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10 tallest women in the world

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Many girls of short stature sigh enviously, looking at the tall figures of top models. Men often imagine a tall, bright companion next to them. However, in reality, the life of a girl taller than 185 cm is often full of ridicule and offensive nicknames than admiring glances and compliments. It is even harder for the participants of our list 10 tallest women in the world.

Interestingly, the number tallest people in the world includes only men.

10. Gamova Ekaterina – 202 cm

Gamova Ekaterina (Russia) – 202 cmThis tall and athletic girl from Chelyabinsk became a famous volleyball player, starting to practice under the guidance of her aunt, who saw her niece's remarkable abilities. As a result, Ekaterina Gamova holds the title of champion of Russia, Turkey, Europe and the world, is the winner of the Grand Prix and the World Cup of Champions.

9. Rita Miniva Besa – 203 cm

Rita Miniva Besa – 203 cmFor some people, being tall is a blessing, and Rita is one of them. She became a famous and talented basketball player, and is a member of the US basketball team.

8. Elizabeth Cambage – 203 cm

Elizabeth Cambage – 203 cm

  •  Liz was born in London, but shortly after the birth of her daughter, her parents moved to Australia. C one of the tallest women in the world plays for the Australian basketball team Tulsa Shock.

7. Lindsey Taylor – 203 cm

Lindsey Taylor – 203 cm

  •  This retired American basketball player was named the best player in Santa Barbara.

  •  At the 2003 Pan American Games, Taylor won the US Basketball Player of the Year title and was awarded the Silver Medal. She is a real cosmopolitan athlete, and during her career she managed to play in the Chinese Women's Basketball Association, and in the Polish, Turkish, Angolan and Korean women's leagues.

  •  Since retiring from professional basketball in 2015, Taylor has been working as an assistant coach at a high school.

6. Caroline Welz – 205 cm

Caroline Welz – 205 cm

  •  The tallest woman in Germany is engaged in the modeling business. Her clothes are made to order, and you can’t buy women’s shoes in size 49 in a regular store. However, both in her youth and in adulthood, Caroline did not have complexes because of her parameters, they do not prevent her from living a bright and fulfilling life.

5. Ekaterina Lisina – 205,7 cm

Ekaterina Lisina – 205,7 cm, the tallest woman

  •  The tallest woman played basketball professionally, and not only because of her height. In the Lisin family, both father and mother are engaged in basketball (dad was a coach, mother played for Spartak Penza).

  •  In 2008, Ekaterina participated in the Beijing Olympics as part of the Russian national basketball team. Our team took third place there. 

  •  After completing her sports career, Ekaterina became a model. She entered the Guinness Book of Records as a woman with the longest legs in the world (133 cm), and also as the tallest model in the world.

  •  And Ekaterina Lisina is one of the most successful Russian tiktokers, with 8.8 million people following her account.

4. Elisani da Cruz Silva – 207 cm

Elisani da Cruz Silva – 207 cmShe is the tallest model in Brazil and one of the most followed women on TikTok (1.7 million followers). Already at the age of 14, Elisani's height exceeded 205 cm, and she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest teenager in the world.

  •  Now she is expecting a child from her chosen one, Francinaldo da Silva, who is 40 cm lower than the girl.

3. Ulyana Semenova – 210 cm

Uliana Semenova – 210 cm

  •  In official sources, Ulyana's height is 210 cm, however, there are also data on 228 cm, so that she could potentially be the tallest woman living today.

  •  She has non-pathological gigantism, so Semenova can live a normal life. She was one of the best basketball players in the USSR, nicknamed "Gulliver in a skirt". In 1968, the whole world learned about the Russian wonder woman, then Ulyana won a gold medal at the European Basketball Championship.

  •  Subsequently, she took gold at the games in Montreal and at the home Olympics. Ulyana Semenova was named the best Latvian basketball player of the XNUMXth century.

2. Gitika Srivastava – 211 cm

Gitika Srivastava – 211 cm

  •  Gitika is an ex-athlete and was a member of the Indian national women's basketball team. Now she is engaged in business and charity, being a living example for Asian women of how you can turn your disadvantage into an advantage.

  •  Gitika is a director of KAHM Capital, one of the first venture capital firms to invest globally in healthcare and technology. Srivastava also founded Skyris Networks, a distributed networking and content distribution company.

1. Rumeisa Gelgi – 215,16 cm

Rumeisa Gelgi is the tallest woman in the world, her height is 215,16 cm.

  •  The tallest woman in the world today is Rumeisa Gelgi (215,16 cm). Rumeisa's height is so great because of a rare condition called Weaver's syndrome, which, among other things, causes accelerated growth. The 24-year-old girl mainly uses a wheelchair, but she can walk if she uses a walker.

  •  In 2021, Gelgi entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest woman in the world.

h2acmjpg“Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself, so accept yourself for who you are, realize your potential and do your best,” she said.

Tallest living person – Sultan Kösen – also a Turk, his height is 251 cm.

The tallest woman in history – Zeng Jinlian (246,3 cm)

Zeng Jinlian is the tallest woman who has ever lived on EarthThe title of the tallest woman who ever lived in the world belongs to Zeng Jinlian from China (died in 1982). Her height reached 246,3 cm.