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The best regions of Russia in terms of the quality of medical care



  •  The All-Russian Popular Front, together with the Health Foundation, created the Quality and Accessibility of Medical Care rating. It is presented in the form of an interactive map, which was created taking into account 11 Rosstat indicators related to healthcare. The targets of territorial programs of state guarantees for the provision of free medical care for 2013 and 2014 were also taken into account.


  •  Soon this map will be posted on the website of the Health Fund. Thanks to it, the heads of regions will be able to comprehensively analyze the situation with the provision of medical services, which will help improve their quality and accessibility.

And here's what it looks like top 5 Russian regions with the best indicators of the quality of medical care.

5. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  •  For each target indicator of the state guarantees program fulfilled by 100%, the authors of the rating gave the region 3 points. The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug scored 45.34 points. According to the results of several opinion polls that ended in July, the satisfaction of YNAO residents with the provision of medical services has increased dramatically compared to previous years.

4. Tomsk region

  •  In the region that earned 45.7 points, there is an “Electronic Registry” (booking an appointment with a doctor via the Internet) and a project “entrance groups” is being implemented, the experience of which is being adopted by other regions and recommended for distribution by the Ministry of Health. Thanks to this initiative, nervousness and conflicts with cries of “you weren’t standing here” and “I just asked”, characteristic of long lines in front of the registry, should become a thing of the past. At the entrance to the hospital participating in the project, a registration terminal is installed that issues numbered coupons, and a special employee explains how to use it. Patients while away the waiting time on soft sofas, and not in the crowd in front of the reception window. The system provides for the benefits of beneficiaries.

3. Chechen Republic

  •  In this subject of the Russian Federation, the territorial program of state guarantees for the provision of free medical care was approved with a deficit. But this did not prevent the republic from reaching the target values of the main indicators and entering the “green” (good) category of the rating, gaining 45.96 points.

2. Republic of Altai

  •  The growth of indicators for 2013-2014 amounted to 13.26 points, up to 49.26 points. There is a regional vascular center in Altai, whose activities in 2015 received a positive assessment from the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, and for 7 months the overall mortality rate of the population of the region (compared to 2014) decreased by 3,9%.

1. Tyumen region

With a score of 49.5 points, the region topped the list of subjects of the Russian Federation with the most effective medical care in 2015. the largest region of Russia the “Medical City” project is being implemented, within the framework of which an infrastructure is being created for the provision of high-tech medical care. The basis of the Medical City is the Federal Center for Neurosurgery. And in order to increase the speed and availability of treatment for residents of the region, the authorities decided to unite all Tyumen hospitals into large medical districts. There will be three such medical districts, and within each of them all hospitals will be merged into one legal entity.