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Top 10 Best Books on Good Parenting



Top 10 Best Books on Good ParentingEvery parent wants to understand, support, develop their child. Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to understand the motives of children's actions, correctly build their behavior, and create conditions for harmonious development.

And here the advice of experienced psychologists and teachers comes to the rescue in time, who have vast experience working with a variety of children and their parents. Today we offer Top 10 Best Books on Good Parenting.


10. M. Ibuka, "It's Too Late After 3"

RatingsEducator and psychologist Masaru Ibuka is sure that a small child can learn anything. He addresses his book to those mothers and fathers who want to reveal the full potential of their baby in the first 3 years of his life.

9. E. Murashova, "Your misunderstood child"

RatingsMurashova is one of the most famous family psychologists. Her work is always distinguished by accessible language. “Your Misunderstood Child” is a book about how to overcome aggression, fears, isolation of a child and understand what is going on in his soul.

8. P. Druckerman, "French children never spit food"

RatingsThe book of an American journalist who lived for several years in Paris causes a lot of controversy. But Druckerman's approach, which is based on adherence to the regime and established rules, stands out from the general background of hundreds of books whose leitmotif is "everything for children."

7. I. Khankhasaeva, “The daughter is growing, the son is growing”

RatingsThe author is a journalist and mother of four children. In her book, Irina considers such problems as adaptation to the nursery and kindergarten, games and activities for children, children's whims. The book was written back in Soviet times, but Khankhasaeva's advice is still relevant today.

6. J. Korczak, "How to love a child"

RatingsKorczak loved children, so much so that during the war he went to his death at the hands of the Nazis, along with his pupils from the boarding school, refusing to be released. The leitmotif of Korczak's works is the primacy of the voice of the heart. The ability to listen to your own feelings and follow them is what we still lack today.

5. D. Gray, "Children from Heaven"

RatingsThe author's idea is to replace obedience with cooperation. Gray teaches parents not to protect the child from all problems, but to help him overcome difficulties, developing and discovering the world around him.

4. Yu. Gippenreiter, “Communicate with a child. How?"

RatingsThis book is one of two Gippenreiter books on parent-child communication. The book is full of practical examples, clear and accessible advice. The author is a child psychologist with vast practical experience.

3. V. Levy, "New and non-standard child"

RatingsThis book by the famous psychologist is a real bestseller among parents of thousands of children. Levy teaches mutual understanding between an adult and a child, based on love, as well as a caring attitude.

2. N. Latta, "Synology"

RatingsThe book is dedicated to the education of children and adolescents, especially boys. The author talks about the peculiarities of the psyche, physiology and thinking of sons at different ages. With calmness and humor, Latta teaches to get out of any difficult situations.

1. V. Dmitrieva, "Methodology of early development M. Montessori"

RatingsDmitrieva describes in detail all the methods of creating a unique developmental environment for the child, developed by the famous Maria Montessori. Simple tips and examples are aimed at raising a successful, self-confident person.