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Rating of the sexiest men of all time

Rating of the sexiest men of all time


Women's edition of Harper's Bazaar published ranking of the sexiest men of all time. Sara Gidik, the founder of the spicy resource Porn for Women, led the work on compiling the rating.

  •  The publication is accompanied by a preface, which notes that each of the men presented in the selection is so good-looking that the line number in the rating does not matter.

10. Leonardo Di Caprio

RatingsMany women find the appearance of this actor too sugary. Although for millions of fans, DiCaprio is the standard of beauty and sexuality. By the way, a couple of years ago, Leonardo headed the rating of the highest paid actors, but over the past year or two, none of the actor's roles has been a dizzying success.

9 Benicio Del Toro

RatingsThe most famous films with the participation of Del Toro are "Sin City", "21 Grams" and "Traffic". The characteristic "Latin" appearance and courageous role make the actor very attractive in the eyes of the female audience.

8. Heath Ledger

RatingsEven filming in Brokeback Mountain, where Ledger played the role of a gay cowboy, could not reduce the actor's sexuality in the eyes of a female audience. Death from a drug overdose in 2008 added to the scandalous image of Ledger.

7. Marlon Brando

RatingsThe value of Brando as an actor, public and political figure is difficult to overestimate. On account of the actor, dozens of film awards and the fourth line in the hundred of the greatest stars of world cinema. Brando's sexuality was recognized not only by his contemporaries, a courageous face and a special aura attract millions of women to photographs and records.

6. Robert Redford

RatingsThis famous actor is the winner of the Oscar for best work as a director. Redford has been acting in films since 1965, and entered the field of directing in 1980. Today, Redford has five grandchildren, but he still remains the standard of sexuality for many women.

5. Rock Hudson

RatingsHudson was the dream of all women in the 1950s. On the screen, the actor shone with such stars as Doris Day, Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews. Promiscuous relationships and a wild lifestyle led to the fact that Hudson became one of the first Hollywood stars to die of AIDS.

4. Richard Gere

RatingsGere's stage image is the embodiment of manly gallantry, some old-fashionedness and politeness. The image of a real gentleman contributed a lot to the growth of the actor's popularity and made him one of most handsome men in hollywood 2000s.

3. Paul Newman

RatingsNewman stopped acting in big films in 2002, but today he is considered the owner of the most famous blue eyes in Hollywood history. Sexuality to the actor was added by his passion for motorsport.

2. Brad Pitt

RatingsBefore becoming a screen star, Pitt worked as a barker in a restaurant, a driver and a furniture mover. However, hard work on acting courses and sexy appearance eventually did their job – Brad became famous in the 1990s. Today, the husband of Angelina Jolie leads a healthy lifestyle and is actively acting in films to the delight of fans.

1. Johnny Depp

RatingsThe extraordinary and very charming Johnny Depp is not only a screen star, but also a musician, screenwriter, director and producer. In 2012, Depp even got into the Guinness Book as highest paid actor.