheelsno

19. Oil cooler Ballu Cube BOH/CB-11 W 2200

Ballu Cube BOH/CB-11 W 2200

  • Maximum heating area: 27 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2200W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protection: overheat shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 1

  •  Ballu is one of the most popular and well-known manufacturers of climate equipment. Its products are distinguished by a balanced combination of price / performance. So Ballu Cube is no exception.

  •  This model consists of 11 sections, easily moves on the floor with the help of wheels, has a compartment for the cord. Management rotary, mechanical. The switch has a light indicator.

  •  When overheating, the radiator switches itself off.

Pros and consEase of operationWorks silently and odorlessPowerful manufacturer saved on packaging, so when buying, check the radiator for enamel chips and other damage

18. Oil cooler Polaris POR 0425

Polaris POR 0425

  • Maximum heating area: 28 sq.m
  • Power: Heating: 2500W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protection: rollover shutdown, overtemperature shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  This 11-section heater shuts off not only when overheated, but also when it rolls over. A suitable option for those who have active small children or large pets in the house.

  •  The device is equipped with wheels and a convenient handle for transportation, and an indicator light. But there is actually no compartment for storing the cord, some descriptions in online stores can be misleading.

  •  In reviews, buyers praise the Polaris POR 0425 for its stylish design and quiet operation.

Pros and cons build quality low clicks when turning on / off heats up quickly strong wheels in fact there is no cord storage compartment

17. Oil cooler De'Longhi TRRS 0715 E

De'Longhi TRRS 0715 E

  • Maximum heating area: 45 sq.m
  • Heating power: 1500W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protection: overheat shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  Of the oil heaters, this is the best home heater in terms of price / performance ratio. Unlike previous participants in the review, this model is equipped with a display, has a delay start and a timer up to 24 hours. To save electricity, you can use the "Eco" function.

  •  The number of sections is 7. The device has wheels for moving to another part of the apartment, and a handle for transportation.

Pros and conselectronic controlfunctionalitypowerful and at the same time economicalmodern designno

16. Infrared heater Teplofon IR 1500 ERGUS-1,5/220

Heatphone IR 1500 ERGUS-1,5/220

  • Maximum heating area: 25 sq.m
  • Heating power: 1500W
  • Installation: floor, wall
  • Protection: waterproof case
  • Number of operating modes: 1

  •  This heater can operate at either full or half power. It is equipped with a reliable mechanical thermostat, and multiple perforations on the front panel provide good heat dissipation.

  •  Such a heater is suitable for heating a bath, country house, veranda or other small room. It has a long stated life – up to 10 years, and a decent warranty period – 5 years.

Pros and cons high-quality assembly easy to use quickly heats a small room no

15. Gas oven Ballu BIGH-5

Gas oven Ballu BIGH-5

  • Maximum heating area: 60 sq.m
  • Heating type infrared heating
  • Mechanical control
  • Average fuel consumption 0.305 kg/h

  •  One of the most powerful models in the ranking of heaters for home, office, summer cottages and work areas does not need electricity. It is designed to meet the highest safety requirements, has a flame detection, and will turn itself off if it is tilted, rolled over, or exceeds the level of carbon dioxide.

  •  The device is equipped with a latch that does not allow the cylinder to fall out when moving the gas furnace from place to place. And the latter is extremely simple – with the help of carrying handles or wheels.

  •  The maximum size of the gas cylinder that can be installed in the device body is 27 liters

Pros and cons durable design simple connection – all the necessary consumables, except for a gas cylinder, are included in the kit

14. Infrared heater Home hearth (Autumn forest)

Infrared heater Home hearth (Autumn forest)

  • Maximum heating area: 15 sq.m
  • Heating power: 500W
  • Installation: wall
  • Protection: overheat shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 1

  •  In the ranking of the best heaters for the home, there are a variety of design options, but this heater is perhaps the most unusual. It is a picture, works from the network and is mounted to the wall using fasteners (they are included).

  •  Such a heater will be a good choice for a nursery, office, garage or other small space. And for easy storage, it can be rolled up into a compact roll.

Pros and consDesign heats up quickly and evenlyThere is no feeling of dry air

13. Infrared heater Veito Blade

Best Infrared Heater Veito Blade

  • Maximum heating area: 40 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2000W
  • Installation: wall, ceiling
  • Management: electronic
  • Number of operating modes: 2

  •  But this is a player from the "major league" of infrared heaters. It has a waterproof case, which allows you to place the device in rooms with high humidity or outdoors.

  •  In case of overheating or tipping over, the device turns off by itself, has a timer and a remote control, and in terms of heating area it is one of the leaders in the rating.

  •  Veito Blade has a reliable and durable carbon heating element that can work for about 100 hours.

Pros and cons powerful stylish design convenient electronic control expensive

12. Fan heater ARESA AR-2903 (PTC-333)

ARESA AR-2903 (PTC-333)

  • Maximum heating area: 18 sq.m
  • Heating power 1800 W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protection: overheat and rollover shutdown
  • Number of operating modes: 2

  •  This compact device is designed for a small area. It is equipped with a carrying handle, has protection against overheating and turns off when it rolls over to the floor.

