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The best Russian destinations for families with children in 2021



  •  Cheerful children, calm parents – this is the key to a good family trip. And if it’s not so difficult to entertain children (interesting sights and souvenirs will help), then for the peace of mind of parents, many conditions are required, from the choice of suitable housing to the air temperature, the quality of local food and the cleanliness of the beach when it comes to relaxing on the sea.

Considering these factors, I have selected top 10 popular and non-standard destinations for families with children .

10. Bashkiria

Mount Toratau in Bashkiria

  •  The very first on the list is Bashkiria, although, let's face it, tourism (especially for children) is only developing there. However, the leadership of the region is actively working in this direction – for example, this summer a fairly large amount will be allocated for children's camps. In total, they promise to organize more than 300 school and country camps.

  •  In the meantime, holidays with children in the republic are limited to rest houses, camp sites and excursions. The sacred mountain Toratau, which was once a coral reef, is especially popular. There, if you're lucky, you can find a fossilized shell of a mollusk (watch your child, otherwise you will have to carry five more kilograms of stones and fossils with you on the way back).

  •  It is also worth visiting the caves near the village of Isheevo in the Ishimbay region – a beautiful place where you can hide from the summer heat or even find an underground stream. For lovers of stationary recreation, you can book a house in one of the many tourist centers on the Nugush reservoir, sunbathe, swim, walk and ride horses.

9. Tatarstan

Hotel Riviera Kazan aquapark

  •  One of the most favorite types of recreation for residents of the republic and visitors is cruises along the Volga. They come in different lengths, from small weekend trips to trips to neighboring republics.

  •  In the pearl of Tatarstan, Kazan, there is also something to see. In addition to traditional architectural monuments, you can visit the Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan, where a child will try his hand at paleontology and even dig up a dinosaur skeleton.

  •  The Riviera water park with water slides, a spa area and heated pools is open all year round in the city – great entertainment for the whole family. And if the child gets tired, you can take him to the museum of chak-chak – a traditional Tatar delicacy. There, the child will not only rest, but also get acquainted with the secrets of making sweets.

  •  Another of the many interesting places in Kazan to visit with children is the ethnographic museum "Tatar Avylym". It is a traditional Tatar village right in the middle of high-rise buildings. There is a game center, a toy museum and a cafe of national cuisine.

8. Kaliningrad region

Church in Slavsk, Kaliningrad region

  •  One of the most beautiful cities, as if descended from the pages of a German Christmas postcard, is rich in architectural monuments, museums and historical excursions for all ages.

  •  And so that the child’s head does not overheat from knowledge, you can alternate excursions with visits to amusement parks, attractions and entire trampoline complexes.

  •  If your child loves animals, take him to the Kaliningrad Zoo – it has existed for more than a hundred years, and during this time it has accumulated a lot of different animals.

  •  There is also a Compound on Khutorskaya, where you can look at capybaras, deer, llamas, ostriches and other creatures, and some can even be stroked and fed (with the permission of the ministers). For bird lovers, there is a specialized "Ara Park", where a variety of exotic birds live.

  •  And if you want to see animals in their natural habitat, the Kaliningrad region even has its own Mushkino safari park, where the traditional inhabitants of the middle lane – deer, wild boars, hares and many others – live in conditions as close to natural as possible.

7. Moscow region

Eco-hotel emerald forest Podmoskovye

  •  The Moscow region offers many options for recreation with children for a variety of tastes and wallets. For example, the Emerald Forest Eco-Hotel, where parents can finally get some sleep, visit the spa, go fishing or take a walk under the canopy of trees, and children will have fun in the entertainment center.

  •  We advise nature lovers to visit the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve, and especially the nursery for breeding bison. The creators of the program have adopted the experience of the so-called "open zoos", when tourists walk along small fenced paths, and animals freely settle down in large open spaces. In addition to the endangered species of bison in the nursery, you can also see their distant relatives, bison, as well as common inhabitants of the forests of central Russia – deer and wild boars.

6. Rostov region

Lake Eldorado Kamensk-Shakhtinsky

  •  In the Rostov region, the tourist infrastructure is very well developed. One of the favorite vacation spots of Rostovites is the artificially formed lake Eldorado, located on the territory of the recreation center of the same name. There is a sandy beach, the lake is clean and transparent, you can swim, sunbathe and fish.

  •  If you want rural exoticism, you can visit Starozolotovsky Khutor – one of the most beautiful villages, where the open-air museum "Quiet Don" is located – an exact copy of the village in which the heroes of Sholokhov's novel once lived.

