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The evolution of female breasts in video games

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  •  It's hard to imagine the history of video games without sexy female characters like Lara Croft. And the image of one of the most beautiful parts of the female body – the chest – has come a long way from pixelation to stunning realism.

  •  Here's a brief history of the evolution of female breasts in video games, so get the kids off the screens – here we go!

16. How it all began – Custer's Revenge

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  •  There were quite a few mediocre games released for the Atari 2600, but few were as offensive as Custer's Revenge (1982). However, this game was a pioneer in pixelated breasts (as well as something else), and therefore should be on this list.

15. Leisure Suit Larry Series – chest looks bigger and rounder

  •  This series, which began in 1987, has always focused on female objectification and male sexuality. Although the Larry Laffer story lost its appeal over time, its humble beginnings were characterized by some indiscreet scenes (at 45 seconds into the video).

14. Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers – the more the merrier

  •  Space Quest IV (1991) is just another example of good looking, albeit still pixelated, feminine curves. At least this particular adventure has speech (2,09 and 4,26 minutes).

13. Fatal Fury – chest moves

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  •  The bouncing balls of the charming ninja Mei Shiranui put an end to the static female bust in games. And while these bouncing looks implausible, they paved the way for more realistic moving breasts.

12. Tomb Raider is a delight for lustful gamers

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  •  1996 saw the release of three games at once, which left an indelible mark on the hearts of male gamers. And the first of them is Tomb Raider with the magnificent Lara Croft, whose chest was truly outstanding. There is a legend that the creator of Lara – Toby Gard – painted such a large chest by accident, and then they decided to leave it in this form.

  •  Be that as it may, the tomb raider has become one of the sex symbols of the 90s, and among gamers a myth has arisen that if you press a few secret buttons, Lara will appear bare-chested. This was not true, but the Nude Raider mod came into play.

11. Duke Nukem 3D – show everything that is hidden

  •  This shooter was one of the best "male" games, with testosterone spraying from the monitor, lots of jokes and strippers. It's hard to believe that not so many moons ago, an unknown pixelated stripper was the benchmark for digital arousal.

10. Dead or Alive – changes the gaming standards of the movement of the female breast

  •  And again the game of 1996 release. Dead or Alive has made a breakthrough in breast bouncing technology with the bouncing breast option. Look at the result in the video above.

9. Final Fantasy VII – breast physics development

  •  The 1997 game took full advantage of the latest technology that was being offered for the PlayStation and PC. And the Final Fantasy VII cutscenes show how ridiculous the early chest physics could be (3rd minute).

8. Silent Hill – scary but attractive bust

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  •  You can make your chest big, you can make it bounce even up to the ceiling. But to make the player feel both disgust and excitement at the same time is not easy.

  •  However, the creators of the Silent Hill (1999) series managed this with the help of the Dark Nurses, who have become one of the most important attributes of the franchise. Yes, these monsters look a little mutilated, but their chests seem untainted by the touch of death.

7. BloodRayne – new peaks

  •  All vampire mythology is saturated with sexuality and nudity. But 2002's Bloodrayne took that to a whole new level, thanks to the dhampir Rayne, whose tight clothing and prominent bust often distracted players from their mission. Her breasts no longer look as pixelated as their predecessors, they are voluminous, rounded and very attractive.

6. Rumble Roses – the ability to customize the size of the chest

  •  What better way to justify the appearance of busty girls in swimsuits than a game about women's fighting without rules? Rumble Roses in 2004 didn't just let you look at the character's chest, it gave players the ability to customize its size. It was also possible to put the heroine in an erotic pose and take a photo as a keepsake.

  •  And if the PlayStation 2 version looks bad in terms of the implementation of body movements, then on the Xbox 360 the girls move perfectly.

5. Lula 3D – the star of erotic games

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  •  This fun adventure, released in 2005, is still remembered with nostalgia by many gamers. And even if there is nothing special to do in the game besides looking at the heroine, there is something to see there. Lula's luxurious breasts are something. About observance of proportions, the authors of the game, it seems, thought the last thing.

4. Tomb Raider: Legend – enough triangles, long live proportionality

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  •  Lady Croft has already appeared in a list of breast development for female characters in video games. But in the 2006 project, her appearance underwent significant changes. Gone are the triangular breasts, and finally Lara's proportions have become what the designers originally intended them to be. From the official size 36D, the size has been reduced to 36C.

3. Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5 – active but still unnatural movements

  •  Do you also get the impression that in Metal Gear Solid 2008 (XNUMX) Rosemary's breasts move separately from her body? Well, that has been fixed in MGS V.

  •  But to perfection still grow and grow.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – realism on the march

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  •  Long live 2015 with its masterpiece third "The Witcher" and the sensual forms of the main characters. Here is already respect for proportions, and realism – everything that modern gamers of both sexes can like.

1. Resident Evil Village – the bigger the woman, the better

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  •  This compilation wouldn't be complete without the beautiful—and huge—vampire Alsina Dimitrescu, whose curves have fans exclaiming, "Drink all of me!"

  •  The reasons for the popularity of Lady Dimitrescu lie not only in XXXXXL breasts, but let's not dissemble – mostly in her. They wanted to create this heroine scary, but they created it too figured, charismatic, dominant, and therefore damn attractive.