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The most useless drugs for SARS and flu

List of ineffective medicines for SARS, flu and colds


  •  The season of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) is in full swing, and this is a fertile time for manufacturers of not only effective drugs, but also all sorts of pacifiers, aptly nicknamed "fuflomycin" by the people.

  •  About which over-the-counter medicines are not "magic pills" in the treatment of colds, flu and bronchiolitis, the resource "Medical Russia" told. We bring this list to your attention.

If you are already experiencing unpleasantly familiar symptoms of SARS, pay attention to a selection of cough and cold remedies for children and adults.

14. Arbidol

ArbidolThanks to a massive marketing campaign in the 2000s, Arbidol (a brand name for the drug umifenovir) was at one time the best-selling flu and cold medicine.

  •  However, marketing is marketing, and Arbidol cannot boast of proven effectiveness in resisting viruses. You won't find it in the WHO guidelines for treating influenza, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't given Arbidol a "green light" to sell in the US.

  •  Despite the fact that Arbidol is present in the international drug classification system (ATC classifier), this does not prove its usefulness.

13. Amiksin (aka Tilaksin, Tiloron and Lavomax)

AmiksinIt is an interferon inducer, used as an antiviral agent. Its safety has not been proven. Studies were carried out, but were interrupted due to the risks of developing undesirable effects.

12. Broncho-munal

Broncho-munalThe active substance of this drug are lysates (fragments of destroyed cells) of 8 types of bacteria, which should accumulate in the lymphoid plaques of the intestine and "spur" innate and acquired immunity in the fight against SARS.

  •  However, there is no evidence that Broncho-munal works exactly as the manufacturer claims.

11. Galavit

GalavitThere are no clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of this drug. Therefore, it can be safely attributed to the number of pacifiers, the most useless medicines for colds and flu.

10. Homeopathy

HomeopathyDelicious because it contains sugar, but useless. This type of dummy preparations for colds and flu includes a number of means:

  • Agri.
  • Anaferon.
  • Aflubin.
  • Flu heel.
  • Gnflucid.
  • Oscillococcinum.
  • Ergoferon.

9. Grippferon

GrippferonThis drug for SARS contains interferon alfa-2b. Interferon has a proven effect in the treatment of viral hepatitis, multiple sclerosis and even cancer.

  •  But there is one BUT. It is effective when administered by injection, but there is no evidence of effectiveness when administered topically (in drops, sprays and suppositories).

  •  In addition, when the concentration of interferon is sufficient to fight viruses, it causes side effects that are similar to the effect of SARS on the body.

8. Derinat

Long time agoThe active substance is sodium deoxyribonucleate or an aqueous solution containing DNA residues, which for some reason should help the body in the fight against viruses.

  •  Controlled clinical trials of Derinat have not been conducted, and it is not in the foreign lists of the WHO, the FDA, as well as in the list of vital drugs in the Russian Federation.

7. Imudon

ImudonContains lysates of various microorganisms, including two types of candida. Recall that Candida albicans is a fungus that occurs in the microflora of any healthy person, and with active reproduction causes thrush and other diseases.

  •  How lysates of candida and bacteria can stimulate human immunity to fight SARS is unclear. And controlled studies won't answer that question because there aren't any.

6. IRS-19

IRS-19Once again, bacterial lysates are on the treatment scene. The only difference from Derinat and Broncho-munal is nasal administration.

5. Kagocel

KagocelThe first five most useless medicines for colds and flu are opened by a drug belonging to the group of interferon inducers. They should stimulate the production of their own interferon in the human body.

  •  The effectiveness of Kagocel has not been proven, and the exact mechanism by which this drug is supposed to influence the production of interferons is unknown.

  •  It is also worth considering that the precursor of the active substance of this drug is gossypol, which inhibits spermatogenesis, and is even considered as a male contraceptive. WHO researchers concluded that the harm of gossypol outweighed the benefits, and its use as a contraceptive was banned.

4. Polyoxidonium

PolyoxidoniumAccording to the manufacturer, a Russian remedy with an active ingredient called "azoxymer bromide" has an antioxidant, immunostimulating, weak anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

  •  It would be nice if all these benefits were confirmed in independent clinical studies that meet modern standards, but none have been conducted. What did not prevent azoximer bromide from entering the composition of the influenza vaccine Grippol.

3. Cycloferon

CyclopherolThe top 3 "fuflomycins" for ARVI include a drug that has no registration as a drug anywhere except in the CIS countries.

  •  And although Cycloferon is included in the Russian list of vital and most important medicines, not a single double-blind placebo-controlled study has been conducted that can confirm or refute its benefits in the fight against SARS.

2. Cytovir-3

Cytovir-3This drug has not one, but three active ingredients at once:

  1. Alpha glutamyl tryptophan.
  2. Ascorbic acid.
  3. Bendazol.

  •  And on its official website, Cytovir-3 is positioned as an immunomodulatory and antiviral drug that is active against influenza viruses and other pathogens that provoke the development of acute respiratory viral infections.

  •  However, there are no studies on the effectiveness of Cytovir-3, nor are there any justifications for its pharmacodynamics and mechanism of action.

1. Echinacea

EchinaceaBased on this herbal product, many preparations for flu and colds have been created. Among them are Echinacea GEXAL, Echinacea VILAR, Immunal, Immunorm and many others.

  •  Studies have not revealed a significant effectiveness of echinacea in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections.