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The largest water parks – the top 10

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  •  What could be better than plunging into cool water on a hot summer day without risking being stung by a jellyfish, running into debris floating on the water surface, or scratching your foot on a sharp stone? Clean water and a lot of entertainment for the whole family are offered by year-round and summer Russian water parks.

We will tell you about where is the largest water park and how much is the ticket.

10 Banana Republic

Where is: Crimea, between the cities of Saki and Yevpatoriya in the area of Art. Coastal.
Ticket price: adult – from 1400 rubles, child from 90 to 130 cm – from 1000 rubles.
Children up to 90 cm in height are free of charge.

  •  The largest water park in Crimea (5 hectares) is open seasonally – from June 1 to early September. It offers visitors 27 attractions, 8 swimming pools, slides, a massage room, a cafe, and even a currency exchange office. The length of all slides is about 1500 meters.

  •  For children of different ages there are pools with a depth of 25 to 80 cm. Children there are supervised by instructors. And adults can tickle their nerves by going down the Kamikaze and Banzai slides, their height reaches 21 meters.

  •  The Amazon River flows through the surroundings of the complex, it offers a magnificent view of beautiful waterfalls, fountains, palm trees and other 150 species of exotic plants.

  •  Babysitting service is also available in the Banana Republic, and in the afternoon you can do water aerobics for free.

9. Moreon

Where is: Moscow, Golubinskaya street, 16.
Ticket price: adult – 1150 rubles, child from 110 to 150 cm – 690 rubles.
Children up to 110 cm in height are free of charge.

  •  The largest water park in Moscow has an area of 6 thousand m² and offers visitors an impressive range of entertainment for both the active and the lazy. The first ones are waiting for: a wave pool, extreme slides and the Space Plate attraction. And the latter can soak up the sandy beach, peel with fish, swim in the warm lagoon, sit on the summer terrace or lie in the Jacuzzi.

  •  Also on the territory of the largest and best water park in Moscow there are thermal baths (you need to pay extra for visiting them when buying a ticket) and a spa room.

8. Starfish

Where is: Sochi, Lazarevskoe, Lazarev street, 108A.
Ticket price: for an adult – 1000 rubles, for a child – 800 rubles.
Children under 5 years old – free.

  •  The largest water park in Sochi, spread over 10 m², includes 11 slides, a children's playground, a "lazy river", a pool with waterfalls, beer tents, cafes.

  •  Also on the territory of the "Starfish" there is an oceanarium with huge aquariums with a total length of over 40 meters, and unique representatives of the river and marine fauna of the Amazon. Young visitors will be able to touch and even feed water turtles and small fish.

7. Golden Beach

Where built: Anapa, Grebenskaya street, 2A
Ticket price: adult – 1200 rubles, child from 105 cm to 140 cm – 800 rubles.
Children under 3 years old or up to 105 cm tall are free of charge.

  •  This water park, located in the heart of the resort town of Anapa, opens at the end of May. In the meantime, getting ready for their hot season:

  • The Yellow River is 110 meters long and 11.5 meters high.
  • Slides "Black Hole" and "Aladdin's Lamp", which will travel in the dark.
  • "Family rafting" for an exciting descent with the whole family.
  • Wide children's descent "Small foam".
  • Small town – "Treasure Island".

  •  And many other fun activities for adults and children.

6. Riviera

Where is located: Kazan, Fatykh Amirkhan Avenue, 1
Ticket price: adult – 1050 rubles, child from 5 to 12 years old – 800 rubles.
Children under 4 years old or up to 120 cm tall are free of charge.

  •  The largest water park in Kazan, whose territory occupies 20 m², is notable for its affordable price and a wide range of entertainment. It includes over 50 attractions, including 10 slides of various levels of extremeness, several pools, a children's area and a spa area.

5. H2O park

Where is: Rostov-on-Don, M. Nagibina Avenue, 34
Ticket price: adult from 14 years old – 900 rubles, child – 650 rubles.
Children up to 120 cm in height are free of charge.