  •  AR-2903 is equipped with LED operation indicator, can ventilate the air without heating. Management is common for inexpensive models – rotary, mechanical.

Pros and cons auto-shutdown stylish "appearance" light noisy

11. Fan heater FIRST AUSTRIA FA-5565


  • Maximum heating area: 30 sq.m
  • Heating power: 3000W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Number of operating modes: 1

  •  This fan heater weighs only 2,2 kg and is equipped with a handle, so you can easily move it to the right place. Management mechanical, rotary. There is a power indicator.

  •  Of the capabilities of the FA-5565, I note the cold air mode and two heating powers: half (1500 W) and full. Of the protective functions – automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

Pros and cons compact and lightweight easy to operate quickly heats the room of the declared area no

10. Fan heater Polaris PCDH 2215D

Polaris PCDH 2215D in the top 10 apartment heaters

  • Maximum heating area: 20 sq.m
  • Installation: desktop
  • Protection: rollover shutdown, overtemperature shutdown
  • Management: electronic
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  Top 10 heaters opens a model with a beautiful design and electronic control. Unlike most budget fan heaters, PCDH 2215D has a digital display, timer and remote control.

  •  This fan heater is equipped with a fall sensor, a swivel body and is equipped with a handle for moving.

Pros and cons design can ventilate air without heating shuts off when rollover and overheats

9. Thermal curtain Ballu BHC-L10-S06-M

Ballu BHC-L10-S06-M

  • Installation: horizontal
  • Power: 6000 W
  • Ventilation: no heating
  • Maximum air exchange: 700 m³/h
  • Max. installation height: 2.5 m
  • Width: 108 cm

  •  The ninth line in the rating of electric heaters is occupied by a thermal curtain from a popular brand, now owned by the Russian company Rusklimat.

  •  Model BHC-L10-S06-M can operate at full and half power, is suitable for wall mounting and has a cold mode.

  •  Users in the reviews note that the device looks stylish, gives a powerful air flow and the connection is simple. Another important advantage: the perforation is on top, so the noise is directed upwards, and not at people passing under the thermal curtain.

Pros and cons remote control with thermostat design overheating protection no

8. Thermal curtain Timberk THC WS8 5M

Timberk THC WS8 5M

  • Installation: horizontal / vertical
  • Power: 5000 W
  • Thermostat
  • Ventilation without heating
  • Maximum air exchange: 500 m³/h
  • Max. installation height: 2.2 m
  • Width: 81.4 cm

  •  If you need a powerful airflow to protect the doorway from drafts, pay attention to the device from the Timberk brand.

  •  It can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, has a mechanical temperature control and multi-level motor protection against overheating.

  •  The front panel of THC WS8 5M is made of black impact-resistant glass. Looks beautiful. Aerodynamic Control technology, according to the manufacturer, increases the efficiency of heat flow.

Pros and cons design power working quiet remote control no

7. Electric heat gun QUATTRO ELEMENTI QE-5000C


  • Heating area: 50 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 320 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 5 kW
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  Can operate at full power, 50% power and as a fan. Management – using 2 toggle switches.

  •  The handle on the body and low weight allow you to effortlessly carry this gun to the right place.

  •  One of the main advantages of the device is a bimetallic thermostat, which, according to the manufacturer, is designed for at least 100 operation cycles. It allows you to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of plus / minus 1 degree.

Pros and cons simple and reliable

6. Electric heat gun RESANTA TEPC-3000K


  • Max. heating power: 3 kW
  • Heating area: 25 m²
  • Maximum air exchange: 300 mXNUMX/h
  • HxWxT: 30x23.50x21.50 cm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  This device with a ceramic heating element and mechanical power control is designed for residential and industrial premises. It will turn itself off when overheated, equipped with a thermostat, has a fan function without heating.

  •  Of the useful little things, I note a carrying handle, durable metal fan blades and a long cord – 2,5 meters. Three modes of operation – 100% power, 50% and fan.

Pros and cons works quietly good build quality can adjust the angle of rotation low stand, because of which the gun cannot be turned much up

5. Electric heat gun Denzel DHC 2-100

Denzel DHC 2-100

  • Heating area: 20 m²
  • Voltage: 220/230V
  • Maximum air exchange: 100 mXNUMX/h
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • HxWxT: 21.60x21x16 cm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Safety systems: overheat shutdown

  •  In addition to the handle for moving, this device is equipped with a light indicator and a thermostat, with which the desired temperature is set.

  •  Denzel DHC 2-100 will maintain the set temperature in the room if you set the thermostat control to an intermediate position. And it will turn off when the desired temperature is reached. The device will not allow overheating, it will turn itself off.

  •  The body of this model is metal, coated with heat-resistant paint to prevent corrosion.

