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Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking


RatingsDespite the active nationwide promotion of a healthy lifestyle, about 30% of women and almost 55% of men smoke in modern Russia. Getting rid of a bad habit is not at all easy, because nicotine is not only built into the metabolism, but also firmly included in the lifestyle.

Today we offer Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking. Each of these methods has helped hundreds of people quit their addiction for good.



10. Strength and will

  •  People who, in addition to these two qualities, also have willpower, choose an instant way to quit smoking. Unfortunately, it is both the simplest and the most complex. The essence of the method is to smoke the last cigarette and forget about tobacco forever. Many people quit smoking in this way.

9. Replacement

  •  This method is based on occupying the mouth and hands with various goodies instead of the usual cigarette. It is only important to monitor the number of calories in these very “replacements” so that after quitting smoking, you do not have to quit eating at the same time.

8. For the company

  •  Quitting smoking is much less painful when done with someone. You can even make a bet to bring the spirit of competition into this process. It is only necessary to follow two rules: do not cheat and spend as much time as possible next to an ally.

7. Sport

  •  For fans of an active lifestyle, it may well be suitable to change a cigarette for an interesting sport. Regular physical activity causes a feeling of pleasure due to biochemical processes. In this state, it is much easier and more pleasant to fight your bad habits. In addition, sport always improves the appearance.

6. Reward

  •  The method is suitable for practical, prudent people. They calculate the amount of money they save on cigarettes they don't buy and reward themselves with some nice purchase every month. This technique is very suitable for women, because what could be more pleasant than buying some trinket.

5. Quit smoking by the book

The legendary book by A. Kara “The easy way to quit smoking". This book can be bought in paper form, you can download it in electronic form, you can even record it in audio format in your phone or mp3 player.

4. Hypnosis or coding

  •  The therapist tells the smoker that he does not want to smoke anymore. This can happen with or without hypnosis. It is very important that the patient himself had a desire to quit smoking and did not reach for a cigarette for this very reason, and not out of fear of "breaking the coding." If a breakdown nevertheless occurred, it is better to get an appointment again, where the doctor himself will determine what is best to do – remove the settings or, on the contrary, increase the impact.

3. Alternative sources of nicotine

  •  Chewing gums and lollipops with nicotine, anti-smoking pills, anti-nicotine patches compete in popularity with the famous book of Kara. They really help to overcome physical addiction, as well as overcome the “withdrawal syndrome”. The problem is that if the smoker is not serious enough, all these things will be absolutely useless for him.

2. Solo flight

  •  Everything ingenious is simple! We throw away the last pack, get on the train and go into the wilderness. Downshifting is gradually coming into fashion. Perfectly suited for this purpose is a distant forestry cordon or lonely weather stations located in the taiga. Once again, you don’t run away for cigarettes if the nearest store is 50 kilometers away.

1. Medical assistance

  •  The method is suitable for people who prefer official medicine and a scientifically based approach. The doctor, if necessary, will prescribe drugs that will help to cope with stress, and will also help to create a regimen that is optimal during the period of quitting smoking.