  •  One of the largest water parks is similar in area to its Kazan “colleague”. It has several pools: "Pirate Town" with a depth of 0.3 meters, a wave pool, a spa bowl and others.

  •  Fans of high-speed descents will enjoy such rides as "Space Hole", "Free Fall", "Magic Hole", "Tsunami" and others.

  •  The H2O park also has a spa area, a thermal and bath area and a kids club.

4. Peterland

Where is: St. Petersburg Primorsky prospect, 72.
Ticket price: adult – 1500 rubles, child from 5 to 13 years old – 890 rubles.
Children under 5 years old – free.

  •  This is the second largest indoor water park. It occupies 25 thousand m². Its center is a life-sized wooden ship. He is an exact copy of the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Five slides of different levels depart from the ship's deck.

  1. Light green slide, with a sharp slope for a memorable descent into the water.
  2. Krasnaya Gorka is the same as Salatovaya, with a slope of 70 degrees.
  3. Green slide, with open and closed areas, for sliding on "cheesecakes".
  4. Blue slide – on the "cheesecakes" here they ride up, not down.
  5. The orange slide is spiral.

And for lovers of leisurely relaxation, there is a “lazy” river that allows you to see the beauty of the water park, because it flows throughout its territory. Peterland is one of the best water parks in the world for families.

3. Tiki-Tak

Where is: Anapa, Pionersky Prospekt 38
Ticket price: adult – 1300 rubles, child – 800 rubles.
Child under 3 years old and height up to 105 cm – free of charge.

  •  The largest water park in Anapa (35 thousand m²) will open its doors to guests on June 7th. There was a place for a huge spa pool, a wave pool with 6 types of waves, a large dance floor for foam parties, and almost 20 different attractions for adults and children.

2. Aquamir – the largest water park in Siberia

Where is: Novosibirsk, Yarinskaya street 8.
Ticket price: adult – from 2200 rubles, child from 4 to 17 years old – from 1800 rubles.
Children under three years old – 350 rubles.

  •  The largest water park, located under the dome, occupies about 40 thousand m². On this square there are children's, adults', family and extreme rides.

  •  A huge water tube will test the nerves of those who dare to fly through winding tunnels, to the sound of a stream of water rushing behind.

  •  The unique attraction "Manta" will allow you to experience the excitement and fear of a joint rafting on a 4-seater raft on a stormy river.

  •  For the entertainment of kids, the Aquaplay complex is designed with a water barrel, sprinklers, climbing structures and many other interesting things.

  •  While the kids are splashing and screaming with delight, adults will be able to go down the Constrictor attraction, which either narrows or expands and twists in the most bizarre way.

  •  And this is only a small part of the attractions that are in "Aquamir". The water is moderately chlorinated, everything is clean and tidy. An added bonus is the availability of family locker rooms.

  •  On the territory of Aquamir there is a spa-cabinet, a massage room and thermal baths with a steam bath, a hammam, a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna and other departments.

  •  And after swimming and steaming enough, you can have lunch or dinner in one of the cafes, which are located on the territory of the water park.

1. Golden Bay

Where is: Gelendzhik, Turisticheskaya street, 23.
Ticket price: height from 145 cm – 1700 rubles, height from 106 to 145 cm – 900 rubles.
Children up to 106 cm in height are free of charge.

The largest water park in Gelendzhik and the largest outdoor water park occupies 154 m². On this territory there are 8 swimming pools, 10 water attractions, 49 slides, 69 slopes, as well as a pizzeria, several cafes and a restaurant.

  •  The pride of the water park is the Tornado slide, which has no analogues in the country. It is 23 meters high and 174 meters long. Every minute, 10 people fly on the Tornado.

khr0zuflThe landscape design of the Golden Bay is very beautiful, flowering plants fill the air with a pleasant aroma. And the ancient pine trees growing along the perimeter of the water park provide a windless microclimate for the largest water park in the Krasnodar Territory.