Pros and cons quickly heats the room of the declared area quiet very light, easy to transport no

4. Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S

Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S

  • Maximum heating area: 22 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2200W
  • Installation: floor standing
  • Protections: waterproof housing, tip-over shutdown, thermal shutdown
  • Management: electronic
  • Number of operating modes: 1

  •  In the top heaters for an apartment, this model is distinguished by the presence of a dryer, which can accommodate up to 1,5 kg of laundry. The body of the heater is aluminum, and the internal heating coils are made of an iron-chromium alloy. This combination provides a high level of heat transfer.

  •  The thermostat allows the device to maintain the desired temperature. And with the help of a proprietary mobile application, you can remotely control the operation of the heater. You can also give the device voice commands, for example, to turn it on or off.

Pros and consfunctionality presence of dryerbuild quality no

3. Inverter convector Electrolux ECH/R-2500 T-TUI

Electrolux ECH/R-2500 T-TUI

  • Maximum heating area: 30 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2500W
  • Installation: floor, wall
  • Heating element type: monolithic
  • Dimensions (WxH): 80×40.40 cm

  •  Durable and reliable convector with inverter control. You can place such a device on the wall or on the ceiling (all the necessary fasteners are included), and it is convenient to monitor the current temperature on the backlit display.

  •  The ECH / R-2500 T-TUI has five heating modes, there is a control lock from children's hands and activation of a timer to turn off.

Pros and cons design functional no sounds, no smells remote control will have to be purchased separately

2. Convector Noirot CNX-4 Plus 500

Convector Noirot CNX-4 Plus 500 for an apartment

  • Maximum heating area: 7 sq.m
  • Heating power: 500W
  • Installation: floor, wall
  • Protection: waterproof housing, overheat shutdown
  • Management: electronic
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  The price of this device is not budgetary, but it consumes little energy, and thanks to the moisture-proof housing it is suitable for the bathroom, kitchen and any other small room where “water is always nearby”.

  •  For quick movement, the convector is equipped with 4 wheels (for the model with the Plus prefix, they are included, for the regular one they are not). It remembers the settings, and after a power outage / power supply, it starts working in the same mode as it was before it was turned off.

  •  This appliance does not burn oxygen because the heating element does not interact with oxygen. If the CNX-4 Plus 500 overheats, it will immediately turn off.

Pros and cons thin and light suitable for wet rooms has a wall mount bracket small heating area

1. Convector Electrolux ECH/R-2000 T-TUE + control unit

Convector Electrolux ECH/R-2000 T-TUE is the best heater for home

  • Maximum heating area: 25 sq.m
  • Heating power: 2000W
  • Installation: wall
  • Protections: waterproof housing, tip-over shutdown, thermal shutdown
  • Management: electronic
  • Number of operating modes: 3

  •  This is a safe, waterproof device with an anti-freeze mode, a 24-hour timer and a light indicator of operation. It automatically shuts off when it rolls over or overheats.

  •  The control of this model is electronic, with 2 power modes, there is a child lock. The exact temperature is shown on the display.

Pros and consquickly "reaches" the set temperaturesettings are saved during an unplanned power outagesmooth and uniform heatinglegs with wheels will have to be purchased separately

How to choose a heater for your home

Appliance power (with the exception of infrared models), experts recommend calculating as follows:

  • For every square meter – 100 watts of power.
  • For infrared heaters, add a margin of 15-20% power. If such a device is an auxiliary heat source, then reduce the figure to 50-80 W per 1 sq.m.
  • For each device, the manufacturer indicates the maximum area of the heated room.

Fully mechanical control in terms of reliability, it is better, it breaks less often than electronic. However, it is more difficult to precisely adjust the temperature using mechanical control. In modern mid-price models, control is usually electronic, with the display of the current temperature, scheduled shutdown, etc.

Desired set of useful features: delayed start, timer, overheat shutdown, rollover shutdown (for floor models), remote control capability. It is good if the heater comes with a remote control.

Answers to popular questions

Which heater is better to buy for heating the cottage?

  •  If you choose an economical heater for your summer house, then I recommend buying a model with the ability to remote control – Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then you can turn on the heater in advance and arrive in a well-heated room.

Which heater is better to choose for a private house?

  •  Convector type, with frost protection and wall mounting. It works silently, heats a large area and can be placed on the wall.

What is the best heater for an apartment?

  •  Small electric convector. Thermal models are noisy and smell like "burnt dust," and oil heaters can burn you if you grab them with your bare hand.

What is the best heater for a bathroom?

  •  Infrared heater or electric waterproof convector.

Which heater to choose for quick heating of non-residential premises?

  •  The most efficient heaters for large non-residential premises are a heat gun or a large oil cooler. For a small room, you can buy a fan heater.

Which heater is suitable for heating outdoor objects (arbors or verandas)?

  •  The best heaters for this task are infrared.

Which heater is suitable for installation in a window or doorway to protect against drafts?

  •  Thermal curtain.

Where should the heater be located?

  •  At a distance of at least 50 cm from potentially flammable objects (children's toys, curtains, etc.).

  •  The floor structure should not come into contact with the wall, furniture or any objects in the room. Also, the device should be out of the reach of children and animals and located where it will not get liquid.

  •  The wall or suspended (ceiling) model must be mounted only on the original fasteners.