  •  And near the city of Shakhty there is a bird park "Malinki", which houses more than 2500 species of animals, and shows and master classes for children are regularly held.

5. Stavropol Territory

Resorts of Caucasian Mineralnye Vody

  •  Stavropol is popular with families with children – this is a big city, which is full of children's attractions and even recreation areas. It has its own water park, dino park, trampoline rides, zoos and children's theaters.

  •  And if you don’t want to sit in the city in the summer, there is another magnet of tourist attraction in the Stavropol Territory – Mineralnye Vody. There you can not only get treated, you can also soak up the shore of a reservoir, fish, take a walk in parks and botanical gardens and visit historical places (including walks in Lermontov's places).

  •  If you are reluctant to take a ticket to a sanatorium or rest home, it is quite possible to plan a trip on your own – rent an apartment, a hotel room or a private house. True, you will have to take care of the entertainment program for your offspring on your own.

4. Karelia

Rafting on the Shuya River

  •  This republic attracts tourists primarily with the beauty of its nature – the luxurious water surface of lakes, majestic waterfalls and dense forests. There are even mountains, although not too high, in winter they are actively used for skiing. This region provides many opportunities for active tourism, including those suitable for families with children.

  •  One of the most popular destinations is rafting on the Shuya River. The places there are beautiful, the rapids are uncomplicated, and after a hard day, tourists can expect comfortable places in camp sites, gatherings by the fire, as well as a camping bath.

  •  Also, active children will surely enjoy an excursion to the Ruskeala mountain park with its beautiful Marble Canyon, cozy cafes and an exciting journey to the galleries (“Underground Ruskeala”).

3. Leningrad region

Norwegian rope park in Orekhovo

  •  Many camp sites and sanatoriums offer recreation for every taste – from meditative walks through pine forests to more active entertainment. Of particular note is the Orekh rope park in the Priozersky district of the region, where children can freely climb logs, climb and descend rope ladders, fly on a cable in the spirit of Indiana Jones or overcome the gorge along a breathtaking (and absolutely safe) rope bridge.

  •  And, of course, you can not ignore the tourist pearl of the Leningrad region – the city itself. In addition to traditional palaces, churches, museums, young tourists will surely enjoy Kidburg, a city within a city where the children themselves rule.

  •  This is a kind of introduction to adult life, only in a playful and interesting form: the child receives a passport, work, some money "for divorce" and goes to explore the new world. In it, he will work, study, and spend the money earned by playing work either on entertainment or on self-improvement.

2. Krasnodar Territory

Gelendzhik water park Golden Bay

  •  The global quarantine and especially the restrictions on entry into Turkey have dramatically increased the popularity of Russia's few "warm places". According to statistics, more than 680 people traveled to the Krasnodar Territory in just a few days of the May holidays.

  •  The most popular holiday destinations are, of course, coastal hotels in Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik. Then come the foothills and mountains, and only then – the coast of the Sea of Azov. The infrastructure of the tourist region is very well developed, and there is plenty of entertainment for children – from horseback riding, hiking, excursions and swimming to a grandiose amusement park in Sochi.

We especially recommend visiting the largest water park in Gelendzhik. There is also a place for swimming for very young children (special mini-pools with a depth of only 20 cm are equipped for them), from the age of five you can participate in a number of attractions (for example, sign up for pirates and board a merchant ship), and teenagers from 16 years old will appreciate breathtaking descent from the hills with the speaking name "Kamikaze". We also add that children under 16 years old will simply not be allowed on these puzzle slides.

1. Crimea

Wild beaches of the Sea of Azov in Crimea

The Sea of Azov is especially popular among families with children. There are several reasons for this: the sea itself is not very deep, which means that already at the beginning of summer, the coastal shallow water warms up properly. Older children will appreciate guided tours beautiful and interesting places, and there are more than enough of them in Crimea: there are medieval fortresses, warships, luxurious castles, and ancient ancient ruins. And from the summer heat, you can hide under the canopy of trees in parks and botanical gardens.

  •  People who prefer more freedom than the standard "all inclusive" will undoubtedly appreciate the convenience and speed that the Crimean Bridge provides. If earlier those who wanted to visit the Crimea on their own cars were waiting for many hours of traffic jams, now you can comfortably ride with the breeze.

  •  By the way, autotravel to the Crimea is the most economical option. Due to the closure of Turkey, prices have skyrocketed not only for hotels and private housing, but also for air and train tickets. So a ten-day vacation for three people, taking into account a flight or relocation, living in a modest guest house, visiting inexpensive canteens and several excursions, will easily cost 100. And this is if you do not take the prestigious Yalta.